America’s First Sons? A Look at Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben, & Craig Romney

Governor Mitt Romney and his five sons:
(left to right) Craig, Ben, Tagg, The Gov, Josh, and Matt.

They could become America’s first sons…

Mitt and Ann Romney’s five sons are known for their indefatigable help during the last presidential primary process (remember the Five Brothers’ Blog and MittMobile?), their loyalty, their good looks, and their love of competition. Busy as they are this time around, whenever possible, they’re quick to hop on the campaign trail to lend a hand in any way.

NBC’s Peter Alexander got them together for an interview airing on ‘Rock Center’ this Thursday, July 19th (10PM-9central):

Ranging in age from 31 to 42, their names are Craig, Ben, Josh, Matt, and Tagg

Just like any group of brothers, they like to pick on each other, even during their first sit-down interview of the 2012 campaign. They say Josh, the middle son, is the mama’s boy.

“Thanks guys. Let’s take it easy here,” replied Josh, one of three Romney sons who works in real estate. Another son is a doctor. The eldest runs a private equity firm like their father once did.

They are all married and have a combined total of 18 children. If Romney wins, he’ll have more grandkids than any sitting president in U.S. history.

The Romney boys grew up in Belmont, Massachusetts where the work and service ethic was instilled in them, as well as having fun together. They later all attended Brigham Young University (as did their parents). Three continued on to receive MBA’s from Harvard (like The Gov) and another attended Tufts University School of Medicine and University of Utah School of Medicine.

…[W]hen it came to Romney’s second run for the White House, four of his five boys didn’t want him to run.

“I didn’t want him to run again. I really didn’t,” Matt said, “I thought you know, you gave it your best shot in 2008, you felt like you had to do it, you had to go and give back to the country and you tried, and they didn’t take you, so let’s move on.”

Matt and the others eventually came around. And again the Romney 5 have joined in Mitt Romney’s march to the White House.

…[T]he biggest criticism is that the wealthy Romney family can’t understand the economic challenges facing the average American family. The sons insist their family and their father are not out of touch.

“We’ve obviously been very blessed,” Craig said, “And because of that we feel a responsibility to make sure we can do everything we can to make this country as great as it can be.”

His [Gov Romney] true identity will come out and we know what a great father he is, we know how much he loves the country, we know how much he loves our kids,” Matt said, “It’s not ambition that’s driving him. It is really a desire to give back, and this is how he thinks he can give back. And we agree.”

The magnificent five (To view fullscreen, click on ‘options’.) :


Romney brothers describe each other in one word:

It’s clear Mitt and Ann did a wonderful job of raising their sons. They each bring their own strengths to this well-rounded, service-oriented family. It’s always great to see them, their wives, and children at various campaign events.

What a moment it will be to see all of them on the stand at the August RNC convention when Governor Romney is officially declared the Republican presidential nominee!

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7 Responses to America’s First Sons? A Look at Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben, & Craig Romney

  1. dennis johnson says:

    iu think mitt should say yes im rich i know how to make money i not only can talk the talk i can walk the walk . four years ago obama said vote for me i can make a change in the world that he did for the worse, mitt should say ive made money lots of money and know just how to help you make money and have a better life vote for me and i show you how. dennis j.

  2. jan parry says:

    Tell your dad to keep on swinging at Obama. He needs to leave the tepid personality behind him and up the rhetoric on what America needs, and it’s NOT what we have now. Obama needs to go…far away! We need to get back to our constitutional roots. BTW, you all seem like a very nice family.

  3. Carlos Echevarria says:

    Quite obviously, no one wants to live under the gamut of Obama’s Western European socialist welfare state.

    However, I like my Cuban coffee in the morning, my Canadian Mist whiskey in the afternoon and my right to see adult entertainment, at night.

    Living in a Joseph Smith, Brigham Young crony capitalist paradigm, is not a true choice.

    Lastly, I am NOT anti-Mormon, as I was going to vote for ex Gov. Huntsman in the Florida primary, prior to him pulling out.

  4. Cathy says:

    Good, responsible, hard working sons don’t just happen. Parents are the ones that instill the values, morals and character that Mitts sons exemplify. Mitt I admire you and Ann for a wonderful job raising your family. Your life is an example of great integrity and purpose. It would be an honor to have you for our President.

  5. Victor Lundquist says:

    Jayde, I always learn a lot from your posts. I like the fact of the most grandchildren of any POTUS in history! Love that! There could be a lot more if he were to serve two terms!

  6. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Thanks, Vic. It makes me smile to think of the Romney grandchildren participating in the White House Easter egg roll event… It will take a cluster of cameras to capture the whole kit and caboodle!

    I agree with Cathy; good, responsible, hardworking sons are a testament to the parenting they received.

    When Mitt and Ann become President and First Lady, the White House will be filled with the happy sounds of a large and loving all-American family!

  7. Carlos Echevarria says:

    So is the conventional wisdom, now, on MRC that ex Gov. Romney is going to pick Pawlenty? I would really like it, if he opted for Sen. Thune…Portman, is a good guy, but having been with W, the Left/MSM, etc. are going to re-litigate that whole history.