**Updated** Romney Breaks Republican Record – $106.1 million in June

The Romney campaign just announced having raised with the RNC, $106.1 million for the month of June. Having outraised the Obama campaign in May by $17 million, it will be interesting to see how the Obama campaign does in June. According to the Romney campaign, most of the monies raised came from new donors with states coast to coast out-performing their targets. A clear message that there is dissatisfaction with the status quo, and that Mitt Romney is trusted to turn around the economy.

Key facts:
$106.1 million raised
94% of all donations received in June were under $250
$22.3 million raised in June by donations under $250
536,729 donations received were under $250
$160 million cash on hand

Obama’s campaign is conspicuous by their absence!

UPDATE BY LUKE: Reports say that the Obama campaign has raised $71 million in June, $35 million below Mitt Romney’s stellar performance. Ouch. AND, HOW MUCH ON HAND?

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Conservative advocate, husband, father of six, grandfather of 18. Author, conservative blogger, and retired investment banker.Enjoy my family, my mountain home, political and philosophical discussions, golf and travel. View Posts | View Profile | View David's New Book
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12 Responses to **Updated** Romney Breaks Republican Record – $106.1 million in June

  1. marie says:

    You’re allowing O and Axelrod to define you before you define yourself. The numbers in Ohio are plummeting. You have to define yourself first!!!!!!! Being from MA, didn’t you learn anything from Mike Dukakis’ campaign. Like an idiot, he thought people would simpley PREFER him to GW Bush, who was perceived as weak. WRONG. People go with what they know when the other guy is either unknown or afraid to define himself FAST and FORCEFULLY.

    Today Axelrod is all over the radio (through AP news on the hour and half hour) telling people you’re the most secretive candidate since Nixon. Unfortunately, since people don’t know you (because you are NOT on the radio on the hour and half hour), they’ll tend to believe this.
    Don’t ignore those words of Axelrod.

    Fire back with , “Who in the hell is Axelrod calling ‘secretive’? We have a President of the United States who was soooo secretive about his opinions and positions that he voted “present” (fill in the blank with accurate %) of the time. We have President who failed to tell us he was going to TAX or PENALIZE –call it what you will, the effect is the same—Americans who work for a living, Americans who will be taxed and taxed and will wind up with an inferior health care system.

    “Secretive?????? We have President who refused to answer questions about what he studied, what he wrote in college at two schools, one who refuses to release his records.”

    “Secretive”? We have a President who doesn’t tell us how he pushed green jobs for his friends at your expense, from your wallet?”

    Get the point, Guv. Romney?

  2. hunibuni2 says:

    You hit the nail right on the head, Marie. Romney is letting Obama and his Chicago Cronies define him. I have been saying this for several momths and it does not sink in. Now the ads they are plumetting OH with are beginning to sink in. Today Mitt is 9 pts down in OH and he has to win OH. Like Brian said on Fox tonight——–FIRE ALL THE OLD CAMPAIGN AND GET SOME NEW COMPETITIVE BLOOD IN THERE. WHAT the HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? TO LOSE!!!!!!! MILLER said it also.
    Matt Rhoades is supposed to be the
    campaign MGR. NO, NO, NO!!!! ERIC EHRNSTROM IS AN EMBARRASSAMENT!!! Beth Meyers should have been gone months ago, and a few others.
    Romney had better start fighting FIRE with FIRE. You have no one that can compete with AXELROD??? You had better start SEARCHING!!The WSJ article today was right on the money!!!!! ONE Ad that says Romney shipped all the jobs over to China and over seas is hitting all over and in OH.It is starting to stick!!!
    Obama a nice guy???? He– NO!!! He is the most secretive, manipulative, Slease, ever!!! and uninformed!!! He just reads a teleprompter well!!

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  4. George says:

    I agree on the secretive perception. Romney has to be out as well as his cadre of supporters boldly and agressively counterattacking the lies. I have been a consistent donator, about half-way to my max. During the process of donating, I have been trying to contact the campaign principals with questions and suggestions for leveraging my effort as well as those family, friends and associates I influence. I have yet to get a response to my direct questions other than the follow-up form letters asking for more donations. Access to the Romney team is almost impenatrable in spite of my being ready, willing and able to help. The campaign HQ is like a black hole. Hopefully with some of the more recent changes, they will step up the efforts.

  5. David Parker says:

    George – If I can help provide information you need, or pass your questions to the team, feel free to send me an email directly at dparkersrs@gmail.com and I will do what I can to assist. David

  6. AfricansforRomney says:

    Please, people stay calm. I think Gov Romney is doing fine. Given what Obama is trying to do thus far, i think Gov Romney is in good position at least for now. Most polls are registered voters not likely voters so, don’t read too much polls this point.

    Ax;elroad knows his boss is in deep sh…. that’s why he’s running around distroting facts anyway he can. All the polls suggested that Obama is in deep trouble. The race remains tied. Obama’s numbers are still under 50% after all false accusatons, media help, likability factor, obamacare, amnesty for illegals, gay marriages, free contraception,war on women sudent loan, now extending Bush tax…what next? free mortgage and legalize drugs.

    Give Gov Romney a little time. Suggestions are always helpful, but too much complaiin don’t take us anywehre. Let’s get involved to help out Gov Romney in the local level.

    Support Gov Romney!!!

  7. mass-voter says:

    If you are concerned about the Romney silence I suggest you read the following article

  8. David Parker says:

    Thank you for the link!

  9. Annette S says:

    Well said Africansfor Romney. Mitt Romney will be fine.


    Romney 2012!!

  10. Annette S says:

    Thank you mass-voter.

  11. Annette S says:

    Thank you Weekly Standard for this article. I have had it up to here with pundits on Fox claiming that Romney is not performing. Of course it’s mainly former Not Romney’s like Greta Van Susteren and Laura Ingraham. It’s as though they are still a little angry about Romney being the nominee and they have to knock him once and a while. They love the Country, but they would just love to be right.
    This is what I think…as follows:
    1). The Democrats have put Bain on the table way too early. This card is going to get used up, because the Romney Campaign has plenty of time to counter it. It will be a dead issue when the election rolls around. It will really be forgotten when the Romney camp decides to hit hard on negative ads on the Obama economy and is role in green energy companies. Some Republicans are afraid he is going to play Mr Nice Guy. They have a short memory. The Romney campaign moved numbers with accurate, truthful and revealing negative ads during the primaries. Did Romney play Mr Nice Guy when he decimated Newt Gingrich in the debate before the Florida Primaries? I think NOT.
    2) A lot of people are not paying close attention to the elections. Romney’s numbers generally improved as we moved closer to a primary elections. Why?…because the more attention people give the election, the more they realize Romney is the right choice. They watch a debate, they talk to their friends and relatives and they do more reading.
    3) In every election I have seen, the voting public blames a bad economy on the incumbent. They are unforgiving.

  12. Steve Foster says:

    Well, yes, he COULD burn his fund-raising advantage on July radio spots. I think the primaries showed the effectiveness of throwing the second punch with negative spin, taking advantage of the visibility of debates, and laying it heavy during the run-up to the vote. Obama gets enough free stuff from the media; let him be the one to waste his summer cash with these band-aids on his major structural cracks. It’s nice to try to keep his weak issues current (e.g. Holder), but no matter what, we will have moved into new territory by November. And there won’t be a huge departure from party-line voting. The things to influence are undecided voters and turnout, and that has a lot to do with voter energy in the weeks before the election. I’d like him to win polls now, but even more, to win them in October.