Ann Romney Dazzles on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’

Ann Romney sits down with Jay Leno.

Ann Romney made an appearance on NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ last night.

As always, Ann did a great job making the case that the nation needs her husband’s help.

Take a moment to watch the interview and let me know what you thought about it in the comment section below.

Nora Gutierrez

A mother of four rowdy boys writing from the great state of Ohio (Sandusky area). Long-time Catholic conservative with a passion for politics. Informed voter. Ohio State grad and Romney fan since 2007.

About Nora Gutierrez

A mother of four rowdy boys writing from the great state of Ohio (Sandusky area). Long-time Catholic conservative with a passion for politics. Informed voter. Ohio State grad and Romney fan since 2007.
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43 Responses to Ann Romney Dazzles on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’

  1. Fabienne Hourihane says:

    She did a great job and if she seem “Dazzies” she has been working hard on her husbands campaign. The children and the wife is off bounds to pick on…Thank you

  2. Carolyn Furstenwerth says:

    Very classy and intelligent lady. She has always been proud of our country! She’s a patriot and truely cares about the issues that face our country. Will be a wonderful First Lady!

  3. Silvia Guerra says:

    She talks about poverty and yet she doesn’t put the finger on the person to blame for this – Bush-. Is she caring, yes; is she funny, yes; is she charming, yes that too. But so is Michelle Obama. Sorry, but I still support B. Obama.

  4. Karen says:

    How beautiful she is! Articulate ,loves her husband , loves our country ! We will be so honored to have Ann as our First Lady!

  5. Norm says:

    Can’t wait to have Ann in the White House!

  6. Susan says:

    She is more comfortable with her new role to be than ever before. Ann is awesome.

  7. IR says:

    Ann Romney looked a picture of elegance and sophistication. She has a million dollar smile and we all pray that Mitt Romney becomes our President and Ann Romney becomes our First Lady.

  8. Amy Brinkerhoff says:

    I personally saw Mitt and Ann Romney at Costco a few years ago at Christmas time. They were pushing around a cart with food just like all the rest of us, with grandchildren in tow. It was refreshing to see!

  9. Fer says:

    I like how she is positive about Michelle. Mitt also, started in a positive note (“The president means well, but he lacks the experience to fix the economy”). But it was the Obama campaign who got dirty and destructive right away with baseless accusations of tax fraud, unethical business practices and much more, forcing Mitt to reconsider if Obama really “means well”.

  10. Annette S says:

    Ann has all the right answers. She’s energetic, positive and beautiful.

    Ann Romney/First Lady….2012!!

  11. AfricanforRomney says:

    Ann is great. Ann should talk more about her husband educaton plans. Gov Romney has great ideas about the future kids education.He’s very passionate for the future of American kids.

    This’s Obama’s quote from the Education Nation Summit 2012 yesterday. “Compared to some — these smaller countries, where all the kids are coming to school pretty well prepared, they’re not hungry, they’re not poor — in our country, we — you know, we’ve got poor kids and we’ve — some kids who have deep troubles at home. And — and that affects performance.”

    Wow, this guy really call himself a USA Prez? He’s insulting all of us. I came from a very poor country, one meal a day if you’re lucky. Compare to American students, my success in education was not hard work, but one of the problem for American student poor edu performance is just b/c they don’t eat???? We’re talking about USA one of the wealthiest countyr in the world. It is amazing. This guy has no interest fixing the nation problem. You cannot play political game as a Prez with the children future life just to protect Unions and votes for him. It is very true this election is abou t” saving soul of America.”

    Obama is no good! We MUST vote Romeny/Ryan.–transcript/2012/09/25/a6b3edd2-074f-11e2-afff-d6c7f20a83bf_blog.html

  12. Cathy says:

    Ann is a class act and beautiful inside and out. Just what we need in the White House. We would be honored to have Mitt and Ann as our first family.

  13. Deg says:

    Why was Ann dress so short?

  14. Jani says:

    Ann and Mitt are wonderful, caring people who are committed to improving our country..Who could ask for more? These liberal medias are lying about him, for the good of obama….He pays taxes on what investment tax rates are just as you or I would pay uf we had investments…As does Obama, Kennedy’s and probably most of the senate as well as the heads of these media companies, but the media single Mitt out..May it be because of obama’s budget pays them millions of dollars, and I feel Mitt may be going to lower that budget for them. I have never seen such corruption in politics as I am seeing now….I love you Ann and Mitt and hope to see you both at the White House soon

  15. Billie says:

    Who cares, she was sitting down and is very much A LADY

  16. Nancy, NH says:

    Mitt and Ann are a class act and I realize, sadly, they have to appear on “popular? shows” (as The View) to try to get exposure.
    But PLEASE— After the election, NO President Romney or First Lady on these brain-less shows. Restore dignity to the office!

  17. Brenda says:

    I think that Ann Romney is a wonderful person. I am praying that her and her husband will be moving into the White House in January 2013! Love both of them

  18. Dotty says:

    I thought Ann did a wonderful job; she is classy & sassy & full of fun. She and Mitt will make a beautiful President and First Lady of our USA! I have read some really rude, un-classy remarks on Twitter and wish people would respect her and Mitt; they are such an awesome and loving couple!

  19. Zigrid says:

    First Lady Ann Romney has a nice ring to it!

  20. Shar says:

    Ann is gorgeous, smart, classy & has a big heart! Can’t wait to call her our Great Country’s First Lady!

  21. Connie says:

    Turn off the hot water heater? Doesn’t this show you that Mitt would do a fantastic job of cutting the budget and get this country back on track! (unlike the current POTUS who has spent we taxpayer’s money on so many frivolous things, including taking all those vacations.)

  22. ccr says:

    Praying with you, Brenda!!

  23. Renna says:

    Ditto to all of the wonderful comments and to DEG – you should pay attention to the quality of the person and not the length of her dress.

  24. Donna Lesser says:

    I love Ann! She is a wonderful person, wife , and Mother. She will be a First Lady we can all look up to. She has class and charm!

  25. Dr. Christel Reynolds says:

    Ann Romney is such a lovely and gracious lady…who will definitely bring back beauty and grace to the White House as our First Lady. She honors her family, her husband and our country. Go Romney & Ryan 2012! You’ve got our vote!

  26. Ronald says:

    Ann Romney was great! I can’t wait for the Romney’s to be in the White house.

  27. Lucinda Craven says:

    Ann radiates her inner beauty, which is for sure high class.
    She is humble, loving, kind, generous, and devoted wife and mother. I am so glad to hear that people are praying for her as I do. It will be great to have them in the white house in Jan.

  28. Nathan says:

    People talking about the President taking vacations. Yes he takes vacations…look into the not so distant past (the last Presidency) as our young men & women were fighting a senseless war in IRAQ, that President was on his ranch in Texas more than he was in Washington. We lost over 3,000 lives in Iraq and for what, there were never any WMD’s in Iraq. Instead of staying the course in Afganistan , he diverted troops to Iraq on false intelligence. He also caused the political career of Colin Powell to be ruined as he used that man as his fall guy. If Bush didn’t listen to Cheney he could have taken Bin Ladin down a lot sooner! But they were more interested in OIL than the American Lives that were lost at the WTC, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon! Lets not forget the passengers on the 3 planes too….

  29. Ray Robertson says:

    Very classy lady. Anne is a very classy lady. Let’s raise the bar in the White House and get the Romneys in there! : )

  30. David Fabi Yonkers NY says:

    Ann Romney is so sharp, bright , intelligent! besides being a very brave woman! My thoughts and prayers are with her everyday! This is what this country has been waiting for! God bless be well Ann!

  31. Deborah Stapley says:

    How wonderful would it be to have Ann Romney as our Country’s first lady?

  32. Joan C. says:

    I will bet that she doesn’t take 20 people and two planes on a number of vacations at taxpayers expense. She took care of her children and home without a lot of outside help. She is not spoiled in spite of having money.

  33. Holly says:

    Sorry, Sylvia but you are plainly wrong. Poverty is not to blame on George Bush. His policies actually increased social spending thru his compassionate conservatism programs. Not even the economy crashing is the fault of George Bush but rather the fault of the housing bubble and housing policies of presidents past (although Bush did continue those same policies and added to them).
    Poverty has many causes but none more so than the failure of the individual to make the choices needed to better his future. Education is the number one key to a successful life and when we have some schools with barely a 60% graduation rate, then is Bush to blame or is the student? At some point in time, regardless of family life or any other issue that holds people back, the person has to step up to the plate and make the decision to change their life for the better or just “get by”. No matter what, the fault points to the individual in the long run. As long as this country has a progressive education policy, the blame is indeed to the person. Take advantage of the education system and you can be successful. Work ethic and education go hand-in-hand.

  34. says:

    Nathan- You spout political hatred that is related at all to this Video interview, so either you didn’t watch it or will not see it. “there are none so blind as those who will not see” You speak of Vacations and not being in Washington. What do you think Kennedy was doing all the time in Hyanisport? What was Johnson doing at the LBJ Ranch? Like them Bush had his ranch set up as a work place so he could work when there. Now when you go for a two week vacation on Marthas Vinyard, you don’t have a permanent work area set up soooooo that’s more like a vacation. And when you send your young daughter with 16 friends to Mexico, with an army of Secret service agents on spring break during this recession with 23 million people out of work, Do you call that work? Regarding comments on oil consider this, all the people in America want oil & gas to run autos, heat homes, run factories, etc. but your elected officials prevent you from obtaining it from one if not the worlds largest energy reserves, it forces a country to make alliances, make agreements, and find supplies outside the country. Don’t like getting oil abroad, pipe into your own supply. We are where we are aquiring oil because idiot liberals think they can stop using oil by shutting down domestic production. We should be self-sufficient. It is only Obama and his buddies that prevent it.

  35. dk says:

    So sad. we going from a scapegoat who tried and did his best on uphill battle in bull%@!$. to someone who wants to take over, all I can say is “Remember the Omen!”
    If there ever was a time to pray it is NOW.

  36. Deg says:

    @Reena – The length of her dress was distracting. She did an awesome job none the less, but I’m disappointed… because I expect a better example from her in this regard.

  37. RGE says:

    Did you notice that she didn’t apologize for America once during her comments. That’s refreshing.

  38. Jeff Herrera says:

    Ann Romney will turn the White House into a HOME and will warm the hearts of everyone who passes through those doors. She will also warm the heart of every American Citizen and help bring back the values that our great nation was founded on. PLEASE VOTE – MITT ROMNEY – IN NOVEMBER!

  39. Lynda Suttles says:

    Ann was adorable on Jay Leno’s show! She will be a fabulous First Lady! And on the comment from Dag that was disturbed that her dress was too short, well it certainly was not too short in my opinion . Ann was dressed lovely as always.

  40. Anne Schabert says:

    Thoroughly refreshing!!!! Personally I believe that both Ann and Mitt Romney are quality people! The more I get to know about both of them the more proud I am to throw my support behind them. They will bring a respect back to the White House and America. Thank you Mitt and Ann for your sacrifice for our country.

  41. April says:

    @ Deg – A hint of jealousy from your posts, yes? A lot of us here thought Ann looked adorable. As for the interview…she handled it with grace and class. She’ll be a great First Lady!

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  43. Sami Achter says:

    She is an ugly pro millioners only.. She has been taken care of all the way.. With special nurses and doctors at the bed, she does not know how the other 98% lives.. She is full of same crap that Mitt Romney the tax evading, money grabbing, off shore investor non tax payer idiot.. For thoses of you sitting there and ah and oohing over her.. Get the facts.. All along she had care takers for her kids and she lived like the queen on muck..