VIDEO: Glenn Beck is Brought to Tears as He Apologizes to Mitt Romney & Vouches for His Character

UPDATE:The 5 interviews in this series are now posted here.

I’d missed this very interesting video from The Blaze yesterday — in which Glenn Beck, often a Romney critic, is brought to tears as he apologizes for past assumptions about Mitt Romney and vouches for his decent character. The tears come towards the end. Check it out…

Glenn Beck
The video talks about an upcoming episode (set to air Friday) that features people whose life’s — in some way or another — have changed for the better due to something that Mitt Romney did for them. We’ll have that video for you here at MRC when it becomes available… should be one you won’t want to miss.

Nora Gutierrez

A mother of four rowdy boys writing from the great state of Ohio (Sandusky area). Long-time Catholic conservative with a passion for politics. Informed voter. Ohio State grad and Romney fan since 2007.

About Nora Gutierrez

A mother of four rowdy boys writing from the great state of Ohio (Sandusky area). Long-time Catholic conservative with a passion for politics. Informed voter. Ohio State grad and Romney fan since 2007.
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56 Responses to VIDEO: Glenn Beck is Brought to Tears as He Apologizes to Mitt Romney & Vouches for His Character

  1. todd harris says:

    It is perfect timing!!

  2. Cathy says:

    The more I hear about the generosity, kindness, and amazing character of Mitt Romney, the more my heart is touched deeply. The man is truly the George Washington/ Ronald Reagan of our time and we owe him a debt of gratitude. That he would step up, to much persecution, at this time and sacrifice his time, talent, and love for this country, is truly and beyond amazing. Who would do this if not for love of country? No one!
    If we miss this chance to elect Gov. Romney this time, we will regrettably forego the moral renaissance of America so badly needed.

    Mitt Romney is the man for this time, this season, and this need.

  3. Colette says:

    The stories keep coming out…what a good and honorable man to have in the White House. We need him so badly. God bless him! :)

  4. Beverly Bluth says:

    I have known what an amazing Man Mitt Romney is all along and it hurt to see so many on our side be blind to that fact! Sometimes I was even surprised that he didnt just say never mind I dont need this abuse from all sides and every where he turned, when all he wanted to do was use his skills and character and honor to help US and to bring this country back!! Now if Rush and Laura Ingram and Sarah Palin would just actually take a little time and find out who this Man really is…….Ron Paul people too……Let all there pride down……They will be amazed……..4 months ago as I was leaving a Romney event a newsman stuck a microphone up to me and I looked directly in the camera and I said, “Not only is this Man going to be the next Ragean……he will be even better,(considering how far gone this Country has gone) You just wait and see!! The camera Man looked at me like I was an idiot, but my prediction WILL come true!! (I also knew and predicted 4 months before it happened that Mitt would pick Paul Ryan as VP)………I have proof if you read the old posts on Mitt Romney Central Chat!!

  5. Laura Hambright says:

    Mitt a man of integrity to run our country! Amen!

  6. greachen says:


  7. Ray Keller says:

    Did i miss the show he’s referring to and if I did, where can I still see it? I’m new to this Glenn Beck guy. Thanks!!

  8. Crystalf says:

    I like what Glenn said at the end; I think Mitt has that effect on anyone that gets to know him. I know that as soon as I put a Romney bumper sticker on my car, I changed. At that point I felt like I was representing him and I had to “live up” to that challenge :) My driving sure improved and so did my personality … :)

  9. ling t says:

    many who voted for obama ’08 will flip flop in ’12
    it is GOOD to flip flop when you realize you are on the wrong course..which we surely are…

  10. AfricansforRomney says:

    I’m confused. Glen Beck is a radio host fool who used to work @ Fox, right?. Who he was supporting then? Obama? I’m glad he’s in for Gov Romney now. Watching the story where?

    Folks, we need to come together with one voice, one heart, one love for Gov Romney. We can’t win in Nov if we’ve 2nd thoughts on this election. Obama supporters are in full gear fighting for his 2nd term, willing to give him a 2nd chance with ALL his broken promises and failed leadership.

    Gov Romney=A man of faith=Servant Leadership!!!

  11. jrobertoviveiros says:

    Indeed, I was very touched by this article and it reminded me of something I read …” How anxious we should be to go about doing good. It is a slothful servant who waits until he is commanded in all things … Our Heavenly Father expects us to MAGNIFY our calling… no matter where it may be, no matter how humble our lot in life may be ” … President Mitt Romney is the man with such a calling … he will magnify his position as our true leader and we will not be ashamed …! God bless our beloved Country … with such a man … Romney/Ryan in the White House for sure.

  12. Annette S says:

    I can remember when Beck was on Fox and he invited a critic of Mitt’s MA Healthcare Plan on his show. The guest was blaming Mitt for the MA Healthcare Plan as it is today. Of course he didn’t mention Romney’s overturned vetos and all the costly legislation passed under the governorship of Deval Patrick…the Governor that succeeded Romney. Beck came to the conclusion that under Romney we would see big government. Beck just bought into the misconceptions and distortions about Romney.

    Fast forward to about May/2012. It was after Beck’s show had been canceled. I saw him in an interview and he said that he thought Romney could just WIPE THE FLOOR with Obama in a debate. I couldn’t believe what I hearing! It was great to hear that coming from Glenn Beck. His opinion of Romney had obviously risen.

    Thanks for the footage Nora

  13. Marie Salinas Rivera says:

    Great story Glen. You had me in tears., but I was already going to vote for Mitt Romney. Thanks for sharing

  14. Victor Lundquist says:

    Many people have asked GMR to publicize some of the examples of service and he has always said no.

    Kind of reminds me of what Christ would say after he had healed someone…what would he say? “Go, and tell no one.”

    Now, before you jump down my throat, I am NOT comparing a man to Christ in any way, shape, or form. Just sayin’ it reminds me of all those stories.

    If anybody knows where to see the live stream of the Friday show, please post it here in one of the comments so we can see it live. I know I cannot get it with the cable system I have.

  15. Rae R. says:

    If only the rest of the press could be like Glenn. I think it’s time Romney not only ran a campaign against Obama but also against the liberal media outlets.

  16. Ryan Hawkins says:

    Every Romney supporter should be posting this link daily on every political comment board, Facebook page, email venue, and any place you can think of from now through election day. This is what will move voters to Romney. If you want to make a difference – do it.

  17. Karen Mauriello says:

    Thank you once again Mr Beck. You are certainly one of a kind. I think it takes an honest, honorable man/woman to recognize another. I am neither mormon or Catholic, it doesn’t matter. God is the Judge and ony He sets the standard for a good man/woman. I believe He will be pleased with Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck.

  18. Joseph says:

    Mitt stands zero chance of election, does anyone here know how statistics have a basis in reality? The liberal media says that Obama will crush Romney, Fox news says it will be close but independents will give Romney the edge. How about we accept the facts of the results and remove ignorant bias. I expect everyone here to follow the evil liberal media once this is confirmed. It amazes me that anyone believes Mitt has a chance.

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  20. Shirley Casale says:

    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the best choices for office to lead our country in the right direction . We need great leaders to do the job we hire them for ! Not like the existing President that does nothing for us , but go golfing have parties and run all over the world running up debt and apologizing to other countries for America who has helped give foreign aide to them and now we are hated and attacked daily and our people killed . Time to get the facts and vote for our men who love this country .

  21. Pamela says:

    Okay, Glenn, now is the time to hit the air waves with all you’ve got to help get Romney elected! Thanks for your apology, now get busy and make up for lost time. Love you, Glenn.

  22. Anna says:

    And MR never served his country and neither has any of his five sons. “It’s just one of those things we haven’t done.” one of his sons said.

  23. Billie Layland says:

    What I wouldn’t give to be in his presence for just a few minutes. I cannot afford to give to his campaign because of the breast cancer treatments I am currently taking. When you stand in his presence there is no doubt you are in the presence of someone great. God bless and I know he will.

  24. David Morris says:

    75% of the troops which is the majority….a democracy is the manipulation of the masses and they are brain-washed and don’t know it ~EB 1928~

  25. David Morris says:

    “I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America millions of Americans believe in” That is the America I love ~Romney~

    WTF did he say? He is an idiot just like GW with a “C” average, keep voting our freedoms away, you piss off every veteran that gave you a voice!

  26. Jennifer Wilkinson says:

    I am really hopeing and praying that it is time to have Romney/Ryan in charge of America.

  27. ccr says:

    @Joseph………we don’t believe the lies and distortions of the MSM. We believe in the GOODNESS of everyday, sane thinking Americans……….and GOOD men like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

    I don’t buy the flattering words of BHO. He said if he didn’t get the economy turned around in 4 years, he’d be a one termer. If he had ANY integrity, BHO would admit his mistakes and quit blaming anyone BUT himself!

    Ingraham and Levin (and Beck earlier) hurt themselves with all of the anti-Romney. Add Limbaugh to that as well as Hannity.

    Can’t wait to hear more WONDERFUL stories of GMR!!

  28. Elson Canlas says:

    It hurts me reading all these stories and articles critical of Romney. The smallest chink in his armor is blown out of proportion, and every statement he makes these critics make a mountain out a molehill. This is politics, alright. Mr. Romney will weather all these absurd, outrageous falsities hurled against him without giving in to his upright and moral belief and principles. While the world believes that winning is the only thing and that every trick in the book is allowed, Mr. Romney plays fairly and morally. H e cannot be Mephistopheles by selling his soul to the devil just to win an election. He is the man, I believe,is well-favored by God to win and rule this country for the next 8 years.

  29. shelleyraynes says:

    we all want mitt romney as our u s a president and i will support mitt on that and we need a new u s a president that is mitt romney

  30. g scofield says:

    honorable men lead honorable lives knowing they are judged by their creator.

  31. marie says:

    Nobody will believe me. I watched this video and couldn’t believe my ears. I was in Victoria BC for 11 months.
    I dreamed about a huge fat cow black and white. Real fat.
    saw a bucket and guess what? I was miking a cow. The bucket was full of milk. not empty.
    When I woke up I reminded the Pharo’s dream about 7 fat cows and 7 skinny. Told myself ok you are in desperate situation morally speaking but a fat cow is all GOOD

    I listened to Glenn Beck. Never heard of him before. Struck by his beautiful honest face. I am going to comment about it on Yahoo andsee what happens. on and on. Till alll start watching the video.
    To dream this in Victoria cannot but suggest Romney the Entrepeneur will get Victorious.
    Today is the Holy CRoss Day. It cannot be a coincidence.
    This video is the video that all America must see.

  32. Blaine Cooper says:

    Mitt Romney A spitting image of Obama it make’s me want to squirt blood out of my eye’s as Glenn would say, it amazes me how the political machine has people fighting over democrat and Republican, and yet they miss the clear distinction that they are the same part pursuing the same Agenda, and have the American people so Dumbed down and brained washed there are incapable of critical thinking, Romney did it’s ok, Obama did it’s ok, BS there both traitors to this country and should be held accountable for there actions pursuing one world government, and further oppressing in there pursuit that government is GOD, if anyone was smart enough to just look at the campaign contributions alone the remarkable connections to banks, and bailouts and the transforming of our country to a world dictatorship ignorance is bliss !

  33. Annette S says:

    When I did my first post on this thread, I still hadn’t had the chance to watch the Glen Beck footage. Thank you Glenn Beck for sharing this story about Mitt Romney. Integrity and goodness are very important characteristics for a president to have.

    Joseph….The reason that you think Mitt Romney doesn’t stand a chance to get elected is simple. You don’t believe in him. That is certainly your prerogative. You can interpret the polls however you want to. But my belief is this…Barack Obama will not survive 3 debates with Mitt Romney. You watch. During the debates truth and fiction will be separated and the truth is not on Obama’s side. Obama has not created job growth and has wasted billions of taxpayer dollars through his government directed economic policies.

    Romney/Ryan 2012!!!

  34. Dave says:

    i’ve never voted, i am now for Mitt Romney

  35. Cathy says:

    ANNA… there are MANY ways to serve one’s country and fellow man. Mitt served almost 30 years WITHOUT pay and without praise, by learning and working with his father in government service, serving a mission in France to spread the peace, hope and joy of Jesus Christ, served the needs and challenges of people in large congregations in church, to save, reform and revive the Olympics in SLC, Govern a very liberal state and make it thrive and grow, and while doing all that, serving and helping ANYONE that crossed his path with a need, he would find ways to help them.

    NOW, if that’s not serving one’s fellow man and country, I don’t know what is. What have you done to serve others? Try it, you might find the blessings that Mitt has garnered with his unselfish, self sacrifice and service. These are the qualities of VERY few men, dare I say men of God, whos joy comes through service and not any material or temporal things. They step forward for love of country and fellow man when there’s an urgent need, and we are ALL the better for them.

  36. Rhoda Hughes says:

    We need you guys like Glenn, R Limbaugh, Lora Ingraham, Fox News, etc. to get the word out to the voters regarding Romney’s character, he’s not running for President cuz of money (which he has plenty) because he cares about us. God Be With You Mitt/Ryan.

  37. simonne says:

    When I decided to support Mitt from watching the debates, Idid a research on Mitt & I really started liking him because of the man he is. I feel so bad about the way he is treated by the media.

  38. Douglas A. MacKay says:

    I am a former – supporter of GBTV and the reason I am a former is I could not tell whether you (Glenn) wanted to be taken seriously or you wanted to be an TV/Radio personality entertaining us. I also did not LIKE earlier conversations and/or comments made about former Gov. Mitt Romney and some other politicians.

    I am glad to see you have ‘apologized’ to Mr. Romney, I ‘only’ wish the Mainstream Media would get serious and STOP spreading their fictional stories on Mr. Romney and others trying to help this country.

  39. marie says:

    I am so Sad and frustrated not to be in the USA that I desactivated Twitter. But the Media are so infamously selling themselves to a corrupted malicious power I came back. I watched this video and had like this intuition Romney’s “awkward” joke was being transformed by God into Action. Milking American Cow to give Milk to all Americans. He was absolutely right in saying that milking a cow was the best thing for a VEt. It is back to Life.
    When we do good it is in silence. WE dont scream hey I do good. Evil Yells Good is Action in silence.

    Please let all people know about Romney the Milkman. The relief after the misery. This Video is a Key.
    Thank YOu Glenn. Never heard of you. Glad to meet you.

  40. Maria says:

    I cried at the end of this video. I knew from the beginning that Mitt is the best choice for President. I voted for him in the ’08 Primary. I voted for him in the 2012 Primary. I’m glad my children are voting for him. There is no one out there who can do the job in Washington better than Mitt can. And then when he chose Paul Ryan as his running mate. There is no reason for anybody to pass this out. This is THE choice of a lifetime. This will never happen again. Former GE CEO, Jack Welch said: FORMER GE CEO: ROMNEY MORE QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT THAN Barack WHO HANDED OUT LEAFLETS AS A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER. How dare we insult Mitt when we have a president who had no job experience for the job of the presidency!

  41. Brad says:

    I never realized Glenn was so good at satire. Oh my god he was cracking me up. The next George Washington, Ronald Reagan and Jesus rolled into one. I almost peed my pants, Jon Stewart better look out.

  42. BONNY says:

    We love Glenn . Wake up America .

  43. Joel Reyes says:

    We need to pray to Mitt Romney that God will hear our cry of His people and give us this decent and honorable man as our President.. We need his leadership so that we will prosper in the promised land, united State of America.

  44. Linda says:

    Anybody that doesn’t vote for Mitt Romney isn’t a true American and doesn’t care about what happens to this country!

  45. steve says:

    Don’t beat yourself up over being wrong about Mitt Glenn, i too was wrong about him and considering 90% of politicians are the dregs of society and untill your team uncovered this you had know way of knowing that he was someone who was in the habit of embracing his humanity. While i am sure Mr. Romney deeply appreciates your apology, i am even more sure that he would want you tolet it go. : )

  46. GreenWolfe says:

    So now that mitt is the nominee glenn switches his story to get in line with the party, what a surprise.

  47. Joan C. says:

    The difference between Obama and Mitt is: Obama boast and does nothing. (His family members who live in poverty)
    Mitt helps everyone but does not brag. Obama is all talk.
    We should all strive to be more like Mitt Romney. I knew about his qualities by reading books about him four years ago. Why has this enlightenment taken so long? What a great example he is! Go Mitt.

  48. Caridad Monroe says:

    Mr Beck I am 100% with you on Mitt. I commend you for your humbleness to apologize for your self. Its a very respectful to do. Now I have to say this, unfortunately the Devil will never sees anything that Good. Anything that is UN-Godly actions it always represents the Devil. The world is ruled by the Devil and people who is with God like Mitt Romney they (Devil) never never appreciate anything Good. The devil is campaigning against God so he deceive people to be where he is not being love by God! So, what is the devil do? He will deceive people to rebel against God. This is the reason why we are in our situation with the economy in the US. No bible guidance in the family, no bible guidance in school, you can’t say the word God in all places any more! We are out of order in every where in the world any more! Then this is even more amazing to me, people are running away from the bible, but when trouble comes its God’s fault! Hello! Blame God! I hope with the help of the One true God Mitt Romney will prevail! I pray for him and for the world. The lord will separate him from the world to the high mighty God! God bless us all. Love of God will save those who knows and love Him. I know Mitt Romney know and love Him. thank you for this space and the opportunity say what’s in my heart. sincerely and love. Caridad Monroe.

  49. Patrick D. says:

    I wish I could vote for Romney here in the Philippines. Thanks for going out of your way to bring the truth.

  50. Marta Sanchez says:

    Hi Glenn, I always listen to your program, Rush and Hannity, and during the primaries, I was really sad that Mitt Romney was always toss out from this 3 conservative programs. ( or better put, not really understood)…. I started following the stories about Mitt since he help us here in Utah with the Olympics, and since that time, I knew that we needed him to be our President when He announced that He will run back in 2007?… . The fact that for me and my family was easy to relate to him, since our values and the things He stands for, are the thing we believe in. To tell you the truth, listening to this story, coming from you, really makes me very happy….I know He will be a great President!!! We, the people of the Unites States, have now an opportunity to change the course and the future of this country for good and for better. Let us hope that more people have the courage and the ability to recognize that this man is a noble, honest, hard working, with the only desire to help this country and all Americans to be better. I know if we are united in this endeavor, we will win!!! May God bless all of us and may God bless this great nation!!! the nation of my acquired citizenship!!! I love this country!!

  51. Patty R. says:

    I have always known that Mitt Romney is a good man. I pray that he will be our next president of the United States.

  52. Joan C. says:

    Beck says that Romney is another George Washington. I agree.
    I also think that this election is as important as our first American Revolution. Obama thinks of himself as a king, who should have total control of our lives. Stand up America! Obama also is working with the UN to give them more control. We have to wake up and stand up before he takes us down. Do everything possible to make yourselves heard. God help us if we don’t do everything we can to get Mitt elected. WE CAN DO THIS. In my case it is for my grandchildren. I also do not want a committee deciding how I will live or die, or when I will die.

  53. Cynthia Kenney says:

    We love Mitt Romney and his wonderful wife and family! Paul Ryan was a fabulous pick for Vice President and they are a great team together! We pray for them and their families each day. This nation needs their leadership more than anything at this critical time in history. Our constitution is hanging by a thread and we need men of God to save it. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are smart and honest men who can save our economy and get people back to work. We pray that they will win the election in spite of all the opposition.

  54. Jeff Bell says:

    The “transformation” that Obama has started is to bring this great republic to its knees and to make us weak. The Hope&Change has turned into our new motto, from the Right, and it is that we hope we can change the destruction back to prosperity; throw off the chains of debt and dependency. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are our only hope. May God be with us to right this terrible wrong.

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