Mitt’s Bold Message: “We Can’t Afford Four More Years”

This must-see video was released by the Romney Campaign today:

During last night’s debate, we saw the clear choice facing voters in this campaign.

President Obama can’t defend his record and has no new ideas to run on.

Mitt Romney clearly demonstrated that he is a leader who will create jobs, turn around our economy, and work across the aisle.

We can’t afford four more years like the last four years.

About Nora Gutierrez:

A mother of four rowdy boys writing from the great state of Ohio (Sandusky area). Long-time Catholic conservative with a passion for politics. Informed voter. Ohio State grad and Romney fan since 2007.

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4 Responses to Mitt’s Bold Message: “We Can’t Afford Four More Years”

  1. Justicethinks says:

    Gov. Romney’s debate performance with Pres. Obama can be summed up with this quote from Abraham Lincoln. “Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.”

    Romney displayed the leadership of that stable solid tree that America desperately needs. Gov. Romney rose above the character assassinations on his reputation by the
    Obama campaign. We will keep praying for Mitt Romney, his family and the country.

  2. AfricanforRomney says:

    Awesome! I don’t want Obama’s America that resembles the dictatorial country i left behind thousands of miles away.
    I want America to be what America used to be. Period! Superpower, Freedom, Liberty, Limited govt, hardworking, caring, compassionate society.

    Gov Romney=Defend Freedom=Defend Individual Liberty!

  3. Victor Lundquist says:

    African: Don’t worry, America will see many “better days” ahead with a President Mitt Romney leading from the front.

  4. Odette Isabel Trujillo says:

    I would like to send this message to Mr Mitt Romney, I am deeply concerned after the night of the debate with the President, do not trust the left Liberals and I know depth unfortunately as you perform these characters. There was a fact that my name is ‘ care in particular, the daughters of the President were not present at the debate, Michelle face showed concern and fear, can understand that in fact the President has experiences economic and debate between the and a man of experience as you because it had scared, but known as Act left people ask him please to redouble precautions in the next meetings.May God bless and we can soon call him Mr President Mitt Romn. Grandmas for Romney