MUST SEE VIDEO: Angry Romney Supporter Calls The Media “Suck-Ups”

Well said, sister! Couldn’t have orated it better myself…

*For more on the liberal media’s less-than-stellar reporting (if that’s what you want to call it), see Jayde’s post.

Hat tip to The Weekly Standard for the video.

About Nora Gutierrez:

A mother of four rowdy boys writing from the great state of Ohio (Sandusky area). Long-time Catholic conservative with a passion for politics. Informed voter. Ohio State grad and Romney fan since 2007.

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6 Responses to MUST SEE VIDEO: Angry Romney Supporter Calls The Media “Suck-Ups”

  1. Diane Godbout says:

    The media is biased and dishonest which makes for yellow journalism. They are not doing thier jobs of printing the facts on both sides in equal amounts so that the voters can make up their minds,for those who have a mind for the truth.

  2. J.Dale Berry says:

    For me they are the Pravda media they are ideologically motivated and engaged in a concerted campaign to slander Mitt Romney and cover up mis report and non report any and all information that might reveal the incompetence and fraudulent behavior of Barack Obama.

  3. J. Wyatt says:

    Love this video!

    This gal has gumption… just exactly what we’re all going to need in greater measure these last few weeks to outmaneuver the MSM and get Mitt and Paul across the finish line!

  4. AfricansforRomney says:

    I feel so good after i heard this story @NPR. Yes, get angry, but turn that anger to energy, motivation factor, engage in to help out Gov Romney any way we can.

    “Obama’s post Charlotte bounce may owe more to tv ads than convention, the national media attenion. The Obama campaign and its allies laid out $21.1 million for TV vs Gov Romney $12.9 during the two weeks of the party conventions.”

    I know in my heart Obama is the same incomptenet Prez 3 weeks ago and Obama is still the SAME incompetent Prez with Zero experiance in foreign policy,ZERO, NONE experiance handling domestic issues.

    Ok. Let’s roll! Gov Romney expose Prez Obama’s lack of leadership, let’s see your “war chest” attack in swing states!!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    September 14, 2012, When John McCain and Sarah Palin were aiming for the White House to be elected, it was the Media that ruined it all for us then in 2008 and Now the Media is still doing it’s Worst in Covering and Reporting Our most important Election Time and we must all stop this evil, wickedness and speak Well of the good ones which Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are. If people cannot see or refuse to see the goodness in Mitt and Paul then there just will not be any good for GOD to allow and give for Us.

  6. Joan C. says:

    Obama’s bounce after the convention was due to Clinton. People give him credit for his good economy. They forget that the republicans shut the government down to force him to balance the budget. They also overhauled welfare. He kept the peace by not going after bin Laden. The Cole was hit and many sailors died. The tower in NY was hit. Clinton fired one rocket at bin Laden and gave up when he missed. He is certainly no hero. He could have prevented 9/11 by going after bin Laden when he was not in hiding. He wants Obama elected because it will make it easier for Hillary in four years. He hates Obama.
    I have friends who fell for Clinton’s backing of Obama. He has helped him in Florida.
    Romney needs to run some clips of Clinton saying what he really thinks of Obama.