A Frightening Moment For Our Nation …

Let’s review things for a moment . . .

A fresh-faced optimistic Democratic nominee (and future winner of the Nobel Peace Prize) is swept into office after a surprise win in the lead-off Iowa caucuses …

As this new President takes office, the economic crisis and national recession intensifies …

An iconic American automobile giant, on the verge of bankruptcy, receives a federal bailout and is “saved” …

Energy costs and inflation soar to historic levels …

Middle East relationships become tense and the US Ambassador to an Islamic agitator nation is murdered by Jihadist Muslim terrorists

The Islamic world isn’t frightened by obvious US military superiority, for they know this President wants to be loved and leave a legacy as a peace-maker …

The Republican Nominee is accused of a “shoot from the hip”/”shoot first; aim later” approach to foreign policy …

Russia is on the rise and emboldened by America’s decreased standing and respect in the world …

Against all reason (but with the help of a complicit media), this incumbent President leads his Republican challenger, a former Governor of a liberal state, in post-convention/pre-debate Gallup polls by close to double digits …

Many strong Republicans are disheartened by their prospects of winning the White House, thereby seeing their great country sink further into decline and disrepute …

The year? The President?

… none other than 1980 and Jimmy Carter my friends (or the present with Obama if you prefer …).

History has a funny (yet sad) way of repeating itself (sources to above claims: US Ambassador killed in 1979 is last before the attack in Libya yesterday, Reagan trailing in Gallup, Chrysler Bailout, accusations of Reagan’s “shoot from the hip” foreign policy … embedded commercial below).

Sound familiar? Don’t fall for those liberal lies again.

So fear not great Americans! Keep fighting the good fight and trust that Romney will rise to the challenge, as did Ronald Reagan, and save us from “Four More Years” of an incompetent Democratic President. Romney has always excelled when the odds are against him, he lives for a crisis, he thrives in adversity (returning to save Bain Consulting, turning around the SLC Olympics, MA budget crisis, Florida debates earlier this year, etc …)

I’m trusting Ann Romney who recently told us all about the man she knows better than any other: “THIS MAN WILL NOT FAIL!”

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Jeff has been blogging for Romney since living in Iowa in 2006, when, as a physician, he was drawn to study Romney’s MA healthcare reform plan. A native of California, Jeff now claims to be a proud southern transplant (he currently lives and practices as a vitreoretinal surgeon in Birmingham with his wife and six kids) having lived in Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana for nearly all of the last 15 years. His recent hobby is doing triathlons, having completed his first (and only) Ironman Triathlon this past May.

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12 Responses to A Frightening Moment For Our Nation …

  1. Sarah says:

    Loved this! I was barely alive (just a baby) for the Carter/Reagan election, so I knew nothing of those facts, really. Fascinating how much these two elections resemble each other.

  2. Jeff Fuller says:

    Thanks Sarah … Carter was the first POTUS I remember (and I remember he was bad). Hope more Americans recognize our history and how Obama needs to go.

  3. kevin says:

    This is funny. The problem is Obama’s admin. has killed more leaders of Al Qaeda than the Bush admin. Obama has upped the drone strikes and seems to hit everywhere. Also I don’t think you realized Romney has no one to make an arms deal with to hold hostages till after the election. but other than those huge differences you are total right. Bhahaha

  4. marie says:

    Barack Carter drawing is hilarious
    Commented a few years ago about
    Barack Biden sounds Weird! I liked Carter as a man. He was not a visionary man tho.
    Biden, in contrast, looks pretty nazi style. The pictures of Barack next to Biden are more impacting than words.
    The facial mimics are the same. Spark of rage in the eyes,
    Teeth grinning, Ultra tensio active chin.
    My eyes are those of a woman and I saw Obama’s hands
    next to Romney’s hands. Abysmal difference.
    narrow hands vs. broad hands
    flat palm vs. full palm
    greedy long fingers vs. balanced proportions

    Time is so short. I wish I could find a way to help Romney’s team in finding ideas linked with my experience of Socialists inEurope. God knows I worked for them and they almost got my life. I think Palin, a most hateful woman, was right for once. Naming Obama a Socialist is the right way. Because he is. Hollande is one of them.
    I know Hollande and met him in 2000 in Brussels. He was in my boss’s office. Trust me that man is going to seal France’s Fate. to the bottom. No Will. No Faith. No God.
    Yesterday he appointed Harlem Desir (true name) as Head of the Socialist party..
    Funny Harlem looks like some French poor Obama. From muslim background. Anti racism apostle…

    I am convinced Obama put a hand on Hollande’s shoulders (well what’s left) and said “Yes we can. Next French President might be Harlem”….

  5. Victor Lundquist says:

    Kevin: To your points to hold Obama on a pedestal: What is your point? The entire world is on the verge of war while Obama is hopnobbing in Vegas? He has not been leading in world affairs and it shows.

    Do you know how big it is that a United States ambassador was not protected from assassination? When was the last time a United States ambassador was last assassinated? Think about it.

    It was 1979 under Carter’s watch. 34 years ago!! Do you know why it has been so long? Because America always goes out of its way to protect its diplomats at almost all costs. Not Obama and administration. Read this:

    Obama is playing right into the hands of our enemies and he has no clue about it. He is looking worse than Carter indeed. Read this:

  6. Jeff Fuller says:

    Kevin … so Obama isn’t afraid to pull the trigger on top al Qaeda leaders, and that’s leadership? Can you imagine how quickly it would leak and doom his re-election AND “legacy?” Obama benefits from the years of work/intel during the War On Terror under Bush (yes, including waterboarding and Gitmo which he’s been against) and improved surgical strike technology (drones, bunker busters, better missile guidance) and suddenly he’s a military hawk?

    The biggest issue is that Obama’s main goal is to explain to us in the USA how WE are over-reacting by justifying EVERY middle east action as “just the actions of a radical few.” When we see mobs gathering and protesting our nation and our freedoms it’s plainly obvious that it’s not just a “radical few.” And anytime Obama tries to use “tough talk” it just rings hollow.

  7. Ron says:

    Maybe I am just naive as to the repercussions, but America and its president should stand up for free speech instead of apologizing for it. We could start by playing the anti-Islam movie (that supposedly started all this) 24-7 on all available media outlets. We should then bomb the Libyan city where the attack occurred (with bigger bombs this time) in retaliation for the unprovoked attack on our diplomats. This is the one thing these idiots probably understand: “If you hit me, I will hit you harder.” It is time to show these intolerant Islama-fascists that the civilized world will no longer stand for this nonsense.

    I am fairly confident that a swift and immediate retaliation would end these protests in about as long as it takes the bombers to deliver their first sortie. This is precisely what should have occurred following Iran’s attack on our embassy a generation ago. The weak American response at that critical juncture is arguably the turning point that brought Islamic radicalism into its own. With a severe and decisive response to that event, there would have been no Al Qaeda, 9/11, or war on terror today. I can only imagine what might happen this time around–especially if we don’t replace the week Obama administration in November…

  8. marie says:

    When commenting on Yahoo (Obama’s cyber Stasi Polizei)
    about OBL’s killing (by Seals) I almost got this fulgurant pattern in my head :

    1989 : starting point to planify 9/11 thanks to modern technology, the best invisible muslim’s weapon
    the other weapon being Obama Barack,
    who was brainwashed since a child in Indonesia to repeat I want to be a President (no child says that if not suggested)

    His training went on in Chicago, Zip code 622. Like for Hegire. I found out all of a sudden when I made a terrible dream about a “Countdown” scene and the word “Hegire”

    9/11 happened. Inside job because people working inside
    because planes crashed inside. If terrorists could get flying lessons they could easily bribe some staff and get into the towers to fix explosives. (World trade Center)

    7 years LATER Obama was reelected. That is to me, the clearest proof of the Islamic Plot. 7 years were enough to turn the White House in a luxury Holiday In accommodating Muslim Brotherhood and Tariq Ramadan ( TR got Lucifers tongue. see youtube the way he tals to people is the same tone obama uses)

    One year or so, the Ground Zero Scandalizing Mosk Issue.
    Really what do people need more? The invasion of the USA was planned till the last detail. From within.

    Obama and the shadow powers who raised him, trained him gave him money, doesnt care to say this or that. I say that this guy deliberately confuses people.
    he is deliberately angering people like the Q’ran says.
    Muslims have no masters in angering people.
    They are always angry/ frustrated/offended/insulted. It is the demonic state. Always aggressing others. Obama can stare his hate and then show this charismatic fakeness with hypnotic power. That explains the zombie syndrom in 2008 Campaign.

    How to break the poisonous charm? Unfortunately another dream I made “balkanization of the USA factor 4″ is happening.

    Balkanization is a word is from me. Not from a book.
    Now see the B A A K letters? born a 4, elected a 4, 44th president, 4 years, 2012! It is terrible to see such a short dream come true. He divided America, the nation granting Freedom of Religion is in religious wars.

    So yes. writing is a therapy but to see this Division and Hate while I am sitting here in decaying ruined Europe
    is a Torture. Obama put me on a list. 4 months after he entered the WH, I was denied my 4th flight to the USA by the Customs office in Aruba. Not really the Boston type of intellect. I was treated like a criminal.
    But he allows illegal people to stay? that is Evil intelligence.

    I am also convinced OBL was “sacrificed” since the beginning. Obama always knew where he was; He waited a few months to give the OK kill the guy.
    we will never know what OBL would have confessed had he had a Triall like Saddam. If Saddam got one why not OBL?

    Sorry for my clumsy English but at least I could tell my conviction as I told it to Germans 2 years ago. they looked zombified but found the plot quite credible. A baby born and trained to be first muslim president ever was made so easy. American Dream.

  9. Fred says:

    As we look at our country today and ask “Are we better off today then we were 4 years ago?” The answer is NO! Did President Obama inherit some problems from the Bush years? Yes. Has President Obama accomplished some things that he can take credit for? Yes. An example of this is the assasination of Osama Bin Laden. He has also become the 1st black President of the United States, which is in and of itself is a tremendous victory of/and for the American people. There are also other small victories that we could mention here.

    As we look at his overall record as the President of the United States we see that his vision and leadership both domestically and foreign in regards to policies in the financial arenas and global military and diplomatic relationships and alliances.
    So let us ask ourselves;

    Has the unemployment rate been reduced in 4 years? NO.
    Have new companies or jobs been created in the private sector or middle class families? NO.
    Has the economy grown? NO.
    Have American companies brought their manufacturing facilities back here to the United States? NO.
    Has spending increased? YES.
    Has the countries debt increased? YES.
    Have taxes gone up? YES.
    Has our countries credit rating been downgraded? YES
    Have we balanced our budget? NO.
    Does President Obama want to raise taxes on those who make more than $250,000 a year? YES. (That amount affects 90% of our small business owners, and who are middle class families whom he sadys he is trying to protect.)
    Does President Obama want more government? YES.
    Has President Obama and the Democratic party removed God from their platform, and added their support for and approval of Gay marriage? YES!
    Is President Obama the Moral and Spiritual Leader we need in this country? NO
    Is President the world leader we need right now? NO.
    Is President the financial leader we need right now? NO

    Are other questions we could ask? YES.

  10. AfricansforRomney says:

    Thank You! Gov Romney, taking the “3 a.m” call yesterday behalf of the American people while the Prez were dreaming his greatness in his bed.

    This Prez doesn’t understand the economy,
    This Prez doesn’t understand foreign policy,
    This Prez doesn’t understand Egypt is an ally or enemy,
    This Prez MUST be replaced by a real proven experianced Leader Gov Romney!!!

    Thomas, be quiet! Obama failed us yesterday. We need a real leader who can speak for us.

  11. cleveland elliott says:

    Mr. Obama needs to be replaced. He has run the country down (AA). He is very weak even weaker than Mr. Carter, but Mr Carter did not turn us into a third world nation., as Mr. Obama is doing. He is making it very easy for his Muslim brothers to come and take over the nation. I guest that’s what the actor and Gays want,they are helping as much as possible

  12. william Scotti says:

    Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, The Sudan, Etc. will suck the life out of the United States Economy. War is never the solution unless, “to the victors go the spoils”
    The United States does not embrace, Imperialism. If and when we exit the middle east, due to cost, burn out, or a depression. Russia and China will fill the vacum. China will take over Taiwan, North Korea will invade South Korea, Iran will attack Israel. Russia will once again expand their territory to include their pupet state of Syria. Africa and the Middle East will be in Chaos. So, we either stay the course, stay in the game, be a party to a solution. Or let the Russian and Chinese Hoards take over ?
    There is only one thing we can be sure of, More Wars, as resources and hunger take center stage.
    The United States can only help our people if we are a nation united. Most assuredly if divided the West will Fall.
    If Romney cannot put together a response and win this election. I don’t want him as our president, he will have proven himself unfit, ill prepared and inept for the job. I want a fighter to represent us, a lion, not a mouse !