Ann Romney/MacCallum Interview: Campaign 2012, VP Choices, First Ladies & More (VIDEO)

Ann Romney talks with FOX News' Martha Maccallum (Photo / FOX News)

America’s Newsroom co-anchor Martha MacCallum (FOX News) caught up with busy Ann Romney to talk about the presidential campaign. The two-part interview aired today:

While it’s presumed that Mitt Romney will be the GOP’s nominee for president, still up for debate is who he’ll pick for his running mate. Martha asked Ann whether they discuss the topic and who she would want to see get the spot on the ticket.

“It’s fun to talk about,” Ann disclosed. But, she wouldn’t say more than that. “I cannot come down and say [if there’s someone I’m rooting for] … the wonderful thing right now is that there are wonderful people out there who are very qualified.”

MacCallum asked about Ann’s title given to her by campaign staffers – ‘Mitt-Stabilizer’:

“That is true. I think both of us enjoy each other’s company … and also I think when we get together we recognize what’s really important in life,” she said. “We’re able to laugh a lot and talk a lot about things that are not in the political realm.”

Ann was asked how she would feel if Governor Romney should lose the election:

Ann said she’s not too worried. “It will mean that we’ve given it our college try and done our very best,” she said. But in the end, she believes they’ll be taking up residence in the White House following the 2012 election.

(emphasis added)

Part 1:

MacCaullum mentioned the fact that Mrs. Romney could be celebrating Mother’s Day next year in the White House. Ann was asked about First Ladies she admired and issues she would promote as as America’s 47th First Lady:

. . . As for her mission as first lady if husband Mitt were to get elected, she said she would bring her own personality to the ‘job.’

“For me, of course, it’ll have something to do with the things I care about,” she said, mentioning her concern for breast cancer and MS research and awareneses. “I also worked for many years with at-risk youth, so I know I wouldn’t be able to give that up either.”

She has plenty of role models to pull from, as well. “I love Barbara Bush and her frankness … and yet her realness,” she said. “Laura Bush was so lady-like and just wonderful.

She also weighed in on the current first lady, Michelle Obama. “I think she’s lovely, and everyone can appreciate that it’s a very difficult position to be in, where your husband is under enormous scrutiny all the time and attacks from one side or the other, and to be able to keep your calm and composure – we appreciate that and see that in her.”

Ms. MacCallum brought up the topic of religion and also asked how Ann’s health challenges affected her and Mitt.

Part 2:

Needless to say, Ann Romney interviews are always a great pleasure to view. Not only does she possess the very qualities she admires in the First Ladies she commented on – the composure of Michelle Obama, the grace of Laura Bush, the realness of Barbara Bush – America will have the great pleasure of learning more of Ann’s humor, intelligence, compassion, wisdom, and tenacity.

Ann Romney is going to be an outstanding First Lady!

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4 Responses to Ann Romney/MacCallum Interview: Campaign 2012, VP Choices, First Ladies & More (VIDEO)

  1. Susan says:

    Great interview Ann. You are going to be a very beloved First Lady.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. AfricansforRomney says:

    I like Ann’s confidence for Gov Romney victory in Nov.No wonder they call her Mitt stabilizer.
    Umm…Laura Bush is “lady like”. Very true. That’s what is missing from the current FLOTUS. She got nice body but can’t she cover up once in awhile and give a little respect for the house she’s staying in until Nov? Both, the current FLOTUS and POTUS transforming this country for the worst.
    I want the old couch back!! :=)

  3. Gary Alan Chidester says:

    I’ve met Ann Romney at 4 of her personal visits to Iowa, and three times, when she attended some of the 17 Mitt Romney Events I’ve attended since 2007. Ann is truly ‘First Lady’ material in every way that counts. She listens to people. She is sincere in her remarks. She is courteous and compassionate, with a personal understanding of pain and suffering. Of the 6 different times I spoke with her, Ann’s conversation was as relaxed as talking with a good neighbor. I knew in my heart that she was really listening, and when I saw her at another event… she ‘Remembered’! While nearly everyone is wondering who Mitt will pick for a running mate, one of his greatest decisions in life was finding his soul mate. Ann was the best ‘thing’ to happen to Mitt… and vice versa! With or without political titles or innuendos, Mitt and Ann are truly a rare and spectacular ‘First Couple’. Their commitment to each other, and 43 years of marriage, is proof that good things ‘can’ happen to good people. America needs their compassion and love of Country, to lift up the Nation in this recession. America needs Mitt to rework the economy so as to develop good jobs. May God Bless the Romney’s and protect their health and safety during this lengthy and exhausting road to the White House.

  4. Barb says:

    What a lovely lady! Anne Romney is lovely, caring, understanding, warm, and ready to fight along side her husband to bring back the America we once had. Mrs. Romney would bring back the class, intellect, attractiveness, sparkling personality, and moral values that prior First Ladies exhibited. Mitt has shown through his prior business experiences, that he can get this country on the right track. He has experience in creating jobs, saving companies that were about to go under, and helping to develop financial plans for start-up companies.
    I fear for my grandchildren that they will not be able to find a job, be able to make their own health care choices, or own their own home. This is our last chance folks to claim this county back! Please join me in electing the Romney’s to the White House.