Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are Coming to Michigan!

On the back of some great polling news in Michigan showing the Romney-Ryan ticket surging to the lead, Mitt and Paul Ryan are holding a homecoming rally in Oakland County in Michigan. Oakland County is perhaps the most important county in the country and a win in Mitt’s home county will likely lead to a win in the state of Michigan which will make President’s Obama’s path to victory virtually impossible.

Do everything you can to promote this rally and try to make it to the last big rally before the Republican National Convention where Mitt will officially become the nominee!

To RSVP or for more information, click here.

You’re Invited to a Victory Rally with

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan

and the Republican Team!

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Doors Open 9:30 AM | Event Begins 11:30 AM

Long Family Farm, Orchard & Cider Mill

1540 East Commerce Road

Commerce, Michigan 48334

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4 Responses to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are Coming to Michigan!

  1. Annette S says:

    A win in the state of Michigan for Romney/Ryan will make it virtually impossible for Obama to have a path to victory…REALLY! I want to believe that. Romney/Ryan 2012!!

  2. Haungarian Crusader says:

    When will the Mittster come to Illinois?

  3. Haungarian Crusader says:

    I have a wonderful suggestion for Romney to win ALL the alleged swing states and here it is:
    Romney needs to spend 3 days each in West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and HAMMER the fact that a Romney presidency will SAVE and CREATE NEW jobs in the coal, oil, natural gas in the hundreds of thousands by reminding the energy sector employees that he has and will always continue to drill-explore-refine-dig and build all facilities related to US energy resources unlike Obama who vowed to DESTROY our energy sector.
    If those sectors are allowed to actually be protected and than encouraged to grow more we can potentially reduce the current unemployment easily be 22-28%.
    Pennsylvania and Ohio have massive amounts of natural gas and oil but are currently blocked by Obama and the cursed democrats from exploring-refining but that will change under a new president with common sense.
    Romney is practical and a realist and has always championed US energy sectors.
    Utility employees…vote Romney for your present jobs and for future growth!

  4. Haungarian Crusader says:

    Oops, I forgot to mention he would also sign permits for the construction of several dozen new nuclear power plants across the nation which would stabilize our energy needs and create thousands more jobs.