Slaughter in Syria: Romney “Work with partners, arm Syrian opposition groups”

Massacre in Haoula, Syria, May 25, 2012: Men were killed on the streets while women and children were shot and stabbed in their homes. (Photo AFP/Getty Images)

While Americans are busy with Memorial Day activities, shock and horror at the news of massacre in Haoula, Syria is resounding on news reports today.

On mid-day Friday, May 26, 2012, Syrian soldiers and pro-government forces burst upon the rebel-controlled village and began slaughtering residents. Video and photos show rows of dead and mutilated small children among the victims. 116 were killed and 100 were wounded.

The UN Security Council today held an emergency meeting in New York to discuss the attack.

Calling the Syrian regime’s latest slaughter “horrific”, Governor Mitt Romney released the following statement:

“The Assad regime’s massacre of civilians in Haoula—many of them young children—is horrific. After nearly a year and a half of slaughter, it is far past time for the United States to begin to lead and put an end to the Assad regime. President Obama can no longer ignore calls from congressional leaders in both parties to take more assertive steps. The Annan ‘peace’ plan—which President Obama still supports—has merely granted the Assad regime more time to execute its military onslaught. The United States should work with partners to organize and arm Syrian opposition groups so they can defend themselves. The bloodshed in Haoula makes clear that our goal must be a new Syrian government, one that contributes to peace and stability in the Middle East and that truly represents the brave Syrian people.”

(emphasis added)

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~ Addendum from Ross:

Looks like Mitt was right about Iran when he stood up for freedom while President Obama stood silent, and Gov. Romney has again voiced his support for freedom while our President allows tyranny to go unchecked now in Syria.

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4 Responses to Slaughter in Syria: Romney “Work with partners, arm Syrian opposition groups”

  1. How terrible!

    President Obama has shown no leadership with regard to Syria. Rather, he chooses the path of appeasement and the path of least resistance, both are obvious signs of a person who lacks the skill and will to lead out.

    This event did not have to happen. Obama made a decision months ago to sit on the sidelines to be an observer.

  2. Helen Wells says:

    Where are the bold and courageous ones like Patrick Henry in our Congress who will stand up and demand either an impeachment of Obama or anything that will make this leadership, including the Sec of Defense, stop this bloodshed in Syria and elsewhere such as Yemen?

  3. Obama’s passive approach IS a decision and it validates the approach of China and Russia to minimize the atrocities of the Asad regime.

    Regardless of how Obama views himself, and refers to himself as “decisive” and bold, it simply is not true. He is a pacifist to the core and he will do anything to avoid taking a stand for liberty, freedom, and innocent lives regarding the Syrian peoples.

  4. AfricansforRomney says:

    It is heartbreaking watching innocent children killed in front of our screen everyday. The UN is a dysfunctional org,.I don’t even know the UN role in the world stage anymore, Prez Obama “Mr I” wait and see ridiculous foreign policy shows no leadership whatsoever. It is obvious, Prez Obama is waiting to take credit to himself again until the right moment comes in. What a shame!