America’s Next VP, Paul Ryan, To Campaign in Colorado Tomorrow

Click here to RSVP for the event.

Tomorrow, Paul Ryan will attend a Victory event at Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Colorado.

If you’re in the Denver area, make sure you take this chance to see our next VP.

Here are the details:

Lakewood High School
9700 W 8th Avenue
Lakewood, Colorado

*Doors open at 9am MDT. Event begins at 11:00 am MDT. This is a (free) ticketed event. Be sure to RSVP here to get your ticket.

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About Luke Gunderson

Real Estate Enthusiast, Unapologetic Mitt Romney Fan, Sandwich Guru, DMB Lover, Hulu Junkie, Smart Cookie View Posts | View Profile
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10 Responses to America’s Next VP, Paul Ryan, To Campaign in Colorado Tomorrow

  1. Tired of Lies says:

    How can Wilbur M Romney be trusted as President when so many of his campaign ads are absolute lies????

    Section 1115 states that “the Secretary may waive compliance with any of the requirements” of specified parts of various laws. But this is not an open-ended authority: Any provision of law that can be waived under section 1115 must be listed in section 1115 itself. The work provisions of the TANF program are contained in section 407 (entitled, appropriately, “mandatory work requirements”). Critically, this section, as well as most other TANF requirements, are deliberately not listed in section 1115; they are not waiveable.

  2. AfricansforRomney says:

    @Tired of Lies,
    Yeah, you should be tired of Obama’s daily dose of lies.
    Our chief of Food Stamps Prez Obama is turning the entire nation to give me free, give me free govt dependent society. The issue is not all about the defination of the law. It is about the rule of law which is very foreign to Obama and his admin. Why king Obama the lawless Prez changed the rule without congress??

    This’s the direct quote from Ron Haskins, who is now co-director of the Brookings Institution’s Center on Children and Families, said in an interview with npr that “…he’s not sure the Obama administration had the AUTHORITY to make these changes. He thinks it probably should have been left up to CONGRESS.” Is this familiar? Obama knows damn well that congress don’t go for more free pass dependency law. Obama repeatedly doing things like nobody’s watching.

    The choice is simple. Do you vote for a food stamps Prez Obama or Romney/Ryan a pay check Prez? I VOTE for the latter.

    We can’t afford King Obama for another 4 miserable year!
    Obama MUST be rejected by ALL!!
    One Love for R&R!

  3. Jane Frances Lawler-Savitske says:

    This is to “Tired of Lies” and his/hers comments: first of all Wilbur is the character in the old TV show Mr. ED! Mitt’s first name is Willard, after J. Willard Marriott, founder of the Marriott Hotel chain and GOV George Romney’s friend!The ONLY one LYING here is the POTUS [Barack Hussein Obama – aka Barry Soetaro]! ALL of his Ads are lies and distortions and the Romney Campaign is extremely careful in having upbeat Ads about Restoring and Believing in America! Why don’t you watch FOX News a little and learn about what your hero has done to ruin our Nation!

  4. Dawn Bruce says:

    Obama is the liar, in all of this not Mitt nor Paul, I find it funny Obama and his minions are really good at calling people liars, and slander decent men like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan~When it is actually them (Obama and his supporters) whom are the liars, and even when they are confronted with the truth~still stick by their lies, it’s really sad and pathetic, that some will do anything to support a man like Obama who’s policies are destroying are country, just because they don’t want to face the truth! There is no honor in that, and like Obama his minions have no honor, nor sense of decency, and the other Obama supporters just are ill-informed and aren’t paying attention.

  5. Tired of Lies says:

    now you know why I called him Wilbur

  6. Tired of Lies says:

    fox news is the one that has call Romeny a liar but I am well both parties lie and distort the truth. It is the unfortunate reality of all politicians

  7. tyler says:

    i’d vote for a lamp before obama

  8. tyler says:

    obama believes we all should be equal in money ….
    Here is his plan summed up:
    a. make sure anyone with a lot of money gives it to the gov.
    b. make sure everyone has enough money just to survive..if you make more than survival money.. you will be taxed high.
    c. make obama the king dictator.
    d. make our country so weak that we bow before iran.

  9. tyler says:

    one more little thing that no one mentions: imagine if the republicans didnt take over congress in 2010… just imagine how many more bills would of passed …
    Every single shopping center would look like a ghost town..except for a pawn shop and a dollar store.

  10. tyler says:

    oh and our debt would be so high that it would make infinity look like a small number…..