Watters’ World at the DNC — Humor

My top three picks for this Watters’ World: 1) The answers given by actress Patricia Arquette, 2) Former White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, “King of the Castle,” and 3) “You’re a creep” comment by Vivian Schiller, former president of NPR. Classic.

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3 Responses to Watters’ World at the DNC — Humor

  1. AfricansforRomney says:

    I agree Patricia is the top one. Don’t know her, but she sounds soooooo empty head. My other fav is ” a lot of people treat women as a 2nd class citizen”. Really? the girl has no cover in her body, demanding women integrity. whoaahhaaaaa

    Black enviromentalist, Van Jones. kekekeke what’s up with his head? It is getting shinny. I wonder if he ever received Stimulus from Obama. Chasing Sandra Fluck? if he showed her free contraception, she could’ve come to him democratically :-)

    Thanks for the laugh.
    Dems sucks!

  2. We Believe In America12 says:

    Would you please listen to the theme song WE BELIEVE IN AMERICA @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWGtKTFJzS0 or @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Believe-In-America-Theme-Song-Unofficial/413298832051899
    or just Google search WE BELIEVE IN AMERICA THEME.
    It is a song of hope, and I am trying to get it to the Romney Ryan campaign. This is a real song…please listen to it and pass it along to anyone who cares about this country and this election.
    Thank you so much.

  3. AfricansforRomney says:

    What else do you want to see for proof? Unless, you’re living under govt handouts, you gotta feel Obama’s misearable economy. Where’s the incompetent Obama leadership in Libya, Egypt, Syria…?
    Com’n Thomas, this kind of headline doesn’t scare you? “Moodys-warns-of-downgrade-if-congress-doesnt-move-on-fiscal-cliff”.
    Obama didn’t get us into Afghanistan, however, i don’t trust his leadership, i don’t want to see the brave soliders getting killed everyday for a worthless war. I would like to hear tmore from Gov Romney ending Afghanistan war ASAP, though.
    What i know is that “we”, the concerned citizens have to come together in One heart, One Love and “WE GOT TO LET HIM GO”!!!!
    Obama is a bad Karma!!!

    p.s Financial fraud prosecutors dropped cases for so many reasons, it doesn’t mean he’s “innocent”. The bottom line is his company is gone, thousands lost their jobs under his watch. The guy couldn’t even manage his own company properly, but he’s preaching others for US economy, criticizing Ryan’s budget?