USA Growth & Opportunity? Vote for Romney/Ryan! Hannity Interview (VIDEO)

By Ken Catalino – Oct 5, 2012

After Governor Mitt Romney cleaned Obama’s clock at the first presidential debate in Denver, America’s Comeback Team, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, took time out from campaigning yesterday to talk with FOX News’ Sean Hannity. Here’s the interview:

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We’ve seen the palpable, patriotic energy that exists between Romney and Ryan; it’s always great to see them together. Also evident is that they understand and respect each other. Competence recognizes competence. Mitt and Paul also genuinely enjoy each other’s company and that, combined with holding the House and taking back the Senate, is going to make for an outstanding, productive presidency. How fortunate we are that they are a dynamic, dynamite duo! Democrats are stuck with their two dingbats. No fluke the two of them ended up together; a knave needs another knave to cover his tracks. And, one can’t speak without a teleprompter and the other can’t be prompted to shut up.

Obama and Biden are conspiring, failed desperadoes. Without a blink, they and their fellow conspirators keep churning out lie after lie to hide that fact.

Romney/Ryan’s competence and commitment to actually solve the plethora of grievous problems Obama/Biden have foisted on us – to strengthening the principles our nation was founded on and making life better for 100 per cent of the American people – is the message we MUST broadcast non-stop.

Illustration by Erin Bonsteel

Fib-squibbers forever!

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4 Responses to USA Growth & Opportunity? Vote for Romney/Ryan! Hannity Interview (VIDEO)

  1. AfricanforRomney says:

    Good interview. I can’t stand Hannity, though. I want to see more of Gov Romney’s fiery debate personality. I listened the debate more than 3 times already. Gov Romney was amazing!

    I really like Jim Lehrer’s format this year. Brilliant idea. Loved the extended exchanges. Hope, they keep this format for future debates.He’s a Dino lib, but i’ll miss him.

    No more Big bird, No more Dept of edu, No more planned parenthood funding, please! Have you ever watched big bird lately? Oh, my! you think Taliban’s are brainwashing childrens? The brainwash PBS, Big bird gone wild and commie in the taxpayers money expenses. Must be defunded! You got my support!!

    Defund PBS Big Bird!!

  2. Roy says:

    Can’t stand Hannity? Maybe I had you pegged wrong.

  3. AfricanforRomney says:

    Roy, Can’t help you. You’ve that fixated mindset. Just b/c i don’t like Obama’s presidency, disagree with him, it doesn’t mean i’m a fox news cheerleader.

    Fyi, Gov Romney’s supporters coming from all packages.

    Conservatism rules!

  4. Joan C. says:

    Hannity repeats himself too much. Romney showed his brilliance. He will balance our budget. Go-Romney/Ryan.