Ann Romney / Hilary Rosen: Mommy Wars Day 2 (Cavuto VIDEO: Not Easy For Ann)

Day 2…

When I first heard Democrat adviser Hilary’ Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney, I felt the same as FOX News’ Dana Perino when she heard the news: “Holy cow! This is going to explode!”

It was full-time work yesterday posting updates on the “Ann Romney never worked a day in her life” tempest (and, what I posted was a fraction of the day’s news). With such a hot potato, I also knew political cartoonists would be sketching into the night.

They didn’t disappoint.

Samples of their creativity are interspersed amongst food for thought…

By Rick McKee - The Augusta Chronicle

TownhallThe Left’s War on Women is Actually a War on Families
By Demetrius Minor
April 13, 2012

Thanks to liberal Democrat Hilary Rosen’s vicious attack on Ann Romney claiming that she has never had a “real job”, the conservative base of the GOP is now united in one front, to call out liberalism. Ann Romney, mother of 5 boys and a survivor of multiple sclerosis and breast cancer, is a testament to the many mothers who made the selfless service of putting their families first.

This goes beyond attacking the wife of a presidential candidate. This is a vile attack on conservative women nationwide.
President Obama wants to vocalize his support for women, but the facts say otherwise. Women employees at the White House make 18 percent less of the median salary as do male employees. According to Amy Sullivan of TIME Magazine, the Obama administration is described as a “boy’s club” and suggested that the president has a woman problem. It is reported that senior women staffers are seen and not heard during policy meetings.

It is an outrage that lefties attack women instead of having a constructive dialogue about the core issues affecting Americans today. The REAL war on women is the economic plight that they are experiencing due to big government spending, high unemployment rate, a raking deficit and a President who is opposed to job creation that will benefit many women in the U.S. today.

By Bob Gorrell - April 13, 2012

USA TODAY – Hilary Rosen says Ann Romney never worked ‘day in her life’
By Jackie Kucinich and Martha T. Moore
April 12, 2012

To Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, which supports candidates who oppose abortion and endorsed Romney on Thursday, Rosen’s comment is one of “a thousand cuts” that will alienate women. “Each cut doesn’t necessarily draw blood, but over a long period of time” it will hurt Democratic candidates with female voters, she said.

By Glenn Foden - April 13, 2012

Would Hilary Rosen Have Criticized Stay-at-Home Dads as Never Having Worked?
By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
April 13, 2012

A 2008 US Census publication puts the number of married fathers who work in the home as their children’s primary caregivers at approximately 140,000. Now, would Rosen have said the same thing about these men, that they never worked a single day in their lives, or would she, as have so many others, praised them for their maternal role in putting their children first? Would she have lauded their ability to get beyond the traditional macho-man role and prioritizing their family even before their careers? So if Rosen is going to rail against a war against women, then let’s agree that a gender bias that praises men who put their kids first but punishes women for the same is an unfair assault in that battle.

By Glenn Foden - April 9, 2012

Christian Science MonitorAnn Romney and Hilary Rosen flap …
By Linda Feldmann
April 13, 2012

According to the latest census data, about 1 in 4 women with children under 15 is not working outside the home. That is a significant voting bloc – and most aren’t wealthy like Ann Romney. Mrs. Romney herself noted on Thursday that she has had struggles of her own, particularly with her health.

In addition, Mrs. Romney has carved out an image as an appealing surrogate for her husband, complete with stories about how exhausting it was to raise five boys. Polls show her favorability rating far exceeds her negatives.

So for Obama, the Rosen comment created a PR emergency on multiple levels: She had disrespected a big voting bloc and had gone after a candidate’s wife. Team Obama pushed the panic button.

“I don’t have a lot of patience for commentary about the spouses of political candidates,” the president said.

[S]he [Rosen] has sparked a “mommy wars” discussion that continued to rage Friday.

By Chuck Asay - April 13, 2012

Another Left-Wing Hilary Mouths Off
By Monica Crowley (FOX News contributor, Washington Times columnist)
April 12, 2012

Ann Romney, by the way, managed to raise 5 well-adjusted sons, none of whom have been in jail or rehab. Now if that’s not a job, I don’t know what is. And she raised these 5 normal, high-achieving sons while battling MS and breast cancer. She is superwoman. But to Rosen and Team Obama, she’s someone to be targeted, polarized, mocked and humiliated. Or so they thought.

This comment and the ensuing backlash may have reversed all of the gains the Dems made with their phony “Republican war on women,” as more and more women realize that it’s the Democrats ACTUALLY waging that war.

This IS the Left. They run on identity politics: class, race, gender. They clump us in groups, because groups are more easily controllable and because individuals are so unwieldy with those silly minds of their own. The Left is also a bunch of elitist, arrogant, dismissive, power-hungry snobs who believe that they need ever-more power and ever-more of your money because you can’t manage either. And oh yeah: they have utter contempt for traditional America and the values we hold dear.

Ladies—and gentlemen—start your engines. As of today: game on.

Before addressing the NRA today, Governor Romney introduced Ann: “I happen to believe that all moms are working moms…”

Check out another good cartoon here.

UPDATE – Wonderful commentary from Neil Cavuto: Ann Romney hasn’t had it easy

(emphasis added to articles)

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6 Responses to Ann Romney / Hilary Rosen: Mommy Wars Day 2 (Cavuto VIDEO: Not Easy For Ann)

  1. Indira Ramachandran says:

    Ann Romney is one person on this planet earth who should be respected and admired for all what she is. A devoted wife and mother who has given everything to raise her children. I admire her for what she is and she embodies goodness which reflects on her face. With all the health issues she has had , Ann Romney always has a smile which is so captivating. My family loves her and personally I wish I could embody some of the qualities she has. Ann Romney has dignity and grace which very few have.
    My prayers are with you Ann- We pray that Mitt Romney wins the election . He will be the best President USA has ever had and you will be a fantastic ‘First Lady’

  2. Jim Tills says:

    How can anyone not just love Ann Romney? What a charming, intelligent, beautiful person she is. She will be an incredible “first lady” and a breath of fresh air as a role model for all women worldwide, not just here in the USA. Not many of our wonderful “first ladies” have had to go through what she has had to.

    To hear her tell us all that her health difficulties are in essence a blessing because she has learned so much from the pain and struggle is itself an encouragement to all that suffer from life’s many varied challenges. What a solid winner she is and such a marvelous example for us all.

  3. Ann Chadwick says:

    What a wonderful honor to share Ann Romney’s first name to carry throughout my life! How inspiring she is to us all for her intelligence, ambition, abilities, and willingness to choose to raise her family of 5 boys! Our children grow up so fast, our tender as well as tedious time with our kids is priceless! May we all appreciate her gift to us when she is the First Lady, and Mitt is President! God bless them both!


  4. David says:

    Someone needs to point out that the guy who has not worked a day in his life in Barack Obama. The only W-2 he’s ever pulled has been from the government; which extracts at gunpoint their revenue from taxpayers. Obama is just a career leach!

  5. Nancy Vance says:

    We are supporting Gov. Romney as our next president. He will be a wonderful leader to turn our country and our economy around. Ann Romney will be a great First Lady. They are a great loving family with so much to contribute to our country. They have raised 5 very successful sons. Congratulations to Gov. Romney and Ann Romney. We will be behind you all the way to the White House.

    Nancy and Don Vance

  6. Justin says:

    First off Obama worked all through college, again this proves how simpled minded these republicans can be, and republicans are against women because if he gets elected he takes away their right to choose and will force a women to carry a baby to full term even at risk to her own health. So the republicans are against women, or i should say women’s rights