Barack Obama, CEO of Bankruptcy, LLC

Photo & Trailer Sign: Andrew Geurink & Family

Hat Tip to Steve Samuelian for sending over this image for MRC

This trailer sign is located near Holland, Michigan (western part of the state) and is courtesy of

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5 Responses to Barack Obama, CEO of Bankruptcy, LLC

  1. Cathy says:

    Love it!!! I guess that tells it like it is. We need millions of these signs around the swing states. I don’t know what it takes to turn-the-light-bulb on Obama people? But, It’s all out there if you care to know.

    Romney/Ryan is the only answer.

  2. Ben Collins says:

    That is a cool picture Vic. Love it.

  3. Annette S says:

    Steve Samuelian!……A True Patriot who Cares about the Future of Our Country!! Romney/Ryan……2012!!

  4. Joan C. says:

    More of this is needed. Finally the truth. Where has this been?
    They should have added THE GOVERNMENT. We are soon to be Greece or Spain.

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