Obama’s Desperate Plea for Cash: “…it could cost us the election.”

The campaigns announce each month how much they bring in from fundraising. Last month both campaigns announced their May numbers the same day as I recall. Two days ago Governor Romney announced their June fundraising number — Obama has yet to announce his. What is he waiting for? Instead, yesterday Mr. Obama’s campaign manager sends out an email to supporters using the subject line “Urgent” with a pleading, even desperate tone to it.

Jim Messina — Obama Campaign Manager

Let’s think about this for a second: Effective unemployment nationally is around 15%, give or take; household incomes have tanked the last few years; the Obama economic “recovery” is headed for its second stall; food stamp dependency is through the roof; more Americans are “disabled” than at any time in history; small businesses are not hiring due to ObamaCare bureaucracy and cost; college grads are struggling to find above minimum wage jobs; Obama has held more fundraisers than all of the last incumbent presidents combined; Obama has used more gimmicks to raise money than any presidential candidate…on and on. And Mr. Obama wants these same Americans to sacrifice more!

Mr. Obama has no problem making these desperate requests almost daily now. Here is the Messina email yesterday — RedState:

Romney and the Republicans announced yesterday that they brought in more than $100 million in June.

For context, that’s about what we raised in April and May combined.

We’re still tallying our own numbers, but his means their gap is getting wider, and if it continues at this pace, it could cost us the election.

If everyone who’s been waiting to give pitches in $3 or more today, we can start reversing this trend in just a few hours.

Please do your part — make a donation of $3 or more right now.

One hundred million is alarming enough, but it doesn’t even include the millions pouring into pro-Romney super PACs — or the fact that, unlike four years ago, it’s perfectly legal for the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Karl Rove, and anonymous billionaires to funnel unlimited money into attacking President Obama in critical battleground states.

I’m proud of the way we build this organization. Through the primaries, more than three-quarters of our donations were from people giving less than $1,000. Meanwhile, in that same period, Mitt Romney’s campaign raised three-quarters of its money from people giving $1,000 or more.

If we don’t take this seriously now, we risk finding ourselves at a point where there is too much ground to make up.

We need to do something about it. Today.

Please donate $3 or more:


More to come.


Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Did you catch the new “blame” phrase above? Obama is now blaming his supporters by effectively telling them if they do not step up now and donate more of their money, “it could cost us the election.” (Why is everything always about him?) What about Mr. Obama’s wonderful message for the nation? What about his “vision?” Just another opportunity passed up for Mr. Obama to take responsibility. No, it is better to blame his failure on those with the money.

Check a couple of comments the Obama campaign received at their official blog site in response to this lovely email message — Classic:

AnthonyinNC • 4 hours ago −
Jim Messina,

We need ideas as to how do we get more people to donate. We don’t need doom & gloom but a plan to raise more money. Also, Billionaires & Millionaires who supports President Obama will need to donate to Super Pacs so we can get a Congress controlled by Democrats to put in laws to limit this type of spending.

Nettie Christine • 11 hours ago −
To Jim Messina

I am giving this campaign every spare dollar and dime I have. I will
continue to give until it hurts. However, I am tiring of your messages
obsessing on the amount of money Romoney’s millionaires and
billionaires have donated to his campaign. Corporations may think they
are people to thanks to the supreme court but they don’t come close to
the number of individual donors responsible for funding the majority of
this campaign. It is those millions voices that will win this election
again for this president unless you continue to obsess only about money
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GOSAL~Official of Eng Art Mop • 5 hours ago • parent
Nettie ….. I feel the same way. I’m tired of Jim’s negativity, he can at least say thank you before giving the lecture! I really miss Chris Hass, Mitch Stewart and Jeremy Bird. They treated us with much more respect!

Remember, dollars raised by any presidential candidate is an important form of voting. Each dollar received is a type of vote received for that candidate.

Mr. Obama already knows how much money he received from June fundraising. Why is he waiting to announce the number? What is he waiting for?

American Values: “In God We Trust” — “Liberty” — “E Pluribus Unum”

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Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007.
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Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007. View Posts | View Profile
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18 Responses to Obama’s Desperate Plea for Cash: “…it could cost us the election.”

  1. AfricansforRomney says:

    LOL! kekekeke… The last reply frustrating message tells it all. Well, we share the same frustration with Jim Messina’s boss Prez Obama who never tired of taking our money, spending and willing to redistribute it.

    Prez Obama empty suit was bragging yesterday, but Jim was begging donors in the back door $3 bucks. Please, don’t waste your money for a looser. It is worth spending, helping for your neigborhood small business cafe Latte :-)
    Obama=D e s p e r a t e

  2. Susan says:

    On the campaign trail, Obama has morally fallen lower but outright lying that McCain raise way more than he did in 2008. He doesn’t use McCain’s name, but says “they” raised so much more and implying he was then the underdog. For the record Obama raised twice what McCain did. Obama also said that he was way out spent when he ran for senate against Keyes. Again that is a lie. Obama raised about 17 m while Keyes was around 2 million. The people in the audience just cheered for the underdog not knowing how inaccurate his stats are. The truth is Obama absolutely knows he is lying and will stop at nothing to get re-elected.

    What is extremely odd about this campaign cycle is the fact that Obama loses to Mitt on many of the key issues by quite a bit. So most think Mitt is much about the economy. Most think Obama is too radical. Most want no tax increases. Most want small government. Most want government to rein in spending. And yet, the polls are tied. I have never seen this before. The American people by a solid majority do not line up with Obama and yet he is still leading or at least tied. This makes no sense.

  3. Machtyn says:

    Remember in the day, 24-hours, after the SCOTUS announced ObamaCare was Constitutional, Romney got an average of $98 per person. It isn’t just the millionaires and billionaires that are funding Romney.

  4. Graham says:

    I’m not a millionaire or billionaire. I’m middle-class, and on the low end of that. I’ve given around 150 to Mitt. And I’ll keep giving.

  5. Marjorie Doby says:

    His (Adolph H) primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.[7]
    Sounds like what obama does-doesn’t it?

  6. Diane Godbout says:

    Susan,it doesn’t make any sense to me either,but don’t believe polls. The only one that will count is the election on Nov 6. and pray Obama doesn’t wrest the power away permanently.

  7. ccr says:

    Whine, whine. All of the Hollywood millionaires $$ going in BHO’s pocket. His buddy Clooney over in Europe collecting campaign $$ for him. They’re going to cry about all of Mitt’s PAC $$ from big donors, but never regard the millions and millions from big unions and now……from Europe…..to buy an election. The hypocrisy and deceit from the left/Dems is sickening.

  8. Carlos Echevarria says:

    Of course, the vast majority of those of us on the right, right desire to stop the expansion of Western European, Scandinavian style socialism in America, under the guise of the Obama administration.

    However, ex-Gov. Romney must give IRON CLAD assurances, in writing, that he will NEVER employ any agency of the federal government, be it the DEA, the Dept. of Homeland Security, the Commerce Department, the ATF, the FDA, to deny, limit and/or curtail Americans access to caffeine, alcohol, tea, legal adult films or entertainment, which Mormons categorize as offensive and contrary to their belief system.

    Replacing a socialist government with a Joseph Smith inspired crony capitalist, Mormon theocracy, is NOT enticing to me…

  9. Bailey says:

    Mitt will come out fighting for the energy companies, manufacturers, and private health care ……..President Obama needs to be 1 term

  10. Dave G says:

    Carlos, don’t fear Romney’s values. One thing that Mormons believe is that people have freedom of choice. Laws will be made by the legislative branch of government (congress & senate), not by a unilateral act of President Romney. There are relatively few Mormons in the congress and the senate.

  11. Heather says:

    Carlos echevarria just so you know Mormons believe in freedom of choice on all those issues we believe all men and women should have the freedom to believe whatever they choose all we ask is the same privilege. Forcing anyone to live by others standards is the devils plan and we are taught only if we do something by choice does it benefit anyone if we help others by force it profits nothing if we choose to serve others by our own free will and choice then that is good same with all the other items you name it can only be of free choice in fact the church during prohibition times took a stand that alcohol should be legal opposite of what you fear. The leaders said it was better to have choice than to ban it.

  12. AfricansforRomney says:

    Carlos, you’re being paranoid. These are outrageous suspicions in your part. Gov Romney’s beliefs never, ever interferes how he govened in MA? Take a deep breath. Everything will be alright.

    Gov Romney=Defend Indivdual Liberty, Freedom!!

  13. Carlos Echevarria says:


    Respectfully, like me give you an example, though I am not a resident of that state. Utah, which had some pretty draconian liquor laws to begin with (liberalizing them under the tenure of Gov. Huntsman), just this January, formally, banned ‘Happy Hour’ !!!

    This is the type of activity I am referring to.

    Lastly, this is not an anti-Mormon rant, because I supported ex Gov. Huntsman in the primaries and was going to vote for him, on the 31st of January, but, as you undoubtedly know he pulled out before that.

    Either way, I am voting for the GOP nominee on November 6th, as I have done my whole, adult political life since 1988…best regards & happy Sunday, to you !

  14. AfricansforRomney says:

    Carlos, as long as you’re still in the GOP boat, i’m happy :-) I see your concerns, but trust me, Gov Romney will defend the constitution, individual liberty. Don’t know much Utah state laws. State laws can get tricky, though. Don’t know much Mormonism except reading here and there (I know a few guys who are very decent, reserved, fabulous. Love them). There was ineresting piece article in the New Yorker magazine about mormonism and politics. Not all mormorns are for Gov Romney, though. The church leaders and some mormons don’t like Gov Romney’s kind of politics, they don’t like negative “carpet bombing” types of ads. I think there are so much hate, mis-information out there regarding religion. I hope, the curch will find a way educating the public some point.

  15. Carlos Echevarria says:

    I appreciate and respect your answer. As for the divide, internally, I know this all to well, because as a Republican Catholic, you, undoubtedly know, that the majority of American Catholics are Democrats, and trend towards progressive and left wing politics & rhetoric. (Pelosi, late Ted Kennedy, Kerry, Sebelius, etc.)

    Florida is going to be tight this November (like last time, Obama won it by about two to three%), and there is an important Senate race between Cong. Mack IV and Sen. Nelson., one of the key match-ups (like Missouri) in order to try to obtain the Senate for us, God willing.

  16. Carlos Echevarria says:

    @Dave G, thank you for your reply. I am pretty conversant on Mormon history, and actually where I live, here in Kendall (Miami suburb), there is a huge temple, and I have interacted with many missionaries.

    I am also on good terms with Seth Adam Smith, he is a prolific blogger and official purveyor of LDS related videos and history, via his travels to Asia, Russia, Europe, etc.


    As I told, ‘Africans for Romney’, I was going to vote for ex Gov. Huntsman, but he pulled out prior to the Florida primary. One of the reasons was his position on liberalizing alcohol in Utah, as well as the free market exchanges he set up for health care, which have turned out to be excellent. (amongst other qualifications, in term of foreign policy)

    @Heather, yes, I ran into some female missionaries, a while back, at Publix (supermarket chain here) and we struck up a conversation on these matters and they indicated to me, what you are assuring me.

    Either way, when all is said and done I will be voting straight GOP (Romney for President and Mack IV for Senate vs. Nelson) on November 6th. Regards to you both, :-)

  17. AfricansforRomney says:

    Carlos, oh, yeah, Bill Nelson pretends that he’s cured from Obamacare unlike big mouth McCaskill and other his fellow Demos. We must get control the senate and keep the house majority.

    The problem with GOP is that they dance around too much in the issues just to appeal the independents and then they get lost in the process. I understand, demographic matters, but at the same time you must have courage. GOP must work hard to attract, obtain minority groups votes all year around instead of running around like a chicken with its heads cut off in election time to get their votes.

  18. phyllis says:

    I hope nobody believes this BS. Obama will have more $ to spend than he did in 08…3 times the amount

    They tout this ridiculous claim that fits into the narrative…Romney is rich, I’m not mantra.