Comedian Dennis Miller Supports Romney: “He’s a Good Man”

Dennis Miller

Comedian Dennis Miller knows what we know…

Mitt Romney has led an exemplary life and, much to the chagrin of Team Obama, IS A VERY GOOD MAN:

Romney Press Office:

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of political commentator and television and radio personality Dennis Miller.

Dennis Miller is a funny guy, but he understands that the challenges facing our nation are no laughing matter, said Mitt Romney. “We’ve both traveled across America, and we’ve seen hardship in many different forms. Whether it’s the family that can’t pay the mortgage, the unemployed worker who can’t find a job, or the kids graduating from college with no prospects for a career, too many people are hurting. This country needs a turnaround, one that I can deliver. As I travel around the country explaining my plan for a stronger middle class, I am happy to have Dennis Miller on my team.”

I’ll be voting for Mitt Romney on November 6th because he is a good man perfectly suited to help solve our many problems,” said Dennis Miller. “Let’s be honest with each other, folks. If we’ve reached a time in our nation’s history where men like Romney are demonized and said to be the problem, we are missing the point as badly as the point can be missed. The punditry always says that Romney ‘looks’ Presidential. Here’s what they don’t tell you. It has little if anything to do with his appearance and absolutely everything to do with the way he has led his life. Vote Romney-Ryan.”

Background On Dennis Miller:

Dennis Miller is a political commentator and television and radio personality. He began his career on Saturday Night live in 1985 and later hosted a string of talk show programs. Miller currently hosts a daily, three-hour, self-titled talk radio program, nationally syndicated by Dial Global and is a regular political commentator on The O’Reilly Factor.

Had to throw in a few Millerisms:

Why is electricity so expensive these days? Why does it cost so much for something I can make with a balloon and my hair?

You’ve got bad eating habits if you use a grocery cart in 7-Eleven.

Washington, DC is to lying what Wisconsin is to cheese.

The day before the second presidential debate (Oct 15, 2012) Miller asked what I’ve been asking. Why, in all fairness, shouldn’t one in four of the debates be moderated by someone from FOX News?

  • Listen to his radio podcast ‘The Crowley Conundrum‘.

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    14 Responses to Comedian Dennis Miller Supports Romney: “He’s a Good Man”

    1. Jen says:

      I would like to know why Romney who claims to be a proud Mormon said he was a ” Pastor” in his congregation not a “Bishop” as all Mormons know they are actually called? He could of said he was a bishop which is like a pastor in other religions, but he choose to call himself something he is not! There are not Pastors in the leadership of the Mormon church….just wondering how other Mormons feel about this statement he made???

    2. Lot says:

      Mr.Miller’s humor will drive out “the Mocker”,and out goes strife.

      “Good Man” whose speech is grascious will have president for his friend.

    3. AfricanforRomney says:

      That’s nice of him. English is my 3rd language and never understood some of this guy vocabularies. I need a dictionary just for listening his jokes. Very strange guy.

    4. hope chase says:




      yea…I’M COM MITT ED ! : ) YEA GOP!

    5. jonforromney says:

      Anyone with half a brain can see what a liar Obama is. it is time to stop being deer in the headlights and use our heads. We are NOT better off then we were four years ago. Obama has let us down

    6. RobinforMitt says:

      MittRomneycentral…you must show this you tube video. It shows how insincere is Obama. He says the same phrase to all countries. He is being laughed at in Europe.

    7. PT says:

      @Jen. It could be that Mitt is tired of explaining what an LDS bishop is. It’s easy to confuse that with the Catholic definition of ‘bishop.’ Also, the 6th Article of Faith of the Mormon church mentions the word ‘Pastor’ as part of that particular article. You can Google LDS Articles of Faith, unless you already know them.

    8. Victor Lundquist says:


      Before I saw PT’s comment, I was going to say basically the same thing. For the most part, almost all Christians understand the role of “pastor” including Catholics. The use of the word “bishop” without further definition would serve only to introduce possible confusion to almost all Christians.

      Early in his campaigning, Romney did in fact qualify his use of the word “bishop” by comparing it to other identical roles. By using the commonly understood role of “pastor” he very quickly provides a visual to the listener while at the same time avoids any possible confusion the listener might infer by the use of a word of the exact same role and of the exact same meaning.

      As to Dennis Miller: Is there a smarter comedian alive? His love of film combined with a wicked whit causes me to frequently laugh out loud while at the same time realizing I don’t fully understand everything he just said! But by laughing, I feel smarter.

    9. AfricanforRomney says:

      Wow, do you really think we care about Gov Romney’s role in his church pastor vs bishop? Who cares? All i care about is he’s a man of faith. I’m not voting him based on his credential in his church. Remember, we’re voting a free world Prez.

    10. IslanderForRomney says:

      AfricanforRomney, as a Mormon, I think of the term pastor, rather than Pastor. You can use the term both generically (a Bishop is a pastor of a congregation) or as a title or position. I think Romney does an excellent job highlighting the good things we have in common vs pointing out our often irrelevant differences.

    11. Peggy Ricks says:

      @ Jen. I am a Mormon and we all know that whether you call him a Bishop, Stake President, or Pastor we all know what he means. He actually might have been a Bishop for 5 years, a Stake president for 5 years or more. And since he was cut off and Obama had more time, it was faster to use a word everyone understood, including Mormons.

    12. Annette S says:


      Thanks for the link. It certainly makes Obama look like an insincere robot. We need a real leader in the White House.


    13. AfricanforRomney says:

      Actually i learned about the mormons religion bishop title when i read Gov Romney’s profile in the new yorker magazine ayear ago. My point is Gov Romney have talked, addressed so many important issues, his speech about his faith was so beautiful that day, but this women concern was what he called himself. What makes a difference a pastor, bishop, deacons,….. for the person who’s running for Prez? I’m sorry, i can’t stand simple minded, ignorant people and liars. I guess, for some people it is a significant issue.

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