Math: Mitt Romney vs MSM

As with the Republican Primary, in Mitt Romney’s General Election strategy – math matters!

Foremost in any Presidential campaign, and especially this one, is the candidate, his message, competency and experience. Even so, campaign strategies are not to be trifled with. We witnessed how important this was in the recent Republican Primary campaign. A key strategic focus of the Romney campaign was “delegates,” and in the end it is delegates that determine the Republican nominee. An important part of Mitt Romney’s Primary success came in winning delegates. Of course, he has also won the hearts of the Republican Party membership, as we now see a coalescing and unifying of the Party and its leadership behind him. Not surprisingly, this has happened far more quickly than many thought. In fact, this coalescence of the Party behind the most capable Presidential candidate in our lifetime, and his inspired leadership and message, is what will win the day in November.

Although different in many respects, the General Election cycle is similar to the Primary in the sense that what matters is “electoral votes.” As was clearly evidenced during the Bush Gore election, the importance of the popular vote is trumped by the importance of the electoral votes.

So what does the electoral map tell us? What is the mainstream media spin? What is the truth?

The mainstream media, and the pundits, will tell you that Barack Obama has the advantage as the incumbent. Of course, they said that about Jimmy Carter as well and we all know how that ended, thankfully.

Recently posted on Real Clear Politics is the chart below giving advantage to Obama, but wait…there’s more than meets the eye!

Reasoned facts -
-Mitt Romney will win all states carried by John McCain in 2008 – 173 electoral votes
(Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Alaska, Louisiana, Utah, Arizona, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia)
-Mitt Romney will most likely win historically red states, Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia – 46 electoral votes
-Mitt Romney can win Ohio and Florida – 47 electoral votes
-Mitt Romney then only needs to win 4 more electoral votes for 270. Pick any other state, or combination thereof – Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire…

Bottom line – Mitt Romney is in a very strong position to win in November. Most polls have him leading on the hard issues – the economy, jobs and energy. Interestingly, the swing states that have suffered economically under Obama are: Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Colorado and others. Irrespective of the mainstream media spin to the contrary, people are suffering and will continue to struggle under the oppressive economic and energy policies of Obama. Mitt Romney’s message to America, recently given in his acceptance speech on April 24th, is clear and distinctive. It has and will continue to resonate with Americans. Alternatively, the tone and campaign of distortion and destruction by Obama will be equally clear. America will have a choice, and given our choice in 2008, the better choice will seem more clear in 2012, and that choice will be for freedom, strength and Mitt Romney.

Video of Romney’s victory speech:

On another point, as the Republican Primary is all but ended and the battle for the nomination is past, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are now very close in favorability and likability polls. Even so, this election will be won on competence and capacity more than likability; but we have six months to introduce Mitt Romney to the nation! And like those who have come to know Mitt Romney, those who don’t know him will learn of him and come to like him – a lot! At the end of the process, Mitt Romney will win on competence, experience, capacity and trust, and likability!

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10 Responses to Math: Mitt Romney vs MSM

  1. Daisy says:

    In a piece titled “Mitt Romney could win by a landslide,” Rush Limbaugh recently said: “This is not an average, run-of-the-mill, every-four years presidential race. We’re losing the country, and people know this, and they don’t want to lose the country.”

  2. Sarah Polski says:

    What do you think of the accusations that Romney doesn’t have a stand on healthcare

  3. AfricansforRomney says:

    I like this link @CNN how the conversation eneded. check out the end. Ummmm….The youth vote Vs Obama. I’m very optimistic in Nov for Gov Romney Landslide Victory!

  4. David, your parting quote says it all!

    “And like those who have come to know Mitt Romney, those who don’t know him will learn of him and come to like him – a lot! At the end of the process, Mitt Romney will win on competence, experience, capacity and trust, and likability!”

    The tide is turning to favor Gov. Romney, that is clear. It is my hope however that every American that wants the brighter future envisioned by Gov. Romney will take time out and find ways they can work hard to get him elected. It is possible to beat BHO in a landslide and if we can win with a landslide, why not make it the largest landslide victory in the history of presidential elections?

  5. David Parker says:

    We can hope for a landslide but it will be a tougher campaign than Carter-Reagan. The country is so divided and Obama is only making it worse. Even so, a win is a win, particularly if we get to 60 in the Senate!

  6. Wow ! What a great picture of Mitt . I heard a lady who speaks for a woman’s group say during an interview on national TV that they just couldn’t put their trust in a man who doesn’t show his teeth when he smiles . Well ,… this picture will change their minds . Let’s plaster it where ever we can . He has a winning smile for sure ! Donna O

  7. David Parker says:

    There are many pictures of him smiling with teeth :)

  8. David Parker says:

    @Sarah Polski Sarah, If you study Governor Romney’s approach to any problem, and with healthcare specifically, he does take a stand on healthcare. The challenge rests in its complexity. Healthcare covers a number of key areas, i.e., rising costs, insured vs uninsured, etc. Governor Romney believes strongly in a free market solution to the issue, and addresses it on several fronts – 1) tort reform will have a profound affect on costs as we will see a strong decline in malpractice suits without merit and related unrealistic rewards, and unnecessary testing by doctors and healthcare providers seeking to protect against litigation 2) engage the patient in the selection and costing of service, 3) bring all key parties together to achieve a private enterprise (not government) solution, 4) open the markets to more providers across state lines, 5) empower competitive exchanges like the one set up in Utah, 6) relegate the solutions to the states and extract the federal government from the issue, 7) provide medicare block grants to the states who are better able to render care to the needy… One thing about Mitt Romney, he is well experienced and successful at bringing smart people together to assess a problem, gather and assimilate information, and decisively act on a pragmatic solution. He will always defer to the private markets first recognizing government, state or federal as appropriate, is safety net for those without. I would encourage you in your study of his positions and you will see that he takes deliberate and defined stands on the key issues facing our nation.

  9. Jim Fortune says:

    If equal pay for women is such a pressing issue, then why has Obama not done something about it during his three years in office. This approach should be taken on all Obama’s criticisms of Mitt.

  10. ccr says:

    What a “lame” comment that you can’t trust someone who doesn’t smile with his teeth! What kind of analysis is that?

    Can you trust someone who says whatever sounds good in front of the camera/SOTU but does something totally different? Do you trust someone who whispers to Russian leader, “I’ll have more flexibility after the election?” Let’s guess who that gal is “working” for!

    Electoral votes in November: How many states are getting electors that are Ron Paul supporters (and many/most that are not “rule abiding” citizens)?? I understand Oklahoma has a number of electors that are RP supporters. Is this something that is being watched?