Democrat Pat Caddell: “Truth You Are Not Allowed to Know!”

If only I could show this video to every American 15 years and older! Rather than quote Pat Caddel here, you need to see his delivery. Every second of this four minute clip is extraordinary candor and truth. Key segments are at times 0:55, 1:20, 2:10, and 2:40. The segment that is the most terrifying to me is at 2:40 when he becomes infuriated at the fact the media has determined what truth we as Americans will hear and what truth we are not allowed to hear.

How do we get this to every Democrat, Independent, and undecided voter in America? Do they care that the founders’ creation of checks and balances of an unrestricted press is being thwarted by a press that has left “the ramparts” to join one side?

Folks, this is truly scary in my opinion. If we are to stop this, we must do everything we can in the next four weeks to take action to help elect Mitt Romney in the battleground states!

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3 Responses to Democrat Pat Caddell: “Truth You Are Not Allowed to Know!”

  1. Marilee REDDIN says:

    What can we do about this? I will share to all I know and my vote will be for Mitt Romney. Thank you for posting.

  2. Cathy says:

    The liberal media has turned traitor on the American people. This is the start of the end of democracy and the beginning of state run, one-sided propaganda that brought communist parties to power. This is Obama’s plan, so fight back now or you’ll not be able to again.

    Obama must be removed and Romney must win at all costs.

  3. Lucy Dees says:

    Amen! Thank you Mr. Caddell! I wish your colleagues would be as bold! Because frankly, the American people are sick to death of it!!!