The Romney Sons and Family

In view of the tragedy in Colorado last night at the preview of the latest Batman movie, our hearts are broken at the loss of life and disruption of families. We at MRC extend our condolences to those who have lost loved ones. Family is and should always be our priority, as families are foundational to joy.

Below is a clip of the Romney sons, in case you missed them on Rock Center. They acquit themselves well, Mitt and Ann have every reason to be proud. Further, they are reflection of their parents in every way, and the joys of family!

May we pause today and consider the joys of our lives, and offer a prayer on behalf of those whose families have experienced such grief.

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3 Responses to The Romney Sons and Family

  1. Thomas G. Wilkes says:

    I thought the interview to be “OK” but I did find Peter Alexander a little annoying, deliberately trying to stir up controversy with the questions about lack of military service and about Tag’s and his wife’s surrogate mother. He later commented on how guarded they were. Well, of course they were. They know how the Media cares only about creating a story through innuendo and sensationalism.

  2. AfricansforRomney says:

    Peter Alexander? What a jerk! I don’t know how these idiots call themselves journalist? He was there just to make a statement and make an issue by raising irrelavant questions. Gov Romney and Mrs Ann should be proud of them. They handled this jerk very well, though. Don’t allow this guy near to you.
    Do the news media idiots have bosses? I wonder sometime.

  3. Annette S says:

    I found the footage of Mitt’s sons very soothing. It makes us think about the Romney family and their closeness and support for one another. It then makes you think of your own family and that is what we need to do after the tragedy in CO. We like to think that our public venues are safe and that we have nothing to worry about. When a tragedy of this magnitude does happen, not only do we feel unbearable sadness, but we feel unsafe and we view the world differently.