HUGE Endorsement! Frm. John Kerry Supporter and Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca Endorses Mitt Romney

I can’t overstate the magnitude of this endorsement! Not only did Lee Iacocca endorse John Kerry in 2004 when Sen. Kerry was running against George W. Bush, but no one has first hand experience with auto bailouts like Mr. Iacocca. When Chrysler teetered on the brink of bankruptcy in 1979, the Government stepped up to help them in a much more responsible way than the Government did when GM and Chrysler needed help in 2008. Chrysler paid back every penny of the bailout and grew in an example of possibly the most successful bailout in U.S. history.

The fact that Lee Iacocca is endorsing Mitt Romney tells us that the democrats have lied for years about what Mitt prescribed in his 2008 op-ed. Mitt only wants the best for the auto industry, and the democrats plan to use this issue against Mitt to protect their small lead in Michigan is unraveling.

This endorsement comes on the heels of Mitt setting the record straight in Tuesday’s debate with President Obama as well as Mitt’s campaign releasing a forward-looking plan on what a Mitt administration will mean for the auto industry.

UPDATE: Full op-ed of the endorsement below:

Iacocca: America needs a turnaround, which is why I’m voting Romney

I’ve seen a lot of situations that needed a turnaround in my time, and I know one when I see one. Trust me, America needs a turnaround.

America is in deep trouble. After four years, economic growth is still anemic, our annual deficits were not cut in half as promised, and our staggering $16 trillion federal debt hangs over us and our kids like the plague. Our people are hurting, they can’t find jobs, they have lost a major part of their net worth, the number of Americans living in poverty is at unacceptable levels, and we just aren’t doing the things that would get our country back on the right track.

Like any turnaround it must begin by honestly facing our problems; hope and speeches won’t get our people back to work. It will require experienced leadership that can create and lead policy change that will enable a more robust and competitive America. We need leadership that understands that government, just like American families, can’t continue to spend beyond its means. We must find leadership that won’t pander to the people, but rather will speak honestly to them about our situation, explaining in simple terms what we have to do to get back on the right track. And we need leadership that can bring us together in a sense of shared responsibility so that we can move forward as a team. All of us. As Americans.
America needs new leadership

Mitt Romney has successfully led both public and private sector turnarounds. He is a bright and successful man; he is a good man, a caring man, a man of integrity, family and faith. Importantly, he recognizes we are in a tough situation. With dozens of years of real world experience in the public and private sectors, he knows what he’s talking about. His policies will enable a stronger America, one in which all Americans can share. He was groomed and trained for this moment.
The future of our country is at stake

If you are out of work or worried about your job, having trouble making ends meet, are worried about your kids’ future or your own, or if you just have a nagging sense that as Americans we can do better than this, it’s time to wake up and stop just hoping it will all work out in a few more years. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it won’t!

It’s time for straight talk.

I’m asking you to vote for change that will get us moving in the right direction, and to be ready to be part of the solution. Everything depends on it. We don’t have time to waste. It’s time to make America great again.

Vote for Mitt Romney for president.

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4 Responses to HUGE Endorsement! Frm. John Kerry Supporter and Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca Endorses Mitt Romney

  1. Cathy says:

    Lee Iacocca knows what it takes to reorganize a large auto company. And he did it without Government assistance (taxpayers). Gov. Romney said this is how you do it without taxpayers money too. Too bad Obama wasn’t smart enough in business to figure this out. He finally did the same thing Romney told him to do, after he had sunk billions of taxpayers money into it before he figured it out.

    We need a man that knows how business works and can lead our country to success, without spending us into never ending debt.
    Mr. Iacocca, you know a good man of business when you see one. Thank you for your endorsement of Gov. Romney. You speak the same language, something that’s very foreign to Obama.
    Romney know how things work!!!

  2. AfricanforRomney says:

    Great! Gov Romney is Lee Iacocca’s jr. They both have something in common. They are crisis managers, kings of turnaround guys.

  3. Joan C. says:

    Romney will save this country. We are on the brink of disaster.
    Romney is on par with another genius. Steve Jobs. Jobs was a democrat but blasted Obama in the book that he wrote just before he died. He knew how business worked and so does Romney. Can anyone believe that we elected a president (Obama) who had absolutely no experience in anything? Were the people in this country in a coma? Half of us still are. I don’t know if my nerves will hold out until election day. God help Mitt Romney.

  4. Edward Butler says:

    The endorsement is great, and the support/comments by people are great, but we need do more. Just saying good bye to Obama may not do the job. There is a job to do, and one who knows how and is willing to work is the key. A big obstacle still lies before us, because too many people are unwilling to work, and a lot of undecided voters may still vote Obama because of picking at things that Romney says. Problem is too much picking. I heard of young voters not liking idea of Romney’s intent on getting manufacturing back in America; they’re missing the point thinking he wants everybody working in an assembly line, in a factory. A lot of people don’t want work in a factory, fine. We need all sorts of jobs and more manufacturing jobs partners with so many other jobs in supervison, technology, research, sales, …. there is plenty to do and we al need to work at getting this country back on track. God bless America