Romney on Obama’s Speech Tonight: Americans Want A Report On President’s Promises

From Concord New Hampshire today, Mitt Romney remarked on what Obama should say tonight…

President Obama needs to report on his promises (audio):

ROMNEY: “I actually think it will be interesting to listen to the President tonight. What I’d like him to do is report on his promises but there are forgotten promises and forgotten people. Over the last four years, the President has said that he was going to create jobs for the American people and that hasn’t happened. He said he would cut the deficit in half and that hasn’t happened. He said that incomes would rise and instead incomes have gone down. And I think this is a time not for him not to start restating new promises but to report on the promises he made. I think he wants a promises reset. We want a report on the promises he made. And that means let’s hear some numbers. Let’s hear 16. Sixteen trillion dollars of debt. This is very different than the promise he made. Let’s hear the number 47. 47 million people in this country on food stamps. When he took office, 33 million people were on food stamps. Let’s understand why it was he’s been unsuccessful in helping alleviate poverty in this country. Why so many people have fallen from the middle class into poverty under this president. Let’s have him explain to the American people the 50 percent number. Why 50 percent of college graduates can’t find work or work that is consistent with their college degree. The President needs to report tonight on his promises rather than try and reset a whole series of new promises that he also won’t be able to keep.”

Any chance we’ll hear those things from Obama?


This is what we’re going to hear:

By Gary Varvel – Sept 6, 2012

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12 Responses to Romney on Obama’s Speech Tonight: Americans Want A Report On President’s Promises

  1. AfricansforRomney says:

    Yep, no interest listning. Delivering good speech, having big crowd, reading a telepromter properlyldon’t creat jobs, don’t decrease my gas price, don’t lower my grocery bills….

    Gov Romney=Authentic Leader!!!
    Reject Obama!!=One term Prez

  2. phyllis says:

    I won’t listen. November can’t get here fast enough

    Romney/Ryan 2012

  3. Keith says:

    They are continuing to make hay about Detoit and we do not answer! Mitt said to fix the companies and then the government will guarantee the loans – and people can just read his op-ed. Pretty easy to defend! ‘Just read my op-ed, the one with the misleading title!

  4. David says:

    Let me get this straight. Basically, Obama’s saying he want to take a “mulligan” on his first term. But he still deserves a second term even though he swung and missed the ball completely? I guess that’s what happens when your first term is just an internship. Time for the grown-ups to step in and fix things.

  5. Joe says:

    Either the Democrats drank the Kool-aid tonight or they thought they saw the “Messiah”. As Jack Nicholson said in “As Good As It Gets”–“Sell CRAZY somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here”.

  6. Millions-of-Americans says:

    Obama has had his chance – let’s hold him to his own words – “If I don’t get it done in 3 & a half years, this will be a one-term proposition”… Enough said, he didn’t get it done. We are his employer, he didn’t get the job done, time is up. We’ll try a different direction now.

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  8. Cathy says:

    …and Obama thinks we’ll give him another 4 years of on-the-job-training….not our expense and peril !!!

    We need a leader on day ONE of this presidency. Mitt Romney has the resume and convection.

  9. Cathy says:

    Opps, conviction above.

  10. Joan C. says:

    The Dem’s have had a two to one majority or total control for the last six years. Both houses with Bush, Total control under OBama and then both the Senate and President. They have had enough control. That is why we are in this mess. If this Congress is to blame for everything, controlling just one part of the government, where is their blame for the last six years when they had more control than one house?

  11. AfricansforRomney says:

    I’ve good news for you. Bubba’s drama revealed in the New Yorker magazine. I encorage you and others to read the New Yorker’s “Let’s be friends” article, Sep 10 issue. You’ll learn a whole lot about Bubba’s motives. I’m convinced 110% , Bubba will vote for Gov Romney. Get in line boy before the line gets crowded.
    ” For Clinton would like nothing more than to see his wife become Prez…” “.. a defeat for Obama in Nov would leave Hillary the undisputed leader of her party.”

    Guess what? Douglas Band “Clinton longtime gatekeeper, political adviser” will vote for Gov Romney.

    One Love for Authentic Leader Gov Romney!!!

  12. Brenden says:

    Romney ryan 2012!!!