Baier’s ‘Running with Romney’ VP Series Part 3: Rep Paul Ryan (VIDEO)

Rep Paul Ryan (R-WI) answers a question as Governor Mitt Romney looks on during a Romney rally at an oil company in Milwaukee, WI. April 2, 2012 (Photo Steve Senne/AP)

The third segment of Running With Romney, a series of potential VP interviews by FOX News’ Bret Baier (Special Report) aired today. The spotlight was on House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan:

At age 28, Ryan was elected to Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district but he quickly moved up to become the youngest chairman of the House Budget Committee in 2011. Speaking about his budget plan, Ryan says, “We knew that if we offered solutions, that they were going to demagogue those solutions. But we feel that we have a moral and a legal obligation, that if we don’t like the direction the president’s taking the country, we should do something about it.”

Republican strategist Mike Murphy noted a downside if Romney chooses Ryan as his vice presidential nominee, saying, “Paul Ryan budget genius, very important in the Congress, good guy, Romney’s close to him, talks to him a lot. The downside is you nominate Paul, one, you take a real player out of the Congress. And two, you’re going to re-litigate the Ryan plan which has policy advantages but some political baggage.”

Ryan reiterated what he has previously stated when asked about becoming Romney’s running mate. “If they ask me to consider it, then I’ll consider it. But that’s months away from that kind of decision being made as far as I know. I like my job. I think I can make a big difference doing what I’m doing.”

Part 3 – Congressman Paul Ryan

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3 Responses to Baier’s ‘Running with Romney’ VP Series Part 3: Rep Paul Ryan (VIDEO)

  1. JT HUNT says:

    I think we are very fortunate to have such marvelous, terrific, qualified VP picks. This situation really does not come up that often. Look at Obama’s choices? We have so many who are the perfect compliment to our guy Mitt Romney and to our country. I feel so protected with Mitt’s choices–which tells you where I am right now in my feelings with the current VP!

  2. Jayde Wyatt says:

    JT – Yes, we do have a good, capable slate of veep possibilities. Those selected by Bret Baier to appear on his Running With Romney series must feel honored. And, it’s kind of fun to see their response to the question “Do you want to be Governor Romney’s V.P.?”

    I’m enjoying the series.

  3. AfricansforRomney says:

    I hope the lady (i forgot her name) will do a good job for the VP picks. I never heard of this lady before and i’m kinda anxious. What’s her experiance to take this job anyway? I hope she won’t have a gender bias and pick a female VP except Candi :=)

    Ryan budget is a distraction already. Treasury Secretary will be a good postion for Ryan.

    Gov Romney/Canid Rice
    Gov Romney/Demint
    Gov Romney/Jeb Bush