Romney v Obama on 60 Minutes

You be the judge. Bias as I may be, I have more confidence in Mitt Romney’s capacity to lead with a deep well of experience, as opposed to Obama’s continued blame game of excuses. A leader takes responsibility; A leader’s experience nurtures wisdom; A leader recognizes the need to adapt with pragmatism; and a leader is governed by values, constants and principles. The leader of America should be honest, truthful and an advocate for American values of freedom, liberty and empowerment, not entitlement. The leader of the free world should not be an advocate America’s subordination through appeasement and accommodation. The leader of America should adhere to the Constitutional principles and values of a government subordinate only to the people it serves. This is an election of leadership, freedom, peace through strength and a strong, vibrant economy. A strong economy does more to lead people from poverty – under Obama more have entered poverty than at any time since the Great Depression. Again, you be the judge. As a prompt, notice the tenor of each interviewer – a stark contrast between the Romney and Obama interviews.

Those video clips not included in the broadcast. Note Obama’s admission of falsehoods in his ad campaigns and by his campaign.

Mitt Romney as President of 100%, and further insights to ‘distorted context’ by the media:

Barack Obama falls short:

Mitt Romney on Financial Regulation and the oppression of our current President’s agenda:

Mitt Romney on Job training programs and Government overreach and redundancy:

Barack Obama on fixing the economy – please note that doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is insanity:

Barack Obama on Green jobs and false promises?

Mitt Romney on Taxation, and over taxation:

Barack Obama on enlisting the public:

Mitt Romney on Obamacare:

Barack Obama’s False Advertising:

Mitt Romney on the Debates:

Barack Obama on war in the Middle East – not quite the guy I want leading this effort as he fails to understand what matters:

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Conservative advocate, husband, father of six, grandfather of 18. Author, conservative blogger, and retired investment banker.Enjoy my family, my mountain home, political and philosophical discussions, golf and travel. View Posts | View Profile | View David's New Book
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10 Responses to Romney v Obama on 60 Minutes

  1. Mike says:

    I think the best parts of this interview was at the end. Presented with the question of the essentials of leadership, here were their answers:

    Obama: “Leadership is about setting a course and presenting a vision…What I try to do is to constantly present a vision of America in which everybody’s got a shot, everybody’s treated with dignity, respect, which the vides of race and faith, gender, sexual orientation, that those are not the determining factors in which people will succeed, but that it’s how hard you work and are you trustworthy, and are you responsible, do you look after your family, do you love people and love this country.”

    Romney: “A leader has to have the capacity to build trust in the people he/she works with. They have to be able to look at the leader and say, ‘I may disagree with them, but I know where they stand, and I can trust them.’ A leader has the capacity, a vision, the ability to see where things are headed before people in general see those things, and that vision is [brought upon] not necessarily by their skill or their brilliance, but from their life and their experience…”

    Asked what his “big idea” was for the country and his presidency (God-willing), Romney answered with the following:

    “Freedom. I want to restore the kind of freedom that has always driven the American economy and allowed America to be the shining city on the hill…I want people from all over the world to look and say that America as the land of opportunity because of their freedom to pursue their dreams. I want to restore the kind of freedom that allows America to lead the world.”

    Nov. 6 cannot come fast enough.

  2. AfricanforRomney says:

    Obama-Balame, Balme,Balme, Lie, Lie, and more Lies. Obama were not answering,what he was doing was the ususal lecture and campigning. (good hint what the debate will look like, his stupid lecture rant).

    Gov Romney-Strong Leadership with vision, Confident, Compassionate, Very Presidential, Ready for 3 a.m call.
    If the election is today, Landslide victory for Gov Romney. No doubt!
    I know Gov Romney is a busy guy, but why he’s giving major interviews on moving bus, plane? I don’t like it at all. It is a distruction, and sends bad image for the knuclheads.

    Gov Romney=Job creator=Strong Leadership with vision!

  3. Victor Lundquist says:

    I tried to take a very objective view of 60 Minutes when I watched it last night and there is no question in my mind that Gov. Romney’s answers were better. I think they were far better overall.

    The word of the hour for Obama is he appears “feckless.”

  4. Kym Van Der Linden says:

    Obama full of lies, lies, lies and deceiving !!!! Sickening to watch. Why wasn’t Obama asked about Solyndra when he responded to the Green energy question? How about taking responsibility for the 4 years that he has been in office, instead of blaming his predecessor? Why wasn’t Obama asked about Cutter’s lies of the cancer patient? Same rhethoric from Obama – nothing but full of bloated words, and excuses – BSSssss. Notice how Obama would rephrase the question, using the ‘why’ to show he is in command of the question, and that he knows something even if he doesn’t have an answer for this.

    I learned that when you ask the ‘why’ question, you are turning the question back on the moderator, and put him in the spot, and not you. It’s a trick to use when you don’t want to respond with a straight answer and to show that you are in charge.

    Romney needs to speak in simple language w/example that people can relate. He needs to explain it better so he can get the uninformed to vote for him instead of Obama. CBS, ABC, NBC are not cable news – where you pay extra like FOX News. Many are bilingual, and so he is speaking to a different audience. He needs to get everyone to vote for him, not just the independent !!

    I am praying for President Mitt Romney and Vice President Paul Ryan. I am very upset that some Conservatives and Republicans are providing amnos/talking points for the Obama team to use against Romney.

    Republicans and Conservatives and Tea Party and Ron Pauls’ people need to unite in order to beat Obama. We don’t need people like Peggy Noonan, and Bill Kristol to write things that may hurt Romney’s chances of winning. They need to be part of a TEAM. This is TACTICALLY – naive and stupid. I don’t see the Obama’s supporters doing this. Why are we? This is the wrong time to voice their dismay LIV on TV. How about calling the person that they are critical of? What about after the election.? We have a little over a month to take back the White House. Romney already has the bias media against him, and the press. Why would we do this to our candidate? I get very frustrated when I see this!

  5. AfricanforRomney says:

    Oops, it should read blame.

    Yup, i’m with you. I really loved Gov Romney’s leadership and big idea answers.His answers came out naturally and shows his deep experiance in leadership. Gov Romney was great given Pelley’s hostile questions.

    Of course, incompetent Obama were not answering questions. He was taking an opprtunity to make a statement, shout out to his gay friends, Sandra Fluck crowds, swing state voters.Honestly, i don’t know how long they’re letting him have free pass. I mean he has no responsibility, no accountability for destroying the economy, destroying American greatness, destroying the fabirc of America.

    I’m sick and tired of Obama’s affirmative action presidency. I’m sick of it!

  6. Liz martin says:

    Well, I like Gov. Romney than Obama. Obama already have 4 years chance to prove what he promise.His changes for worst not for better.He keep blaming Bush.We should give a chance for a new President and if his not good in 4yrs term same thing we vote a new one. Im hoping people would realize its time to vote a new president.We dont want America become a socialist country.

  7. Nancy Roba says:

    You are right African for Romney.Like thes idiots that will vote for Ron Paul when they know they don,t have a snow ball in hell chance of winning they just through their vote to Obama.I would think that Ron paul if he loves this country would stand up and say people you need to back Mitt but he is so addle brained that he lets these people think he can still win. I would exspect that his Son would be smart enough to say come on Dad endorse Mitt and get over yourself.

  8. TMAMA says:

    After this interview, the way Romney answered all questions with clarity solidifies my belief and trust he’s the right man to get this country out of the rut we’re in and to also lead us succesfully.

    I will vote for him many times if I could!!!

  9. Joan C. says:

    Romney is so far over Obama’s head that it is not funny. The people that Romney will surround himself with will make a major difference. Obama has professors with no more experience in the business world than he does. The CNN business adviser stated that Romney is the smartest business man in America. Funny, we haven’t heard that repeated.

  10. Joan C. says:

    We should all turn off the networks that have an agenda. 24/7