Lanny Davis Down on Obama’s Trashing: “Vicious People Work for the President”

Lanny Davis

Another well-known Democrat has joined the ranks of others who say the mechanics of Obama’s campaign aren’t working.

Lanny Davis, former Special Counsel to President Bill Clinton and liberal commentator for FOX News, has a big gripe with the Obama campaign. Not happy with the way Mayor Cory Booker (D- Newark, NJ) has been treated by the Obama campaign, Davis is disgusted with their method of operation. He says “vicious people are working for the President.”

The following statement about Booker elicited Davis’ ire:

“He’s dead to us,” one ranking administration official said of the prevailing feelings at the White House and Obama headquarters in Chicago. – New York Post

Video recording June 8, 2012

Davis @ :48: ”We’re both concerned [referring to himself and Clinton] about the tactics that his campaign is employing and we’re both urging him [Obama] to do what Tom Friedman has urged him to do [seize the high ground, not attack Bain Capital], what Cory Booker has urged him to do, which is to talk about his record rather than blaming the previous administration or going negative on Mitt Romney.”

Davis @ 1:50: “And you have vicious people who are working for the President – it’s not the President – who are saying that Cory Booker – one of the great supporters of President Obama’s policies is quote “dead” because he’s giving the President good advice – disagreeing with the Kool-Aid drinking people in the campaign who think the way to win the presidency is to trash the other guy, rather than to defend your own guy’s record.”

Interviewer @ 2:35: “Lanny, you’ve been in a lot of campaigns, as I have. This looks to me like meltdown to me.

Davis: Well, there is a very serious problem within the Obama campaign and you’ve just described it. It may be meltdown unless they come to their senses.”

Davis @3:08: “Can you imagine anyone in Chicago, on background, whispering in reporters’ ears – and I know the the reporters ‘cuz they’re telling me – describing anyone who disagrees with their tactics of trashing Mitt Romney – when you had John Heilemann in New York Magazine actually dropping ‘F’ bombs by people in the Obama campaign about Mitt Romney. The ten percent of the people in this country that are undecided don’t want to hear ‘F’ bombs. They want to know where does Barack Obama stand.

Lanny Davis’ verbal tongue-lashing on Team Obama is further evidence of the klutzy, clunky gear-grinding going on in the President’s campaign. I agree.

Davis implies that Obama isn’t responsible for the contemptible clatter – that he is simply rattling along in obedience to anonymous advice-givers. I disagree.

Obama cut his teeth on radical clap-trap. In my opinion, he not only consents to the blame game, but helps conjure up the the next move. He thinks America just misunderstands his bumbling.

But, hey. Keep it up.

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14 Responses to Lanny Davis Down on Obama’s Trashing: “Vicious People Work for the President”

  1. Annette S says:

    Lanny Davis is one of my favorites of the Fox liberal contributors. Some of the liberal contributors have such a look of disdain when they debate issues on Fox but Lanny will very respectfully disagree. Even though I disagree with him he seems like a very nice person.

    I don’t think Barack Obama and his campaign want to talk about his record so they choose trashing Romney. But I don’t think they have a clear strategy on how they should attack Romney and everything they try backfires. If Obama does try to defend his record, Romney and his surrogates can easily take it apart. What exactly is the strategy of the Obama Campaign? I don’t think they know.

  2. Teresa says:

    They don’t know. And they are vicious. They seem to be victims of their desires and unable to use intelligence, always reacting and punching. I also think they are using Obama and he realizes it. With people like that, revenge is uncontrollable, and now that they are losing, I think the vicious has taken over and no one can do anything about it, least of all Obama. It’s a horror show with Snidely Whiplash and his ghoulish smile center stage. They’re losing everything they struggled for, thank god.

    Not to get overly psychological, but the man is an orphan, really, longing for love and family. I think these criminals were a substitute, demanding blood loyalty and servitude from Obama. He truly got in with a bad crowd. I think he wants out and part of his revenge is making fools of them all.

    Romney is way way out of their league and I’m so glad he’s here. I’m not one for class warfare, but upper class people are often raised with high behavioral standards. These Chicago lowlifes are bottom feeders. It does not bode well for them.

    My highest hope is that the Romneys will set a new standard for the country when they get in. People seem to be thirsty for a class act no matter how much shrieking about the wealthy goes on. The difference is stark now. And I think it will affect the voting.

    I’m heartened by one thing. The people are getting disgusted with this display which I haven’t seen before. I’ve waited forever for people to speak up and reveal just a touch of conscience. I see it as a good sign. I have always thought that the American public will be so relieved to be rid of the Obamas that they’ll embrace the Romneys more than we know and give them a good chance at doing it right.

  3. AfricansforRomney says:

    Prez Obama don’t care about black people. Period! He’s an opporunist. I’m very upset about Cory Booker treatment from Obama-Chicago thugs. Booker shouldn’t backs off from the TRUTH in the first place however, the guy don’t deserve this kind of treatment.

    Prez Obama policy is hurting more the black community than any recent Prez. Obama is hurting career politicians like Cory Booker for his self interest, Obama is hurting black relgious leaders b/c of his gay marriage decison. Obama economic policy is hurting the black commnuity b/c it is creating high unemployment. Obama educaiton policy is hurting the black community very badly. Obama is hurting black community handling race issue.

    Unfortunately, Obama may get 97% votes from black community this time again but, the FACT is Obama is NO good for black commnuity. Please, don’t be blinded by the Prez skin color.

    Jade, please, correct his name. Cory not Corey :-)

  4. AfricansforRomney says:

    LOL! your name is not Jade either. Sorry. Jayde.

  5. Lanny Davis is one of the good guys.


    Now Barack Obama has somebody else to blame: His campaign staff. They are the bad guys.

    Obama has never taken responsibility for any of his decisions or actions as every good leader does.

  6. One more: “Flailing” and “Desperate” seem to be the most descriptive words associated with this president and campaign.

  7. Susan says:

    It isn’t about whether Lanny is a good guy, or that Obama is a good guy or not. This should have no influence on policy. I have listened to Lanny for many years. He is loyal to Clinton. The truth is Clinton isn’t very nice either, but IMO this notion that Obama isn’t the push behind the nasty is utter nonsense. I lived in Chicago. My family is from Chicago. As much as I love that city, the Chicago machine is corrupt and nasty. It is impossible that Obama isn’t just like them. How does a senator Obama not know that Tony was a slumlord? Everybody else knew doing business with him was shady. Obama didn’t know? How about Wright? Wright has been who he is for decades. He wasn’t the one that was dishonest. You can hate what he stands for, but he is true to himself. It was Obama that used him and every other person to get where he is today and still even people like Lanny are making excuses. Obama is entirely responsible for his campaign staff as he was the last time when he painted Clinton and Ferraro racists. Did Lanny forget? Is party so important that Lanny would support anybody as a democrat before outing the imposter?

  8. Roxanne says:

    Epic, widespread, massive failure results in meltdown. It is a law of some kind and it can’t be reversed or cured. I’ve been waiting for this. It’s every bit as satisfying, if not more, as I thought it would be.

  9. Roxanne: I think you are right. It is nice to see this early too. What worries me is that because it is happening so early on, they have plenty of time to adjust into dirty tricks.

    Susan: Great comments! I totally agree with you. The viciousness starts at the top, no question.

  10. Sheltiemom says:

    Teresa (among others here), I totally agree with your post(s). As somebody who was there first-hand during the 2008 Democrat primaries, the depths to which the Obama/Chicago thug machine sank against Hillary Clinton you would not believe. And with the aid of the MSM and the leftist/liberal blogs, I don’t think there was anybody on the Republican side who could have stopped it.

    This time around, it’s totally different: Governor Romney’solid leadership vs. Obama’s lack of it. Romney’s class act vs. Obama’s class warfare. Romney’s solutions for the country’s problems vs. Obama’s lame excuses for his “solutions” that aren’t working. Romney’s sense of responsibility vs. Obama’s blame game and the buck never stops with him mindset. Romney’s ideas for a prosperous and secure future vs. Obama’s doubling down on failed policies.

    I live in Cuyahoga County, Ohio (Greater Cleveland area) and am a volunteer with the western suburbs Victory Center. Cleveland and Cincinnati, along with their suburban areas, will be Governor Romney’s big challenge in this state. Saturday was “Ohio Blitz” day, and volunteers went door-to-door in all 88 counties. Republicans are working hard to help deliver Ohio – and at the Victory Center (which happens to be in my suburb!) they’ve accepted me with open arms even though I’m an Independent. I’m thrilled that Governor Romney has not only closed the gap with us, but is now ahead of Obama in this category.

  11. Deg says:

    Awesome Sheltie.

  12. Teresa says:

    Romney’s class act vs. Obama’s class warfare

    Ooh I like that, Sheltie. What an encouraging comment all the way around. There’s a lot going on that people aren’t aware of. The shift in support for Romney in the middle class is stunning. Here’s an interesting article.

    Smarter than we realize

    I get the feeling that the country just realized the truth about this election. Watch people come over to the winning side. Don’t get trampled!