Before Debate Ended, Obama Cronies Concocted ‘Liar’ Meme Against Romney

10 minutes before Barack Obama’s presidential debate face-plant ended, his panicked, damage-control, political toadies pressed speed-dial – pronto!

Before Barack Obama and Mitt Romney even gave their closing statements, the conclusion of that cobbled-together, conspiratorial conference call was: The only way to stop Romney is to relentlessly label him – LIAR:

New York Times:

On the conference call convened by aides in Denver and Chicago even as the candidates were still on stage, there was no debate in the Obama campaign about the debate. None of the advisers fooled themselves into thinking it was anything but a disaster. Instead, they scrambled for ways to recover. They resolved to go after Mr. Romney with a post-debate assault on his truthfulness. Ad makers were ordered to work all night to produce an attack ad.

Rich Lowry, in yesterday’s New York Post, writes: Team O’s pathetic ‘liar, liar’ attack

Credit President Obama’s aides with discernment. Even before the first presidential debate was over, they knew they needed to come up with an excuse, and fast. They settled on one they haven’t stopped repeating: Mitt Romney lied his way to victory.

[insert sarcasm] The president would’ve rebutted Romney’s gross deceptions, except he was too focused on answering questions about the country’s future and too taken aback by Romney’s brazenness to answer in real time. Although once he had a day or two and his witty rejoinders were cued up in a teleprompter, he was absolute hell on Romney.

The case that Romney lied so brazenly that it undid the president rests, first, on the idea that the Republican misrepresented his own tax-reform plan. Obama said that Romney proposes to cut taxes by $5 trillion over 10 years. Romney denied it. The president’s team responded, with its customary civility and nuance: “Liar!”

But this isn’t even a close call. Romney wants to cut income-tax rates 20 percent across the board and make up the revenue by closing loopholes and deductions. This isn’t a tax cut; it’s a wash. It’s been Romney’s plan ever since he proposed it during the primaries. It’s such a simple concept that only willful obtuseness keeps the president or his team from understanding it.

If Romney proposed a 1 percent across-the-board cut on rates and the elimination of all loopholes and deductions, surely Obama would accuse him of wanting to raise taxes, because people would be paying more in taxes despite lower rates.

In fact, this is the approach of the president’s own Simpson-Bowles debt commission: It suggested lower rates and fewer deductions such that the federal government would garner more revenue.

Obama’s thuggery team are falsely crowing that the real Romney didn’t show up at the debate.

Yes, he did.

67 million people saw Romney as he really is – smart, prepared, patriotic, competent, compassionate, hard-hitting while affable, and a true leader who can think on his feet. How satisfying it was to have the corrupt mainstream media manacled on the sidelines for 90 minutes! Where is the real Obama? He’s America’s magistrate of masquerade. Every time we turn around we see a different version of the man. For nearly four years, he’s gotten away with saying one thing and doing another. Remember when our contrived Commander-in-Chief called for greater civility in the public discourse?

“At a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized, at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who think differently than we do, it’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.” – Barack Obama, January 11, 2012

Oh, the sanctimony of phony baloney Barack… He laps up fawning words that cover for HIM; not so for the other guy. Blogger Doug Giles zings the excuses liberal talking heads dreamed up for Obama’s ignominious implosion (before getting the ‘liar Mitt’ memo):

Another rather amusing post-debate kabuki show the Left put on was the ridiculous excuses for Obama’s feckless performance during that 90-minute flogging by Romney.

One of my favorites was Al Gore’s “the high altitude got to him”… Obama wasn’t acclimated and thus he was a wee bit discombobulated. First off, Obama’s used to being high; he spent his entire college years Rocky Mountain high. Please. Secondly, didn’t he give his yippee-ki-yay DNC speech back in ‘08 in Denver? I think he did. Google it and get back to me, Al.

Second on my list of favorite excuses regarding Obama’s clock getting cleaned came from Bob Woodward who surmised that Obama was abysmal that night because he received some heavy bad news prior to the debate that had him distracted and upset. This could be a legit reason. Maybe something in the Middle East had gone awry? Nah, that couldn’t be it because after the Benghazi massacre he was able to party with Jay-Z and Beyoncé and fly to Vegas with no problemo whatsoever.

Finally, as much as I was delighted in Romney running circles around Obama that night, the one thing that put me off the most was that I wanted Obama to debate using that black preacher voice he used in that infamous race-baiting/class warfare video from 2007, and yet … he didn’t do it.

And for that I am sad.

Thanks, Doug!

Lowry concludes:

When Obama aides say that the real Romney didn’t show up in Denver, what they really mean is that he failed to live down to their rank caricature of him, broadcast far and wide by the Obama campaign.

As he showed during an hour and a half of high-pressure TV, Romney is a capable and intelligent man who is ready to be president and has a substantial reform agenda. The Obama campaign’s response to his debate victory basically was, “Don’t believe your lying eyes — believe our super PAC ads.”

Read more here.

By Michael Ramirez – Oct 8, 2012

Yesterday’s Gallup poll reveals 72% of Americans believe Romney won the debate. 20% believe Obama did. (What? Were they clipping their toenails all night?) That’s HUGE – a 52 point spread – the largest difference since debate polling began.

Are you comMITTed to voting the bums out? Are you comMITTed to vote in genuine COMPETENCE? Don’t wait a minute longer! Do more here.

Hat/tip to MRC reader Chris (Lowry article)

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10 Responses to Before Debate Ended, Obama Cronies Concocted ‘Liar’ Meme Against Romney

  1. Rex Hump says:

    If a sweating Nixon proved debates matter, Obama’s media need to quit the spin and allow him to lose gracefully.

  2. Annette S says:

    Jayde…I love your witty, artful writing style and very informative too.

    Some fact checkers (left leaning) are trying to discredit Romney for bringing up the 90B alloted for green companies out of the stimulus package. They quibble about how the money reached these companies and that the money was distributed over 2 years. The very dismal close to bankruptcy state that many of these companies are in is not brought up by these so called fact checkers. A couple of fact checkers said that Obama has nothing to do with Fisker. WRONG…..Reliable sources state that Bush blocked a Federal loan going to Fisker and that Obama reinstated the loan and moved it forward.


  3. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Hi Annette S. I appreciate your comment. (I find I have to hold back on the sarcasm – I could really let loose!)

    Yes, the ‘fact checking’ checkers with checkered motives…

    Some ‘spin’ faster than the propellors on Air Force One:

  4. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Hi Rex. Thanks for commenting.

    Here’s a ‘visual’ to illustrate your comment on Nixon:

  5. AfricanforRomney says:

    Obama and his camps are sooooo….. DESPERATE! Prez Obama thinks people are stupid. The level of his dishonesty, character assasination, insulting our intellegnece is a kindergarten level.

    Well, Prez Obama’s afirmative action Presidency will end Nov 6. Mr Prez, you’ve to earn it this time.hehehe Can you defend your failed records? Bring it on!

  6. Ann says:

    Remember when you were a kid, and couldn’t think of anything else to reply to an attack except, “Lier, lier, your pants are on fire!” ….. Well guess what… Obama acts just like that child when he was clearly and conclusively trounced by Mitt Romney in their recent debate. Of course, how could he defend such a terrible job record? Time to pay for a home in Hawaii, Mr. Obama… Look at the Pacific and try to figure things out! GO ROMNEY AND RYAN!

  7. Paul Ironmonger says:

    Go Mitt-Paul Go
    Keep up the push.
    We have to get rid of the Obama Team Nov.6.
    Let’s look at impeaching him for Treason for what he has done to our Country.

  8. Becky says:

    The Dems can call Mitt a liar all they want, but he just keeps proving them wrong. They know that they can’t win this time.

  9. Joan C. says:

    How could a man who keeps most of his life a secret call anyone a liar. His entire life is a lie. What he is trying to do to this country is a secret. We will find out if he gets another four years. We will also find out what he promised the Russians. I am sure that we will find out why Hugo Chavez likes him so much. If spreading the wealth worked, Europe would not be in flames now. Greece and Spain are what this man has us headed for in the next four years. Mitt is our only hope.

  10. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Regarding the debate, Mitt was SUPERB. Telling personal stories about those he’s met along the campaign trail, how they’re suffering and desperate for CHANGE, puts a personal narrative on this whole Obama mess. It’s something he needs to continue!