#comMITTed: Colorado Springs Mayor re Romney: “We were watching a president”

24 days until the election…

Readers, I hope every single one of you are comMITTed to doing everything humanly possible to ensure a victory on November 6th for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Earlier this week, MRC launched a comMITTed final-days push to help shine the spotlight on what more can be done in swing states.

Here’s today’s news from The Centennial State, the great western state of COLORADO…

September 23, 2012 – Mitt Romney is greeted by enthusiastic supporters as he takes the stage at a campaign rally in Denver, Colorado. Click on image to enlarge. (Photo – Brian Snyder/Reuters)

Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach wrote a guest column yesterday which was published in Colorado Springs’ The Gazette:

Romney is a study in leadership our country needs

With only a few weeks left until election day, voters are finally tuning in to the presidential election and taking the time to learn about the vision each candidate has for our nation’s future. It’s a big choice indeed, and nowhere has that choice been made clearer than in the recent debates — including the one that took place in Colorado last week.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both came into the night with something to prove. President Obama needed to explain why his policies have not succeeded in turning around the economy, and why the voters should believe that he can accomplish in the next four years what he hasn’t accomplished in the last four. Romney also had a challenge. The American people take removing a sitting president very seriously, and if Romney wants our votes, he had to present a concrete plan to end this seemingly endless economic downturn and get Americans back to work.

As it turns out, that night was a microcosm of everything that has been wrong with the Obama presidency. President Obama was inconsistent and unfocused. He was high on rhetoric and low on specifics. He had little in the way of plans, and little in the way of explanation for why his policies haven’t worked over the last four years. And time and time again, President Obama’s platitudes were empty and lacking in substance.

Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach
(Photo – Mark Reis/ The Gazette)
Click on image to enlarge.

The President wants to create jobs. That’s terrific. But he didn’t provide a plan to lower Colorado Springs’ 9.5 percent unemployment rate besides more taxes and more government spending we can’t afford. Romney provided a very different take. If you want to help business, you need to reduce costs for those businesses. Mitt Romney has explained several ways he will do that. He will cut the cost of energy by opening up the incalculable resources we have here in America. We are in the midst of a natural gas revolution. Untapped oil resources are off our shores and waiting in Canada for the completion of the Keystone Pipeline. We need to explore those resources in an environmentally sound way that will produce millions of jobs and pump billions into our economy.

Governor Romney also told us how he will reduce burdensome regulations — including Obamacare — that add thousands upon thousands of dollars of costs on top of businesses, killing jobs and crushing growth. He’ll cut taxes on small businesses, allowing them to reinvest in their enterprises. He will put creating jobs for the American people first. That will be his priority. That will be his legacy.

In contrast, President Obama’s policies have slowed our economy’s recovery, and his reckless spending habits have saddled our children and grandchildren with another $5.5 trillion in debt. A second term will send our national debt soaring to $20 trillion. Meanwhile, the only part of the budget President Obama seems all too willing to cut has been funding for defense and for our military, threatening some 20,000 Colorado jobs.

There was a moment that night in Denver that was particularly telling. The candidates were given a question about their theory of the role of government. President Obama began, giving a rambling answer about government programs and the new spending he thought the country needed to get back on track.

Governor Romney turned and pointed to the words on the wall behind him. They were from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Then he talked about America. He talked about dreams and goals deferred in a nation that is thirsting for a real recovery, one that lets them pursue happiness in their own way. In that moment, we weren’t watching another politician or a bureaucrat.

We were watching a president.

(emphasis added)

Remember the raging wildfires in Colorado this summer? Mayor Steve Bach is pictured speaking to the news media near the site of the Waldo Canyon fire on June 28, 2012 in Colorado Springs. (photographer unknown)

The Hill’s Jonathan Easley today summarizes the poll tightening effect Governor Romney’s overwhelming debate victory is having on battleground states. Here’s what he writes about Colorado:

Colorado (9) [electoral votes]

Colorado is the most fickle swing state for Democrats, who were hopeful the state’s popular Democratic governor, concentrated pockets of social liberalism and rising Hispanic population had flipped the state permanently in their favor.

But Colorado has strong independent and libertarian streaks, and appears to be headed for a photo finish.

Obama held his biggest recent lead of 3 percentage points in the RCP average heading into the debate.

Romney has since inched ahead of Obama, although by less than one percent, with recent polls split and showing the candidates in a statistical dead heat.

We’ve come this far; we must take Colorado! We can’t just cross our fingers and sit on our duffs. For suggestions on what YOU can do read here.


Romney Colorado campaign headquarters

Colorado State GOP

CO County Information (websites, phone #s to help you get going!)

To find Romney/Ryan campaign events near you, click here.

If you’ve got more information, share it with us in the comments section on this article. DO let us know what you’re doing in Colorado to carry America’s Comeback Team across the finish line.

Let’s get this thing done for our guys!

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6 Responses to #comMITTed: Colorado Springs Mayor re Romney: “We were watching a president”

  1. Vern Hodges says:

    You guys have been the greatest. I’ve been on your site since the beginning using many of your articles to pass along to my nearly 100 e-list always crediting MRC and the author. Thanks for your dedication to electing what could well be the best president we will have had in decades.

    Best to you all.

  2. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Vern, on behalf of everyone at MRC, thank you very much!

    We appreciate your efforts. Keep sharing information!

  3. Liz says:

    My prayer is that Romney/Ryan will be announced as the next President and vice President of the USA on Nov 7 and there will be celebration, jubillation and thanksgiving from the likes of ordinary people like me for the deliverance
    of our once and future GREAT America

  4. AfricanforRomney says:

    I love reading AP headline “Obama Campaign Seeks To Reassure Nervous Democrats, they fear losing women votes”. hehehehe
    extra, extra, panic, panic, panic… panic in all battleground states. Love it.
    Dems and Obama camps are panic! Obama thinks that the next debate will change Gov Romney’s momentum. This’s the Prez who never sit more than 50% o his intel briefing, now he’s locking himself for 3 days to prepare a f…. debate. It is amazing how this prez is governing.

    The Obama supporters are so desperate and they’re begging Prez Obama to call Gov Romney at the debate a “liar”. I’ve confidence Gov Romney have plenty to say if a sitting prez go down that road in the national tv. The guy is soooo desparate he may say anything to portray himself as a macho guy, somehting he is not. We shall see.

    Thi’s just a sample of Obama camps frustration. “I’m not feeling very positive,” said Awilda Marquez, a prominent Democrat in Colorado. “I know that it’s only the first debate, but he can’t seem to change the relentless negative coverage. Romney has been able to take control.”

    Let’s keep the momentum going. I love Gov Romney’s campaign energy, very exciting! I don’t want Obama’s America! We will WIN!

    Vote Romney/Ryan, Get engaged, Get involved!

    p.s Nice Gov Romney’s pic on the steps.

  5. Fer says:

    It’s time for real change. Last election I was for Obama.

    Anybody out there who has changed their view, tell me if you have noticed this:

    When you are a liberal and declare it, few if any person insults you or attacks you.

    When you are a conservative and say it, you get an endless flurry of personal attacks, insults, baseless accusations, etc., from the supposed “more progressive” democrats.

  6. AfricanforRomney says:

    Fer, I hear you. What ever happend to the DemocRats tolerance, freedom of choices, peace, understanding?
    I vote strictly GOP ticket for Prez, but sometimes it depends on the situation i give my blessings for local Dems :-) It is so much hate out there for making your personal choice.
    I do beleive that Prez Obama should address the libs divisive attitude on the issue. We know he had plenty time to call Fluck for an apology. Why not addressing this issue?
    I wonder sometimes what would happen when Obama lose landslide in Nov 6, when we send him to permanent vacation?