Obama Administration Sued for His Decree: “Unconstitutional”

Last month, President Obama directed all law enforcement officers to stand down and to not enforce existing laws governing policies of illegal immigrants detained in the United States. He bypassed all established legislative procedures and processes and simply used executive order to eviscerate existing statutes requiring deportation of illegal immigrants.

Agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency filed suit in federal court this week against the Obama Administration charging it illegally directed ICE agents to break the law. As you will see in this short video clip, the backers of this lawsuit say there is no question President Obama, by executive order, has instituted unconstitutional policies and procedures:

President Obama, when sworn in on the Capitol steps, vowed to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. There is a reason our founders established that changes like these, under the Constitution, are to be made in the legislative branch. President Obama clearly thinks he can make monarch-like decrees by fiat when it suits him politically or even if he wishes to change the national debate.

What other executive orders from President Obama can we expect between today and election day in November? President Obama obviously considers himself exempt from constitutional checks and balances requiring that laws be changed in the legislative branch of government.

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3 Responses to Obama Administration Sued for His Decree: “Unconstitutional”

  1. kristen says:

    obamao blew the oath as administered on the capital steps and it had to be readministered – behind closed doors. for all we know, he never actually swore to uphold the constitution – and his action demonstrate he has contempt for the constitution.

  2. kristen says:

    oh – it’s the executive orders between November 7th and January 20th that concern me the most.

  3. donna osterkamp says:

    Immigration is one of my favorite topics and one of my main concerns for the USA . Everyday that goes by , people from other countries come here on Visas and remain here long after they expire . Others pay huge amounts to falsify documents to live here . We have to be have our head in the sand to believe that 100 % of these people are just sweet honest family types who want to make America a better country . It is time we supported those officers who are trying to keep America safe and protected from those who are plotting against us with their agendas . There is a war on the borders and it is time for us to do what we can . Ranchers are being chased from their land and some have lost their lives defending their own property . There are areas along the border and on the US side that are so dangerous that even our own government is unable to go into and get rid of the drug cartels due to the cartel being so heavily armed . So how long will it be before they inch their way in to the interior ? And of course we know where many of these high powered guns came from ………provided them with the tax payers hard earned money . Thanks Vic for this information and for keeping us on target . We actually are at war here in the US and many folks just do not know it . It is a very welcomed post .