U.S. Marine Meets Governor & Mrs. Romney at California Fundraiser Luncheon

Governor Romney held a fundraising event yesterday in the Orange County community of Shady Canyon at the home of a supporter. It was a beautiful, sunny day — perfect for an outdoor event [see several photographs below the fold].

Photo by Amanda Earnest

I asked three people attending the luncheon to provide highlights of the event, including the comments of Governor and Mrs. Romney. This was the first time that each of them had met Governor Romney. Following are their observations and several photos of the luncheon. They include Marine veteran Marlon Bateman, Shady Canyon resident Bill Joiner, and Amanda Earnest who helped raise funds for the event. I appreciate each of their contributions for this post.

REQUEST: There were hundreds of people in attendance at this luncheon. If you were one of them yesterday, please leave a brief comment to this post and add your observations to those of Marlon, Bill, and Amanda. Why are you supporting Governor Romney’s candidacy for President?

I am proud to include Marlon Bateman in this post. It was he that inspired me to write this after discovering it would be his first time to meet Gov. Romney. I believe I speak for my family, friends, and all Americans in publicly thanking him for his years of honorable service in protecting our nation; and to his wife Emily for her service in support. Thank you so much — we will always be grateful.

CPL Bateman in Afghanistan w/ Afghan National in Back

Marlon Bateman grew up in California, and joined the Marine Corp. after graduating high school. He served from October 2007 to September 2011 (at rank of CPL) with the 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines Infantry. Shortly after joining the Marines, Marlon married Emily and was later deployed to Iraq and then again to Afghanistan in 2010. He is active in his church, has a passion for politics, is a full-time college student, and will be assisting Governor Romney’s campaign any way he can in 2012 (David Parker of MRC called Gov. Romney to inform him that Marlon would be there to meet him).

On Tuesday my wife and I had a chance to meet Governor and Mrs. Romney. A friend who knew that I had served four years in the Marines and was now in college and working (as well as helping to campaign for Governor Romney) invited me to an event that supporters of the governor were holding in Irvine, California. So my wife and I came and were treated to a few minutes conversation with the governor and his wife.

Romney spoke with purpose and a message of less government. He spoke of lifting crippling regulations off small business, lowering taxes, and something that speaks to me personally — restoring our military to its true greatness. He spoke like the true conservative he is. Mitt will not always remember your name and may need to look at your name tag before he speaks to you but he is truly a genuine man with core beliefs.

Emily and Marlon

The man I spoke to Tuesday expressed true concern about the strength and safety of our military — as would a father concerned for the safety of his children. Governor Romney spoke about strengthening the military by raising the number of troops by roughly 100,000. He opposes cutting our military budget to half its size like our current president has.

He wants to increase the defense budget to 4 percent of GDP, increase troop strength, update military equipment, and increase troop morale. Governor Romney is a realist and a leader who understands that appeasement does not work with countries like North Korea, Iran, and Russia.

As a former Marine, I know the pride and boost in morale all troops will feel knowing their Commander-in-Chief is dedicated to their success and a strong United States on the world stage. Mitt knows that a powerful military is the first safeguard of peace. We cannot let the countries of the world think the United States is weak with an ineffective and depleted military. Once the rogue nations perceive such weakness, they become emboldened, and when they are emboldened they become aggressors — greatly increasing the probability of conflict and war.

Marlon and Emily at Homecoming

MItt Romney has the backbone of a Sgt.Maj. and the charisma of a Four Star General. He captures the essence of what a president should be. Don’t let mainstream media paint Mitt as a rich man who can’t relate to the common folk. Look at the life Mitt has lived. He raised five sons and has been married to a woman of great courage for 43 years. I took an honest look at this man and studied him with an open heart. I find this man most qualified to be the next President of the United States. He will restore us to the glory we knew in the Reagan years.

Photo by Amanda Earnest

Bill Joiner is married with three children and a long-time friend:

It was a great event!! If his presidency maintains the same level of precision, we have nothing to worry about. I heard Donald Bren was there but never saw him personally…I did see George Argyros, Pete Wilson, William Lyon, Senator Mimi Walters, and Pilar Wayne (John Wayne’s wife). I wish I had some video to send to you but I was having a great time just taking it all in. His presence and message were spot on and I’m confident the liberal media will have a hard time preventing his connection with the voters. I did get to meet him and am looking forward to receiving my picture, which I will display proudly. My fun moment of the day was reaching out to shake his hand while a Secret Service agent whispered in my ear to remove my left hand from my pocket — it took me a while to catch up with the reasoning — those guys don’t miss a beat. I’m looking forward to catching him on the Jay Leno show tonight.

Amanda Earnest is married to Mark and they have three children, living in San Clemente, CA:

Mitt told a couple jokes, which was unusual (since i only get to see him in stuffy news interviews). At times he was very light-hearted and seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself. He was also very gracious and humble, but that was no surprise. Great stuff.

One thing he talked about in detail was our missile defense system. He talked about how Obama is weakening our country in so many ways, including in our ability to defend ourselves. His cuts to the military are devastating and he agreed with Leon Panetta, who said it was a “doomsday scenario.”

He also spoke about the economy and why America is such a difficult place to start and grow a business these days. He told a story of a company called “Dow Chemical,” who, after determining that the regulations in the US were too burdensome and costly, decided to invest two billion dollars in building a new plant in Saudi Arabia, where “fracking” is legal and is not accompanied with an obnoxious EPA and those burdensome regulations.

He also told another story of a medical doctor he met on the campaign trail, who, because of the hassle and bureaucracy of Medicaid/Medicare/insurance companies, etc., decided to go into business with his dad making wheels for commercial products. Custom wheels. A medical doctor who has already decided (PRE-OBAMACARE!) that the system is too broken to even bother. Fewer doctors who “bother,” means longer lines at the ER, etc. Not good. He vowed to repeal Obamacare.

Mark, Amanda, Gov. Romney

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Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007.
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18 Responses to U.S. Marine Meets Governor & Mrs. Romney at California Fundraiser Luncheon

  1. JT HUNT says:

    Marlon I am so proud of you. I especially love what you said of Mitt Romney; “Mitt Romney has the backbone of a Sgt.Maj. and the charisma of a Four Star General. He captures the essence of what a president should be. “

  2. David Parker says:

    Thank you Marlon and Emily. Few can understand the sacrifice unless they have walked in both of your shoes. For those wishing to support Governor Romney with a contribution, you can link here to Marlon’s effort in this support – https://www.mittromney.com/user/marlon11688yahoocom/fundraising/marine-vet-mitt

  3. Marlon Bateman says:

    David & JT thank you for your support. It was a amazing experience to meet our next president. From what I heard yesterday Governor Romney truly has the leadership traits to run this country. He is a great man that I’m proud to support. Thank you again David for this wonderful opportunity.

  4. GitchiGummiPress says:

    Santorum had the audacity to vote against appropriating a billion more dollars for procurement of proper body armor and other equipment for Guardsmen and Reservists risking their lives in Iraq, just when body armor issues were coming to the forefront. Santorum voted to deny the Veterans Health Administration millions of additional dollars to help care for the nation’s military veterans.

  5. GitchiGummiPress says:

    The Guard and Reserve components have paid a heavy price for this war, in terms of the amount of time they have been deployed. Here in Pennsylvania, we’ve been particularly hit hard. There are roughly 21,000 soldiers and airmen in the Pennsylvania Army and Air National Guard. Since Sept. 11, 2001, more than 13,000 of them have been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, and about 3,000 have just returned from combat in Iraq. This has put Pennsylvania’s own security at a grave risk, because every member of the Guard in Iraq is not at home to do his or her job to protect us or respond to natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. They have a right to know their senator has done nothing to improve their aging equipment, voted against their body armor, didn’t challenge the president’s plan to cut the size of the National Guard nationwide and slashed their veterans’ health benefits. Read more: http://old.post-gazette.com/pg/06195/705743-109.stm#ixzz1piXTCnyI

  6. GitchiGummiPress says:

    NEW YORK – As Senator Rick Santorum prepares to address the American Legion on Friday, the head of VoteVets.org (formerly IAVA PAC) reminded Pennsylvanians to remember the Senator’s real record. “Senator Santorum will highlight his superficial role in appropriating emergency funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs, in his speech, but his record shows he has been one of the Senate’s most hostile members to the troops and veterans,” said Pittsburgh native, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of VoteVets.org, Jon Soltz. “Rick Santorum voted against veterans before he voted for them.” In just the last few years, Senator Santorum turned his back on troops and veterans multiple times. Senator Santorum: · Had the audacity to vote against appropriating a billion more dollars for procurement of proper body armor and other equipment for Guardsmen and Reservists risking their lives in Iraq, just when body armor issues were coming to the forefront. (Motion to table Landrieu Amendment No. 452, 4/2/2003) · Voted to deny the Veterans Health Administration millions of additional dollars by restoring pre-2001 taxes on those making more than $1m and closing tax loopholes corporations exploit. (Stabenow Amendment No. 3141, 3/16/2006)

  7. Kim says:

    I think it is cool that John Wayne’s wife was there. America needs real men like “The Duke.” America needs more Mitt Romneys and Marlon Batemans!

  8. jeff Stora says:

    I was there. Was a nice event. Mitt was very relaxed and when someone asked a question about the Russia thing he it it out of the park. It was really good. He seems to be getting better and better and perhaps this rough and tumble primary is going to pay off in the end.

  9. jon says:

    Had a concern or two about Mitt appearing with Jay Leno. Leno actually hit him hard with some very important and pertinent questions, but Romney did an outstanding job with his answers…didn’t hesitate one bit. Very proud of Gov. Romney!

  10. JT HUNT says:

    @Marlon Bateman

    Marlon: I just made another good donation to your fundraiser for Mitt Romney https://www.mittromney.com/user/marlon11688yahoocom/fundraising/marine-vet-mitt

  11. Helen Wells says:

    We just wish this primary would end, get Mitt the 1144 so we can begin the General Election—and so we can be eligible to donate the max again!! :)

  12. AfricansforRomeny says:

    @Marlon Bateman
    Thank You! for your sacrifice, unselfish life service.

    Gov Romney=Strong Defense, Strong Military

  13. GFurniss says:

    So proud of Marlon & his wife. What a great example to my children and all Americans. Thank you both for your service and sacrifice for America. We have quite a few ex-marines in the family and I know they stand with you. Semper Fi!!!

  14. Barb Terry says:

    Been for Mitt from the very first day of this process. I have been there for the ups and downs. I have always felt Mitt would and will win! He is number one!

  15. Dorothy M Wood says:


  16. Marlene says:

    I am from South America. I am so proud to be an American citizen. I love so much this Amazing country. This is the MOST important election of all times. I pray for all American people to make a conscious decision. Support Mitt Romney!!! I believe in him. Is time for the rest of the candidates to give up and support Mitt. America is the hope of the earth! Never forget that!

  17. ccr says:

    @Dorothy Wood Ü Love it! Indeed, that is what we need!

    @Marlene Thanks for sharing your love for our country!! America has given MUCH hope to people all over the earth because of the freedoms we have been blessed with!