Artur Davis: Fmr Dem Rep & Prominent Obama Backer Supporting Romney

Former Rep. Artur Davis (D-AL), and former Co-Chairman for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, is supporting Governor Mitt Romney.

Artur Davis, former Democrat Representative and high-profile Obama supporter, once dubbed the ‘Obama of Alabama’, is now a Republican. And, he’s voting for Governor Mitt Romney.

Here’s Davis last night with Greta Van Susteren:

I’m going to vote for Governor Romney. … I think he has the potential to be a very good president in this country.

You leave a party because on the whole range of issues you just don’t feel the comfort, you don’t feel the home anymore. That’s where I am but I’m not alone. Millions of Americans who supported the Democratic Party four years ago have left because they no longer see their views and their common sense represented in the Democratic Party.” – Artur Davis

On May 29, 2012 Davis wrote:

…[T]his is not Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party (and he knows that even if he can’t say it). If you have read this blog, and taken the time to look for a theme in the thousands of words (or free opposition research) contained in it, you see the imperfect musings of a voter who describes growth as a deeper problem than exaggerated inequality; who wants to radically reform the way we educate our children; who despises identity politics and the practice of speaking for groups and not one national interest; who knows that our current course on entitlements will eventually break our solvency and cause us to break promises to our most vulnerable—that is, if we don’t start the hard work of fixing it.

On the specifics, I have regularly criticized an agenda that would punish businesses and job creators with more taxes just as they are trying to thrive again. I have taken issue with an administration that has lapsed into a bloc by bloc appeal to group grievances when the country is already too fractured: frankly, the symbolism of Barack Obama winning has not given us the substance of a united country. You have also seen me write that faith institutions should not be compelled to violate their teachings because faith is a freedom, too. You’ve read that in my view, the law can’t continue to favor one race over another in offering hard-earned slots in colleges: America has changed, and we are now diverse enough that we don’t need to accommodate a racial spoils system. And you know from these pages that I still think the way we have gone about mending the flaws in our healthcare system is the wrong way—it goes further than we need and costs more than we can bear.

May 30, 2012 – Davis was interviewed by FOX News’ Neil Cavuto:

A Harvard educated lawyer, Davis represented Alabama’s 7th Congressional District 2003-2011. He was the first Congressional member outside of Illinois to throw his support behind Senator Barack Obama’s 2008 run for the presidency. Davis was a Co-Chairman for Obama’s campaign and, at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, was the guy who seconded the official nomination of Obama. These last two points are why his support for Governor Romney is especially noteworthy.

To Artur Davis, we say WELCOME!

UPDATE: Davis Hits the Road for Romney

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8 Responses to Artur Davis: Fmr Dem Rep & Prominent Obama Backer Supporting Romney

  1. Marjorie Doby says:

    Too bad he hadn’t ran for President in 2008. Glad to see that he had the courage to share his feelings and thoughts with us. More should be written about this. I heard him speak before, and he said he moved from Alabama to Virginia. Total change.

  2. Frozone says:

    Wow, that Cavuto interview was great. And Davis is absolutely right, there is no longer a place for center right leaners in the Democratic party. This is very encouraging news, if the Romney campaign can capitalize on this. Sign this guy up!

  3. Susan says:

    I believe he believed in Obama. He wanted to see something that was never there. Many of us knew the direction Obama planned for us and it has caused many of us to lose a lot of sleep the past couple years. It is awful to know that the POTUS is targeting citizens he is sworn to protect and represent. I understand that many blacks, in both parties, voted for Obama because of race, and now we have seen that doing so is folly. Nobody should cast a vote for race, gender as the primary reason. I am sure many still will, but until we start cherishing our votes we will be disappointed.

    Scott Walker got more votes this time because some democrats chose principle instead of party. Many felt the recall was wrong, and that was their primary reason for supporting Walker. I applaud their noble vote. They took the high road.

    Mr Davis is taking the high road. I was hopeful months ago that at least one prominent democrat would make such a bold move and now we have seen it with more to come.

    Republicans, let us not disappoint Mr Davis for his courageous step.

  4. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Appreciate your good comments…

    Another point of information – While serving in Alabama, Davis also took heat for supporting Voter I.D.

    Yes, Obama’s 2008 campaign was a pretense. It takes a lot of disappointment to make someone as firmly on board for Obama as Davis was, to not only abandon the President, but walk away from his political party. Obama and his minions have pulled the Democratic party so far left, I have to think other moderate liberals are taking a good hard look at Governor Romney.

    I see Artur Davis in forthcoming Romney ads!

  5. AfricansforRomney says:

    Smart guy. I heard his interview @ NPR and he sounds sincere. Mr Davis does not want to get on another false Obama promise “We got your back” crap.LOL!

  6. Wow, those video clips are powerful!

    I think this is the beginning of the avalanche.

  7. mike in LV says:

    I am happy for people to vote for Romney. We need to remember that this now boils down to a two issue race; President Obama being an Issue or Mitt Romney fixing the issues. People who join us will likely have different views on somethings such as social issues, economic, or otherwise. We need to be able to link arms despite these differences. This doesn’t mean let go of your views, it means, say to yourself, or even them, “I respectfully disagree with you on that, however I agree with you on the main issue, and that is getting Gov. Romney to fix it!”

  8. Jayde Wyatt says:

    @ Mike,

    “We need to remember that this now boils down to a two issue race; President Obama being an Issue or Mitt Romney fixing the issues.”

    Well said!