Bibi: I Like Mitt Romney But I’m Not Going To Tell You..

Following the NYT story on Mitt Romney’s 36 year friendship with Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to shake off any sort of affiliation with Romney or even criticize Obama – in order not be accused by the media or seen in public as intervening in the general election. But we all know what he really thinks of President Obama. And from his muted comments, there are more than some hints, that these two men, Romney and Netanyahu, share a lot in common and that a President Romney will be more than a pleasant wish come true for the Israeli government.

Watch video and judge yourself:

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Jacob Kornbluh is a political correspondent for the Jewish Voice newspaper in Brooklyn, and host of the popular online radio program The Bibi Report and Believe in America radio. You can read his blog at, or follow him on Twitter: @jacobkornbluh

Jacob Kornbluh, is a political operative in Brooklyn, New York. He also serves as the political correspondent for the Jewish Voice newspaper in Brooklyn and a contributor for various publications. Kornbluh regularly interviews political analysts, newsmakers and top government officials from Israel, the United States and elsewhere. Jacob also offers his own unique insight regarding the burning issues of the day along with penetrating commentary from well known policy makers, on his Blog ( and weekly online radio show (


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4 Responses to Bibi: I Like Mitt Romney But I’m Not Going To Tell You..

  1. AfricansforRomney says:

    Obama Admin Foreign policy SUCKS! What’s happening in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran is totally outrageous, UNACCEPTABLE. We could’ve a better results from a 3 years old kid handling the middle east and North Africa situations. Hillary is the worst SOS. The sad part is that you don’t even get the same info from state dept and WH.They’re running two different world. It looks like Obama admin treats Israel like a step child. May be Carter is running the show. Jah help you.

    Gov Romney foreign advisors, surrogates your foreign policy talking points were GREAT, however, we’re living in “twitter age” and part of your job until Nov is how to beat Obama’s state control media. Yesterday, I was listening @ NPR Gov Romney’s advisors counter attack for Plastic-Biden stupid comments. I was disappointed. The talking points were long, detailed and by the end of the segment i’ve hard time remembering Gov Romney’s camp response (at least i remember what Biden Bozo what he said).

    Please, please, summarize your thoughts with short punch line and go over your detail talking points. John Bolton @Fox with Greta was awesome. “….it’s no wonder it comes out confused and incoherent and incompetent, which is a pretty good description of the Obama foreign policy.”

    Independents for Romney!
    Obama foreign policy is not working, either.

  2. Annette says:

    Romney will be more than a pleasant wish come true for Netanyahu ,the people of Israel and the best thing that could happen for our Country. Romney…2012!

  3. I saw this interview the day it aired by Burnette. When she asked him about Romney, I was so wishing he would have discussed his relationship with Romney.

    A great piece! Thanks!

  4. Diane says:

    This “broad” is really obnoxious — Netanyahu was getting totally p.o.’d at her and I don’t blame him! Mitt is good friends with Netanyahu and he showed that by not dissing to the press!