VEEP MADNESS Round 1 – Cast Your Votes!


As the nomination looks more and more like a lock for Governor Romney and the VP rumor begin to swirl in media, right now is a perfect time to launch our own pick-your-VP-candidate tournament!

The 32-candidate bracket is laid out in the image below. Just like NCAA March Madness this is single elimination. Voting for Round 1 will close Wednesday at midnight.


[Click on image to view larger version]

Please note the following:
-This is not an official Mitt Romney website
-We know Romney hasn’t completely sealed the nomination
-This poll is simply for fun and has no bearing on the real selection
-We don’t seek to influence Governor Romney and his campaign with the outcome of our poll

Have fun!
~Nate Gunderson


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Nate owns and manages a small souvenir manufacturing business. He and his wife of 12 years have 2 children. Nate has been blogging for Mitt Romney since late 2006 and is co-founder and editor of
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About Nate Gunderson

Nate owns and manages a small souvenir manufacturing business. He and his wife of 12 years have 2 children. Nate has been blogging for Mitt Romney since late 2006 and is co-founder and editor of View Posts | View Profile
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63 Responses to VEEP MADNESS Round 1 – Cast Your Votes!

  1. I voted the higher seed on all but 3 of the polls. Any guesses which ones?

  2. Gwen Erickson says:

    i voted for all the highest seeds

  3. phyllis says:

    Anybody but Rubio is a losing ticket. RNC knows that.

  4. Donna Smith says:


  5. BusterE1943 says:

    Great idea! No write-ins at this point, I presume

  6. CTG says:

    Anyone but Santorum or pig Newton!

  7. JT HUNT says:

    Rubio, Fortuno, Jindal

  8. Matt says:

    Definitely complaining about the seeding here. McDonnell should be in the bracket with Christie. McDonnell is the best #2 seed on the list. He should get the bracket with the weakest #1 seed. Instead, you’re eliminating two of the five best contenders in the third round. :)

  9. AfricansforRomney says:

    Ahh, Gov Haley Barbour not in the list. Come on! Santo and Palin made the list ?? :=(
    Candi Rice, Demint, Bolton, Barbour and
    Cheney (can he serve again?) :=))
    We need to clone Dick Cheney

  10. Bill says:

    Tim Pawlenty, Bill Owens, Jim Talent, Mitch Daniels

  11. Zaloom says:

    Romney/Ryan! Wisdom and youth! Business and Government experience! All Brains!!

  12. Elizabetty says:

    Rice and Giuliani should not be on the list since they are pro-choice and Mitt has already said his running mate will be pro=life.

  13. Cable man says:

    I want to see Rand Paul on that list…

  14. chad wilson says:

    Marco rubio, rand paul, paul ryan, and allen west are my top picks.
    I think rand paul needs to be on this list.

  15. fmmoore says:

    Rubio is #1. We need the spanish vote and he has great youthful energy.

  16. Deb says:

    My choices have always been Ryan, Rubio, or Christie.

  17. Chris says:

    What if it’s none of these?

  18. Douglas White says:

    Fortuno! Fortuno! Fortuno!

  19. bob feland says:

    Veepstakes is a terrific idea!

  20. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Nate, great job.

    This will be fun!

  21. Jennifer White says:

    I’m trying to vote but can’t figure out how! Help!

  22. sam s says:

    Do you really believe that? I think that Rubio is so obvious a choice, that he’s no longer the obvious choice. I think a better fit for Romney would be Christie…

  23. M. Johnson says:

    Rubio is the man.

  24. Mike in LV says:

    Some of the match ups were un fair. Jane Brewer and Paul Ryan ought to be in different divisions. or at least not vs each other in the first round. Same with Haley and Bolton. Of course there are only a handful of the 32 that will actually be considered. And some listed such as Gov. Martinez have already said no. But this is just for fun. So ok. I did it.

  25. Mike in LV says:

    I disagree with some of the comments above, not because some of the choices are bad, its just that it would not be smart in a general election. You see we are at a point where we don’t need to win over conservatives. Some one mentioned Dick Cheney, I liked him as VP, honestly, if he were picked what would moderates, independents and democrats think? “Bush-era is trying to make a come back.” Now many of us know that W was not a bad guy, but thats not what others think, and our job is not to try and convince them. Same with Jeb Bush. He is amazing, but his name will scare people away.

  26. Shirley says:

    My two favorites were together!! Condoleeza Rice & David Petraeus !

  27. Adam R. says:

    Christie as a New Jerseyan would be too regionally similar.

  28. Stefany Clark says:

    The RRR’s have it- Ryan, Rubio, & Romney- either way, this country needs some R&R. yup, Mike in LV, Jeb Bush would scare the living daylights out of too many people- same for Huckabee, Palin (what the heck is she doing on the list?) Jindal nice guy, but he endorsed Rick Perry folks! Fortuno nice guy, but it aint’ going to bring in enough votes in the general- but it’s fun to guess!

  29. Genevieve Groesbeck says:

    Mitt Romney & Mike Huckabee, which I never thought I would say ever, but Mike could help bring in the evangelical vote. Huckabee has maturity and wisdom and their families would mix well together. This is a very personal decision and Mitt will give it special attention. Whomever will support him 100% in the great work he needs to accomplish to restore our Freedom . . is who I will support. I trust Mitt will make the right decision!!!

  30. Arfisher says:

    Much as I love Rubio I believe Romney will pick someone with equal experience that can advise him best. He is in this to benefit the country not change it or just get elected or spend our money he is in it to give back.

  31. BrandonInTexas says:

    I woulld say Patraeus over Condi Rice any day because of her connection to the last 4 years of Bush. Even if Bush could have run for a 3rd term he would have not gotten re-elected and I would not want to put anyone associated with that up against Biden. That is why I don’t support Rice or Jeb Bush for VP

  32. phyllis says:

    @sam s
    Yes, Sam I do. I worked Rubio’s campaign in FL when he was a huge underdog against Crist. I saw the energy and support from his grass-roots volunteers.

    Rubio is a winner. Rubio will energize our base and without grass-roots personnel who are NOT excited, we won’t stand a chance against the billion dollar machine.

  33. Mike in LV says:

    I see some interesting comments…. it seems like many people are trying to pick a team to win over republicans…. thats not necessary. The Evangelicals will vote for Mitt as the GOP candidate. He doesn’t need anyone to win those folks over. What is needed is a non-bomb-thrower, who is temperate and not polarizing. WHy? Because we need for Independants and Moderates to be won over. Thats who the real game changers are.

  34. Dan says:

    Rand Paul should’ve been in the poll instead of Donald Trump.

  35. @Dan

    I would consider Rand Paul, but the last thing I need is our poll to turn into a troll swamp.

  36. enrique romero says:

    for me a veep needs to be able to be the president today. out of a diverse crown i am thinking pawlenty would be the best to do what romney is planning to do. christie would be behind him. the rest are just too inexperienced like these three are.

  37. faith says:

    Alan West

  38. Rudy says:

    Condoleeza Rice. Has foreign policy experience, a true conservative (out of place in the Bush Admin) and could be president in a heartbeat (pun intended).

  39. don klick says:

    @Mike in LV
    History shows the most conservative candidate over the last 50 years has turned out the most votes AND won re election. Bush/Cheney,,, Reagan/Bush.
    However the moderates that have tried to motivate the middle: Mccain, Dole and Bush one have all failed to excite conservatives and lost.
    My vote… anybody but Obama.

  40. Nick says:

    Just keep Santorum away from it all. Just something about him……like an evil or something.
    With that smile and that nose, ‘ya just need to add the horns, tail, and pitch fork…’ya know?!

    I hope Mitt stays clear of both Santorum and Newty boy. All the nasty stuff they said about Mitt, and even the talk of joining forces against Mitt.

    I know i shouldn’t be so judgmental, but they dug their own graves as far as I see it.

    Mitt has such a great organization, that he’ll do fine with his choice of VP.

  41. Beth says:


  42. Tom says:

    Allen West is needed as our Secretary of Defense.

  43. Douglas White says:

    Based on what I have seen of personal chemistry, Mitt has three candidates that work best: Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, and Luis Fortuno. Rubio would be okay too, but if it’s the Latino demographic he needs, Fortuno works best. He’s older, and is something of an Hispanic Romney based on his record as Governor of Puerto Rico. In addition, he went to UVA Law school, and served as PR’s Rep in the US Congress. There are a million Puerto Ricans in Florida, and also in New York, and New Jersey. The Latinos in AZ, NV, CO, NM, and CA would also respond positvely. Bracket or no bracket, Fortuno is the best choice!!

  44. Brent Laird says:

    i agree a Latino to try and get that voting demographic.

  45. Luke Searle says:

    Pick condi

  46. Luke Searle says:

    Great guy hop he makes it through first round
    @Douglas White

  47. Luke Searle says:

    Condalezza Rice definitely has enough experience
    @enrique romero

  48. Luke Searle says:

    Condi belleves it’s a states right issue. And aren’t republicans supposed to support the states more over the federal government. She would be an excellent vp and abortion is not as important than the economy or foreign policy pal

  49. Luke Searle says:

    Like the the R&R idea but what about Romney Rice ! Gives me goose bumps
    @Stefany Clark

  50. Mike in LV says:

    @don klick I agree to a point. The wonderful thing about Reagan is he wasn’t the conservative people chalk him up to be. He was conservative fiscally and militarily, but socially, not so much. The Reason people loved Reagan is he got things done with what he had to work with. Few people voted for reagan in 80 so much as voted against carter for unemployment and the iran contra thing. Bush 1 was the conservative in that race, but Reagan was what the nation needed

  51. Cindy says:

    Romney/Rubio or Romney/Ryan. Not Christie, he is too volatile.

  52. Romney/Rubio. It’ll get Romney the Hispanic vote including women.

  53. I think we need a Governor or someone with executive management experience. Obama has nothing to run on, so let’s not give him and his friends in the media another issue to sidetrack America with. If we nominate a VP without executive management experience, the media will go on and on about what if something happens to the President. I also think it is more important to choose a candidate the very conservative members of the party will like than it is to have a VP from a swing state.

  54. Mike in LV says:

    So when will round 2 commence?

  55. sam s says:

    ready for round 2!!!

  56. jay thompson says:

    If we want to beat Obama in November the best choice is Allen West. He brings votes from Minorities, including Black, Latino, and Jewish, Military, Tea Party people and he will actually energize the conservative base of the Republican Party which is anything but energized right now, because Romney by himself does not excite any true conservatives.

  57. jay thompson says:

    Good choice, in fact the best choice if we want to beat Obama in November.

  58. Main Framed says:

    Why isn’t Carmichael Peabody on the list?

  59. Jim says:

    Wow, looks like the extremist candidates with the most baggage are getting the most support. Romney/Albatross 2012! At least we can try to avoid a nutcase like John Edwards or Sarah Palin.

  60. Linda says:

    Rubio has no experience, is not ready to be presdient and has nothing going for him other than he is hispanic….afirmative action should not be a force in the presidential race.

  61. Bobby says:

    @Cable man Rand Paul … He unites the last remaining conservatives (libertarians) it ensures his Fathers support, it shows Romney is serious about shrinking our government. It rallies all remaining non Romney Independants looking to oust Obama… We pick up the Radical crazy followers of the party … No third Party blindside!
    Literal control of all social media by the bots.