Romney Ad: Economy Slows, American’s Suffer in Silence (VIDEO), Desperate for Disability Benefits

I wrote about April’s pitiful job report when it was released on Friday; but there’s more…

Not only did 342,000 frustrated Americans drop out of the labor force last month – because they couldn’t find work – 65.8% of them felt so desperate they pulled a Hail Mary. 225,000 workers applied for Social Security disability benefits in April. And, 40 % of those applicants were accepted:

Almost 90,000 workers enrolled in the program in April, pushing the total for new enrollees above 333,000 in the first four months of the year.

Add in spouses and dependents, and the number of beneficiaries added to the program so far this year climbs to 539,000.

As IBD reported recently, more than 5 million workers and their families have enrolled in the disability program since President Obama took office.

● The Preezy of the United Steezy’s own economic advisers were sounding the ‘disability warning bell’ last fall:

The Obama administration’s economic advisers warned in a report last fall that the mass exodus of workers who can’t find a job onto the disability rolls poses a long-term risk to the economy. Once enrolled, they almost never return to the active workforce. This can, the report said, result “in a loss to society of the economic contribution those workers could have made.”

Not only do those on our swelling disability rolls not contribute to the economy, working Americans end up paying for their retirement.

Keep in mind if the labor force had NOT declined, April unemployment would be at 8.3%, instead of 8.1% as reported. If our labor force participation rate was the same as it was in June 2009, unemployment would be at 11%. Factor in the underemployed – those working part-time who want full-time work and the number is around 17%.

● Yesterday, President Obama launched his campaign for four more years in the White House by exhorting Americans to not ask if they are better off than they were four years ago, but – if they reelect him – how they’re going to be tomorrow. Today, Romney for President took a good punch at Obama’s reelection rhetoric in a new video ad. Here is Silence:

● An article in Friday’s Wall Street Journal examines some of the reasons behind America’s rapidly shrinking labor force:

[T]he recent fall is so sharp and surprising that aging baby boomers can’t be the entire reason. Another explanation is surely the slow pace of job growth, which means fewer opportunities to entice what economists call the “marginal” worker back into the labor force. Older workers who’ve lost a longtime job may find themselves unemployable in a rapidly changing economy. They may retire earlier than they might have preferred.

Second earners in a household may also not find work at a high enough wage to justify the costs of commuting or child care. In a recovery that is really cooking, like the Reagan boom, these workers find that the opportunities reward more work. In today’s mediocre expansion, not so much.

That’s especially true when stagnant wage growth means less reward for the effort. Over the past 12 months, average weekly earnings are up 2.1% but inflation has climbed by 3%. Real pay is rising far too slowly, which makes work less attractive.

The Federal Reserve has maintained a super-easy monetary policy in the name of reducing the jobless rate and to reflate the housing market, but this has contributed to higher food and energy prices and thus reduced real income gains. This too is a disincentive to work and undermines one ostensible purpose of the Fed’s easing.

● What begins as a helping hand morphs into a hammock…

Another culprit may be the rapid expansion of government transfer payments during this recession. Medicaid, disability payments and food stamps have all risen sharply in recent years, starting under President Bush and accelerating under President Obama.

This is a particular disincentive to low-skilled workers to enter the job market because in some high-benefit states they need to earn $30,000 or more to compensate for the benefits they lose. This is an insidious high marginal tax rate that deters many from ever acquiring the basic skills and experience they need to move up the income ladder.

● An important reason why this nation needs PRESIDENT Romney:

Reversing this falling labor force trend is a major policy challenge, especially as more of the baby boomers retire. The U.S. will need more workers to finance more retirees. This will require faster growth and more job creation than we’ve seen in this disappointing recovery.

The tragedy of the Obama Administration is that it put the political pursuit of its social welfare agenda above policies to nurture a strong, durable economic expansion. Americans are paying for that mistake in less work and less reward for the work they get. The priority of the next Administration must be to reverse the decline.

(emphasis added to articles)

Obama believes he deserves four more years…


America deserves jobs.

America deserves a leader who will end the suffering.

America deserves Mitt Romney.

► Jayde Wyatt

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9 Responses to Romney Ad: Economy Slows, American’s Suffer in Silence (VIDEO), Desperate for Disability Benefits

  1. Stan says:

    Good article Jayde. Most people have gone beyond the fear of not having a job, in fact they are now at the point of what to eat or drink or where to sleep. Obama has created a fear. Most people do not want to get hand outs and have to rely on the government to take care of them and their families. Most are embarrassed going into a store and using food stamps or credit cards now going through a check stand. But that fear of children going hungry or having medicine for sickness is the grip that Obama needs to control the peoples lives and liberties. Mitt Romney will bring back that dignity and help us realize that it is not to late, that we can be the Americans that the founders fought and died for us to have. Believe in yourselves, believe in America, vote Mitt Romney.

  2. Lori says:

    They don’t pay you enough, Jayde! ;-)

  3. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Stan and Lori, thanks for your comments.

    The nightmare of the Obama economy continues to effectuate dire repercussions. The day he’s voted out of office many Americans and businesses will breathe a collective sigh of relief. Talk about a jolt of JOY… !

  4. Gary Alan Chidester says:

    With Trillions of dollars already borrowed from China, America needs a President who can turn this nightmare around and put us back on solid ground. We need a President who is competent. We need a President who is responsible to the American people. We need a President who upholds the Constitution of the United States. We need a President who is articulate, knowledgeable, and experienced in both foreign and domestic issues. We need a President who has integrity, strong family values, and an unshakable belief in God. The Republican Party has a candidate, seeking the nomination, who has all those qualities. That man is the honorable Gov. Mitt Romney.

  5. Annette says:

    This was a very informative article. Especially because it emphasized that our work force is shrinking. This strongly supports the argument that people have given up looking for work and are not included in the unemployment figures. At the same time that we see a shrinking work force we are seeing a rise in the disability payroll, early retirements and government transfer payments. This information helps us win the argument that the unemployment figures do not tell the whole story. The Obama administration is not going to tell us the whole story. They would have us believe that unemployment is going down with no mention of a shrinking workforce. Great article Jayde! Romney 2012!!

  6. AfricansforRomney says:

    Who’s the target audience for these types of ad? For tv viewers or internet users? I’m not a tv watcher (i’m a Radio junkie) but i’m not sure how many people will read the facts that shows at the end of this ad on TV, though.

    The lefties agenda destroying America. Obama is no good =a bad Karma

  7. Stan says:

    These ads target those that are looking for info, those who are serious about the future of this country and for their posterity. I watch these ads and I can relate totally with them and I understand the message.

  8. AfricansforRomney says:

    Thanks for your response. No, my question is not understanding the message. It’s a very powerful message with facts. No doubt. Do you watch it on TV or via internet? My concern is that many people don’t read anymore (or, they give little attention for scripts) and i thought the “silence” part at the end of this ad may be missed by TV watchers.

  9. Jim Tills says:

    Great insight into real day-to-day reality in the real world (not Obama’s fantasy land). If I were semi-skilled and made $30,000 a year but then had to pay taxes equivalent to 35 to 50% of my earnings via State, City, Federal, Sales, gas, and other taxes, why should I break my back working? Why not get disability money or at least apply for it and any other freebie, the Government is giving?

    What a disaster for the Nation as the persons who play by the rules of honor, hard work, and honesty get to pay for the dishonorable, lazy, and dishonest among us. Yet, this is what Obama encourages with his socialistic policies and heartless cruel lying hypocrisy.

    Mitt will win this election because the majority of Americans are still hard-working, honorable and clear-headed enough to see through the shameful sham being perpetrated by the political operatives of the Democratic left.