Country Music Superstar Trace Adkins Says He Supports Romney 100%

^He's With Mitt^

From Newsmax:

“[The GOP nominee is] going to be Mitt Romney and I am going to support him 100 percent and hopefully we’ll get a Republican back in the White House,” the country music superstar told Newsmax.TV in an interview at the National Rifle Association’s convention in St. Louis.

Adkins, who says he’s a “huge supporter of the NRA,” said he felt it was important to elect a GOP president.

“I don’t like the direction that Democrats want to take this country,” he said. “I’ve been a Republican since I registered to vote in 1980.”

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3 Responses to Country Music Superstar Trace Adkins Says He Supports Romney 100%

  1. Jan says:

    Allen West !

  2. Lilly says:

    Debate is healthy for a discussion. Should be free press time, not a problem. Wake Up!

  3. Texas Little El says:

    Let’s look at Mitt Romney’s record on the Second Amendment. Did you know that back in 1994, Romney supported the Brady Bill and the 5 day waiting period? Were you also aware that this self-proclaimed champion of Second Amendment rights signed the nation’s first permanent ban on assault weapons while governor of Massachusetts?

    Yeah, Trace Adkins may love his guns, which he has every right too, but loving Mitt Romney because of it is self delusion in the extreme. Mitt has flip flopped on so many issues, I feel sorry for those that think he won’t stop doing it now