Paul Ryan’s Mother Makes 9 Millionth Florida Phone Call

GOP Vice Presidential candidate Congressman Paul Ryan is pictured on the campaign trail with his mother, Betty Douglas, at The Villages in Florida, Aug 18, 2012.

Florida’s local WPLG reports on Paul Ryan’s mother, Betty Douglas, making the NINE millionth voter contact in Florida yesterday. Volunteers have made eight times as many contacts in Florida compared to 2008.

Thanks, Betty!

Originally posted at Romney Response.

To learn how to make calls from home click here.

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6 Responses to Paul Ryan’s Mother Makes 9 Millionth Florida Phone Call

  1. AfricanforRomney says:

    Ryan will kick Biden-the villag- clown a@#!
    Good Luck to Ryan!

  2. Cathy says:

    I bet the lady that got the call from Paul’s Mom was surprised. Good thing she said she’d vote for them. Bless them all for all their hard work in Florida and all the swing states. It’s so heartwarming to know people are working so hard for all of us. We have to go the extra mile in the non-swing states to make calls, blog, contact friends and family, send e-mails. anything to get Mitts message out.
    GO MITT, we are behind you 100%.

  3. Ann says:

    Paul Ryan’s Mom is a great example for all of us seniors! None of us want to have “death panels” determining our future medical care. With 700+ billion $$$$ jerked out of Medicare for Obama Care, fewer doctors and hospitals will be able to afford to take us. Time for us to use our energy to encourage all Americans to vote for the leaders we trust will turn our nation around! Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have a winning agenda: Help ALL AMERICANS get jobs, grow the economy, shrink the deficit, and provide a safer country for us all to live in. GO RYAN AND ROMNEY!

  4. Traci Brown says:

    There is no other choice !!! Romney and Ryan !!! God Bless America !!!

  5. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Betty Douglas rocks!!!

  6. Carolyn Gregory says:

    I pray everyone will see that we have other choice but Romney/Ryan. To me our morals are at stake in this election. I like that Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan believe in the sanctity of marriage between man and women and pro-life. Our country was founded upon Christian principles that we have strayed from and we need to take our country back by voting for moral principles. Go vote!