Pre-debate Warm-Up: Think of This Video While You Watch Tonight

[Video produced by Politic Math]

If you hear Obama use a phrase tonight like, “Our businesses have gone back to basics and created over 4 million jobs in the last 27 months, more private sector jobs than were created during the entire seven years before this crisis — in a little over two years,” you can know that although it’s technically true, it is still just a big lie. Truths that are lies, we’ll hear plenty of those from Obama tonight.

If you don’t know what I mean, you didn’t watch the video.

~Nate G.

PS – come back tonight for the debate, we will have a live video embed, live chat, and debate bingo with prizes for the winners – all right here on our front page.

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3 Responses to Pre-debate Warm-Up: Think of This Video While You Watch Tonight

  1. AfricanforRomney says:

    Obama is a SERIAL Liar! The presenter was very polite to Obama. He failed to mention that the payroll jobs are very low paying jobs. Obama was throwing wholesome numbers to grasp his Odummers attention. He didn’t even talked the loss jobs so, the net is a hidden FACT.

    Good Luck! and One LOve for Gov Romney!!!

  2. Frozone says:

    Great video. Watch it!

  3. Dr Marlene for Reality! says:

    How sad that the ignorant who choose ‘without’ knowing are the ones who will destroy our wonderful America. The DREAMS of OBAMAS father will destroy our democratic land of opportunity..As we can, opportunity is becoming a foreign word…So sad!…What had you elected these past 4 years!..If you want a continuation of total decline, vote Obama..Hopefully, Romney will be able to get through with the reality!…A woman [Democrat my whole life until now] voting for Romney..