Mitt Romney Delivers Big Laughs at Alfred E. Smith Dinner

Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Ann Romney are seated with Cardinal Timothy Dolan(second left) and President Barack Obama at the 76th annual Alfred E. Smith Dinner in New York. Oct 18, 2012
(Photo – Charles Dharapak)

Amid tuxedoed, evening toggery, Governor Mitt Romney handily charmed the audience at the 76th annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner tonight at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York. In the tradition of the yearly white tie, ‘roasty’ charity fundraiser for Catholic charities, Romney garnered great laughs poking fun at himself and President Obama. Throughout most of the evening, only host Cardinal Timothy Dolan separated Mitt and Ann Romney from Obama.

The event was a refreshing pause from the nitty-gritty election grind.

Romney’s timing and delivery were perfect. See for yourself:

Brilliant, simply brilliant! And, I must say, The Gov looked very dapper and Ann was dazzling.

See the whole thing, including Obama’s remarks, here.

UPDATE – Another great photo


Our next President of the United States and First Lady, Mitt and Ann Romney.


Romney and Obama share a laugh with Cardinal Timothy Dolan (Photo – AP)

What was running through Obama’s mind as he looked at Governor Romney?

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19 Responses to Mitt Romney Delivers Big Laughs at Alfred E. Smith Dinner

  1. christina says:

    The video had me ROLLING!!!!!!!!!!! and now all my FB friends are rolling—-awesome.

  2. Victor Lundquist says:

    First: We are going to win! No question at all in my mind!

    Second: I have seen and listened to many speeches by Governor Romney in the last several years. This speech ranks at the very top of all speeches I have seen him give.

    He was self-deprecating and spot on as to timing!

    And how perfectly biting was he on President Obama?

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh, there are no words. That was PERFECT! Thank you – needed a good laugh today. On to victory, Romney/Ryan!

  4. Cathy says:

    It was so wonderful to see Gov. Romney’s sense of humor. His timing was right on, and he looked so dashing decked out in white tie.

    How did we ever deserve such a perfect package for a candidate for President? You could not have listed all of the must -have attributes for the perfect leader of America and done any better than Gov. Romney. I truly believe Gov. Romney was saved for just such a time as this. His whole life, unknowingly, has been training for just such a pivotal and perilous time in our history. I truly believe Gods hand has placed Gov. Romney here, now, to give us one more chance to prove ourselves, that we are worthy of this great nation of America. We may only have one more chance to keep our freedoms. Don’t let the worst happen. It’s up to us now.

    This is it! Now is the time! Gov. Romney is the man.

  5. Kelly says:

    Romney is such a great man. I love this speech. Go President Romney we the people of the United States of America need you.

  6. Carol Hefner says:

    Absolutely stellar!!

  7. Charles Schwab says:

    Humorous! Spot On! Great jab directed to the Liberal Media!
    Hit it out of the PARK!
    That said, He looks Presidential!
    It’s going to be wonderful to have a Man in The White House that will be Loved because of his character.

  8. Victor Lundquist says:

    There was something about this speech that was eeerily familiar. The whit. The sharp edge. The cadence.

    Could it be?

    Could it be that Dennis Miller wrote the speech? Maybe Dennis Miller is a new speech writer!

  9. Kay Merkel Boruff says:

    Brilliant lines deliveredly brilliantly. Favorite: Big Bird & brought to you by the letter “O” and the number 16 Trillion. Use the same delivery Monday night to close the deal!

  10. julia andolong says:

    Mr. Romney is amazingly a funny man too.Boy, He just got it all. I pray to GOD that He will be our next president. In Jesus holy name…Amen…

  11. Fer says:

    If anyone thinks an event like this doesn’t matter or it is a “break” in the campaign, they are horribly wrong. THIS is the kind of thing independents will watch and realize how likeable, warm and genuine Mitt is. Most of America already believes he is more qualified to handle the economy than Obama. They are looking for this type of opportunity to see him without a list of talking points. This will do a world of good for him in this election.

  12. Rita says:

    Just was so thoroughly entertained by Mitt’s and Obama’s speech, but especially Mitt’s. Bless his heart. It was so refreshing to see him in this different light not under as much political pressure as he has been in the past months. Mitt did a great job and was quite witty. I enjoyed listening to Obama, too. We are with you, Mitt. You have so many supporters who are behind you and have your back!! Romney/Ryan 2012

  13. Kim Robb says:

    The Romney’s are Genuine, and stellar Giants!
    When he ” is Elected” …….
    Our Country will soar with Prosperity, dignity, and great hope for the future. He will be our Next President !
    Then finally we can not only have respect for the US President’s position, we can also have Respect for the HONORABLE MAN who fills that office.

  14. Lorri Sheremeta says:

    BaZing! I hope now All can see what a Real President looks and acts like once again! This just topped it off! Funny,spot on,perfect timing,and oh so ” un- stiff ” Mr. Romney can babysit for me any-day, and I trust him not to put them in front of the t.v. to sit and watch Big Bird ! God Bless you and your family sir, and God Bless the United States!

  15. john elsegood says:

    Wow? Mitt should take up comedy after he finishes two terms in the White House and he really continues to impress in all types of stump performances.
    But Mitt can’t compete with Joe Biden’s audition to take over The Joker’s role from Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger.
    However, I think most of us prefer ‘The Mittster’s’ great, self deprecating humor over the manic and maniacal approach of ‘Joeker.’
    Keep blowing ’em away Mitt..

  16. AfricanforRomney says:

    I’m still laughing……Wow,Hilarious!!!
    Who wrote it? Brilliant. Who said Gov Romney is boring? I’m so happy that pepople are seeing him his funny side.

    Gov Romney ROCKS!!

  17. Annette S says:

    Romney was not only very funny(hilarious) but charismatic and presidential at the same time. I hope a lot of people see this. Romney/Ryan…..2012!!

  18. donna osterkamp says:

    We have recorded the event so we can play it over and over !. Wow … do you agree that Mitt looked ” movie star ” handsome and sharp , witty , and funny ? Who could call this man cold and distant ? Let’s keep praying and fasting . It is our secret weapon .

  19. Pat Tobias says:

    Mitt Romney will be a great President. I can’t wait until November 6th untill he wins and wins big.