Women of America to Mr. Obama: “We Can’t Count on You!”

President Obama believes he has the women vote all boxed in. Well, women across America are banding together for grassroots work in their urgency to elect Mitt Romney as President. Just below is one women’s group and their statement from the “About” button of Women for Romney 2012. Below the statement is a great video they just released. The video is great! I love their choice of music too…

Women for Romney 2012 is a national grassroots women’s coalition supporting Mitt Romney for President in 2012. We were initially formed as a group on Facebook and we invite you to “like” our page and join our group for robust discussion with opinionated ladies. We also post event dates, volunteer opportunities, campaign information, and inspiration for our growing national women’s coalition dedicated to putting Ann & Mitt Romney in the White House and putting America back on the path to prosperity and pride. Please join our group at: Facebook Group. The women’s vote matters in this election. We want to know what you think, feel and believe!

Women for Romney 2012 was started by Gina Covell Maddox (@GinaCMaddox) and a small but dedicated group of well-informed politically savvy women. Over 800+members strong, we are a national grass-roots organization. We are NOT connected to the Mitt Romney for President Campaign or any PAC.


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One Response to Women of America to Mr. Obama: “We Can’t Count on You!”

  1. Gary Alan Chidester says:

    Mitt Romney will make an Outstanding President for our Country because he has strong leadership qualities. He is the only candidate, in this election, who can remove old laws that slow down growth in the job market. He will reduce the size of Government, secure our borders, and strengthen our military. Mitt Romney will work to make this Nation great again !!! If Mitt Romney wins in November… America Wins!