BREAKING: Romney Gains Lead in Virginia

Romney in Virginia

Romney in Virginia

There is a lot of talk in the press about Obama’s post-convention bounce, but perhaps the most overlooked development of the last few days is that Romney, for the first time in the election, has taken the lead in the crucial swing state of Virginia.

Obama won Virginia in 2008 by over 6 percentage points despite its traditionally “red” leanings in the past. But with Virginia moving Romney’s direction, it represents a major development for the presidential campaign.

Virginia is just the latest in a string of swing states that continue to move in Romney’s direction. In particular, Arizona was once thought to be a competitive state for Obama, but has moved firmly into Romney’s column over the last few months.

Other important swing states that keep moving Romney’s direction are Missouri, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Missouri currently shows Romney with a 6 point lead. And North Carolina, the state where Obama’s convention was held, also shows continued momentum for Romney where Romney is up by over 3 points. All of these swing states illustrate the precarious and dangerous environment Obama finds himself in.

So while Obama is undergoing a temporary bounce from his convention, I am reminded of the Republican Primary where competitors rose and fell with great regularity, some in dramatic fashion. Romney knows how to ride out a temporary bump in the polls. And Obama’s bump will be no different.

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5 Responses to BREAKING: Romney Gains Lead in Virginia

  1. Jennie Armstrong says:

    Thomas Kim – are you a moron? What does it matter where Mitt Romney keeps his money – he did not get it by doing questionable property deals that included Tony Rezko!
    Is that all you can complain about? Get a life – get off the couch – go out and earn some money!

  2. Fer says:

    OK, getting tired of obvious Dems. Lies:
    1- “Romney didn’t mention military in his RNC speech”. Yes, HE DID! But they know people won’t bother to read the transcript or watch it again.

    2- “Romney sent his money to foreign investments to avoid taxes”. His blind trust invested where they saw opportunity, at home or abroad. Plus THAT MONEY WAS TAXED anyway. Plus it was HIS MONEY. He can do whatever he wants with his money as long as it’s legal. The President, on the other hand has been mismanaging OUR money.

    3- “Obama is leading the polls”. That’s an obvious one.

  3. webelieveinamerica12 says:
  4. Ann says:

    Many Obama fans are like teenagers who are in “LOVE” with someone who makes them feel great emotionally while ignoring the cliff ahead. Parents desperately attempt to sway their teen to think logically while their teen is too immature and in love to take off the blinders. America, this is us right now! How can we reach these emotional voters so NONE of us will fall off the cliff? I love America, freedom, and I took my blinders off! GO ROMNEY AND RYAN!

  5. tonya tipton says:

    The new poll that came out yesterday has President Obama up by 5 in Virginia and he’s up by 7 in Ohio. These are states Mitt Romney has to win to win this election.

    President Obama did a great job on the ads he was running about Mitt Romney’s tax returns and now people want to see at lest 10 years of tax returns. If you’ve done what you were suppose to do on your taxes then why hide them?

    President Obama now has a slight lead over who is best to handle the economy. Mitt Romney is trying so hard to get his base to love him that he is forgetting about independants and they are the ones who will decide this race.