BREAKING: Condi Rice Moves to Top of Romney’s VP Shortlist

Romney/Rice 2012?

The news comes from Drudge:

Late Thursday evening, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign launched a new fundraising drive, ‘Meet The VP’ — just as Romney himself has narrowed the field of candidates to a handful, sources reveal.

And a surprise name is now near the top of the list: Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice!

The timing of the announcement is now set for ‘coming weeks’.

It was Condi who received two standing ovations at Romney’s Utah retreat a few weeks ago, and everyone left with her name on their lips.

Rice made an extended argument for American leadership in the world.

What are your thoughts on a Romney/Rice ticket?

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Real Estate Enthusiast, Unapologetic Mitt Romney Fan, Sandwich Guru, DMB Lover, Hulu Junkie, Smart Cookie View Posts | View Profile
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30 Responses to BREAKING: Condi Rice Moves to Top of Romney’s VP Shortlist

  1. Gail Peterson says:

    Yeah, Condi! Excellent choice! Would love to see her take on Biden. :) Wonder what old Obama will think with her on our ticket??? Hmmm.. Can’t wait now!

  2. Donna Brett says:

    I think this would be a winning ticket!!! She is smart, informed and very likable. She would bring much to Romney’s table!!! I love the idea!!! Romney/Rice 2012!!!

  3. T. Lynch says:

    WINNING TICKET! Romney & Rice, anything else is 4 more years of Obama socialism.

  4. bv says:

    good choice – smart and will attract women and non-white voters ( how is that for pc).
    I really like her and could eat joe biden alive with her mouth shut.
    My other favorite is Allen B West!
    Obama i cannot even look at any longer!

  5. Ron Martin says:

    Although Rubio is my first choice Rice would be great.If he chooses Pawlenty or Portman both dull add nothing to the ticketIt is like going into battle with only one gun.I am waiting before i donate any more money please not Pawlenty or Portman.

  6. Paul says:

    YES! A no brainer! I am undecided as of now but this pushes me waaaay over!!!!

  7. Jon E. S. says:

    That ticket would kick some serious booty. Condi has experience, knowledge, and class. She would also boost Romney in the world affairs department. It would definitely give pause to all those who voted for Obama because of his “background”. Rice for VP!!!!

  8. David Linn says:

    A terrible choice. A close study of her career shows a litany of very bad policy moves. Don’t do it!

  9. Robin says:

    A problem I see is she is Bush era. By the time Bush left.his ratings were pretty low. That may ne an issue. I like Rubio. He’s fiesty and brilliant.

  10. Drob says:

    Mitt is smart, he will choose the best for his VP whomever it is. Condi is fine if he feels she could help the campaign move forward. We have to win this time or we are stuck with Obamacare forever.

  11. robbie fulton says:

    Will vote for Mitt regardless but Condi is absolutely the rite choice to win! Her class and intelligence is second to no one! Her dedication and patiotism to America is off the hook! Romney/Rice will send obummer/burden packing! Do it Mitt!

  12. Johnnie says:

    Mitt fails miserabley at the NAACP convention, trying to convince black voters. So, he tries again by placing Condi Rice at the top for VP nod…..OK

    Black conservatives are the minority. The rest of us are proud liberal. Getting Condi won’t change my vote.

  13. John says:

    Rubio or Huckabee the winning ticket,boom.

  14. Judy Porter says:

    I feel MARCO RUBIO is best choice for VP.
    Mitt definitely needs someone who can pull the
    Latino vote!!!! Not only that, RUBIO is brilliant!!!

  15. Mcsteven says:

    That would be incredible!!! I really hope it’s Rice… Or Rubio. Anyone else and I’d be disappointed.

  16. ccr says:

    Yes, Johnnie….. Your liberal spin on Mitt’s guts and integrity at NAACP would indicate the next innuendo as to why Condi would be considered as VP according to the grapevine . Liberals are predictable.

  17. Abe in TX says:

    I’m with the no people on this. I like Condi, but the pro-choice thing is definitely a huge downside.

  18. Victor Lundquist says:

    Johnnie, you might have seen the wrong speech. Few organizations are more skewed to far left than the NAACP and they are one of the most liberal organizations on Earth. Okay, he got a few seconds of boos for wanting to repeal another giant entitlement they want. So what? Watch the entire speech. GMR got a standing ovation.

    As to others who mention US senators above: The reason Condi Rice was my choice long ago is #1: She has very strong executive experience which trumps Ryan and Rubio IMO; #2: She fits the profile Left voters like which is she has a very strong academic background; #3 & #4: the obvious gender and race appeal, though those are not as critical to me because the most important criterion for me as an American is the fact she can take over as POTUS at a moment’s notice and not worry about learning on the job like Mr. Obama is still trying (but failing) to do!

    As to mistakes attributed to her at State, I say “so what!” Americans want true leaders and those that succeed at every turn by learning from mistakes. Also, a cabinet secretary is implementing policy directed in large part by the chief executive so not every decision attributed to her as a “mistake” can be laid at her feet.

    Keep in mind too that it is a proven fact from lessons of history that rarely does a veep choice move the needle by more than one percent, though there are exceptions.

    I think picking Secretary Rice is an outstanding consideration and one I back all the way. The only other person higher on my in the last cycle was Colin Powell, but he fell out of favor for me when I determined the only reason he turned coat to vote for Mr. Obama was because of his race. I have seen him in many interviews since then and he has yet to say anything to convince me otherwise.

  19. nickie says:

    Condi Rice may have qualifications but she is definitely tied to Bush in people’s minds. And she is not enough to the right of center to appeal to conservatives. And conservatives are finally warming up to Mitt in a tidal wave of support. Afraid this might be a poke in the eye to them.

  20. Jean Cline says:

    I have always liked and respected her and think she would make a great VP. Business/Foreign affairs- good combo

  21. Tawn Kent says:

    Todays surprise announcement that Condi Rice was at the top of Mitt’s short list should come as no surprise to those of us who support Mitt and have confidence in his judgement.
    This being said I would commend Mitt for being such a strong candidate that he has earned the confidence of a very large and wide ranging list of republican vice presidential hopefuls.
    I for one will not second guess Mitt and look forward to his expected announcement. I have full confidence in his character and competence and the fact that he analyzes things very carefully after conferring with his advisors.
    I will wait patiently with the rest of America until Mitt feels the time is right, after all he has a rather long list of the most qualified and respected vice presidential candidates. The suspence of the wait will only spark more interest in Mitt and his candidacy.

  22. Rene Pazmino says:

    Amazing can think of a better person to win the presidency of the United States very smart move, very smart man if he does it.

  23. Laurie Spencer says:

    Mark Levine had a lot to say on his show about this. He convinced me we don’t have time to get beat up. We must
    Beat Obama, lets not complicate it by giving the left reason to bring up the past. Plus condi does not want a position.
    She is tired of public office and enjoys her stanford time.

  24. Erika says:

    I think she is a brilliant woman, experienced, classy, but, her ties to GW (I loved GW) and her tendency to be more moderate might be a negative game changer. Proof me wrong please, as I really do like her but don’t want a mistake to be made.

  25. Roxanne says:

    I like Condi, but am not sure she is the right choice right now.

  26. Craig Emett says:

    1000% YES!

  27. Jim Hale says:

    Condi is terrific. But not for VP. She doesn’t want to do it. She will not reassure the base. Like Portman, she is way too attached to the bush record. Many of us are simply not fans of the level of Bush spending or the direction of the Bush foreign policy.
    I prefer Jindal.

  28. Wes Morrison says:

    They would complimenet each other well. This would be a strong move in the right direction for change. Romney is clean, Condi as an added package no doubt will bring the change we need.

  29. Thomas V. Iannitti says:

    Condi is great but will not attract any new voters to Mitt. With blacks voting 97-98% for Obama what’s left.

    If not Rubio this Republican stays home!

  30. Chris says:

    I wonder if Mitt thinks that Condi is exactly what he needs? this country is split 50/50 at this point. Mitt won’t win without a lot of cross over, and Obama won’t win without the same.
    So, bring them over with Condi. She’s smart, She’s experienced. I think she speaks like 4 languages (Russian, French, German and Spanish). What an asset in terms of experience, grace and bearing. Choosing Condi would not be a Palin redux.