Santorum’s Rant and Meltdown – A man under PRESSURE!

The office of President of the United States is the most powerful and most stressful position or job of any in the world. The pressures and demands of the office age the office holder in four short years – just look at all who have held the office. The President of the United States has to be focused, deliberate, measured and capable in addressing the needs of our nation. Even in the deepest of crises, the holder of the Office, must be sufficiently seasoned to exhibit calm under pressure. He or she needs to be disciplined and exude self-control.

We have a great vetting process in the Primary season, which measures and proves a candidate worthy. Their mettle is tested daily. In a comparative of current Republican candidates, we have observed Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.

Who has exhibited measure equal to the office of President?

Let’s look at Newt Gingrich? If we look at the Old Newt, we see the serious lack of discipline, and consequences thereof. If we look at the New Newt, we can’t be sure because the Old Newt always, always comes back. The proof is in the pudding. His life has reflected in almost all things, a lack of discipline.

If we look at Mitt Romney, who has been attacked from every side, he has always shown principled leadership, self-discipline and self-control. He is a man of civility and respect beyond measure. I have never known anyone who has weathered the storms and attacks like Mitt Romney, always respectful and civil. Such is a sign of a strong, confident and capable mind. In fact, many who agree or even disagree with him, state that he is by far and above, the most Presidential in the contest. He is a man of compassion, a man of passion, a man of experience, integrity and character – and one called to lead. His measure is self evident and worthy of the office of POTUS. His life has been a reflection of such, without variance.

That said, what the *#&* is happening to Rick Santorum? We are seeing daily meltdowns, and I don’t think it is just campaign fatigue. In fact, given the regularity of such, there appears a propensity for self-destruction amid the pressures of the process. First, it was Obama being preferable to Mitt Romney. And Mitt’s response… Second, it was Santorum stating today that there couldn’t be anyone worse to run against Obama than Mitt Romney. In each of these two instances, in as many days, Santorum has exploded at the press stating that they are taking them out of context. Really? We have heard and/or read the words. I think it is Rick Santorum who is lacking context. In his rant today, he even used an expletive to express himself, amidst the yelling. Rick Santorum seems not to have just lost his composure and self-control; he has just lost it entirely! It has been said, “profanity is the sign of a weak mind trying to forcefully express itself”. That pretty much sums it up for me. I personally believe that if your vocabulary is limited to profanity when expressing frustration or attempted strength, something is missing. I am just saying… In this case, I think Rick is melting under the pressures of the campaign and the true Rick Santorum is finally being revealed. Talk about unraveling the sweater – he seems to be doing a pretty good job of that himself. If Rick Santorum can’t stand the pressures of a Primary campaign, what is he going to do in a General campaign, or heaven forbid, as POTUS. It is almost sad to watch.

Notwithstanding the math of the delegate count, the fact that Rick Santorum has to win 74% of the remaining delegates, and his failed strategy to mount a campaign of destruction, trying to prevent the inevitable, Rick Santorum needs to withdraw with grace before he self-destructs any further and eliminates any future in Republican politics. Appreciating the obvious, Mr. Santorum’s ego seems to be getting the better of him, and the likelihood of a graceful withdrawal is probably equal to more meltdowns in the near term.

    A Special Note to Rick Santorum

A wise man learns from the experience of those who have preceded him, thus avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes that might otherwise beset him. Look to those who have preceded you, Mitt Romney being one. It is time, save yourself, subordinate your ego and let’s move forward together for the betterment of the Party, for the Nation and for the cause of replacing Barack Obama. Any further rants or failings on the campaign will not undermine or destroy anyone else but you. It is not too late, yet…but time is passing quickly! Let not pride impede your way. As a man of faith, humility and meekness are the better traits. Our good fortune is that we have one proven, in experience, in character, in integrity and in conservative principles; one that can lead and inspire our Nation; one who can restore what has been lost in the Obama era – Mitt Romney. The sooner you realize it the better!

Conservative advocate, husband, father of six, grandfather of 18. Author, conservative blogger, and retired investment banker.Enjoy my family, my mountain home, political and philosophical discussions, golf and travel.
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Conservative advocate, husband, father of six, grandfather of 18. Author, conservative blogger, and retired investment banker.Enjoy my family, my mountain home, political and philosophical discussions, golf and travel. View Posts | View Profile | View David's New Book
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7 Responses to Santorum’s Rant and Meltdown – A man under PRESSURE!

  1. I believe Mr. Santorum sees the handwriting on the wall and doesn’t know what to do. Clearly he is frustrated and if his ego were not “writing checks…” (Top Gun line), he would do the right thing; he is smart enough to know what the right thing is. He is now believing his own advertising and he is the emperor without clothes and his advisors are afraid to inform him that he is naked. Just like the little story, Santorum is out in the public, in full view, imploding before our eyes.

    Besides the CBS article you included, check out these three YouTubes the pro-Romney blog, “A Greater Generation” — I believe there are several “tells” in Santorum’s speaking manner now that telegraph his thinking, no matter the words he chooses. He no longer wants to allow the interviewer to finish the question…rather he interrupts near the end of the question and then answers very quickly. He does not want to allow the interviewer to make the main point or to get to the truth of the subject. He is interrupting, speaking fast, blaming “the media,” blaming “Romney advisors,” and accusing everybody of gotcha questions.

    Here are the three YouTubes. I think the first one is best:

  2. David Parker says:

    Great comment, and an illustrative link to Neil Cavuto’s interview – Rick protests too much!

  3. Check this quote from a CNN article:

    “Rick Santorum is like a football team celebrating a field goal when they are losing by seven touchdowns with less than a minute left in the game,” Ryan Williams, a Romney campaign spokesman, said in a statement released shortly after the call.

    CLASSIC! Says it all!

    Here is the URL to the article:

  4. Roumiana says:


  5. danny says:

    Hes all washed up, lets focus on Obama.

  6. Jim Tills says:

    Mitt Romney knows more about health care than it seems that Rick Santorum ever will . Apparently, Rick is blinded by his vain ambition to become POTUS. He he obfuscating the truth embodied in the tenth amendment, this being that States do have the right to implement programs they feel will secure the best results for their own people, while the Federal Government conversely does not have the right to enforce a one-size-fits-all model.

    This Federalism idea given in the tenth amendment to the Constitution promotes experimentation that can be emulated or rejected or modified by other States. Rick Santorum is either blind to the fact of States rights or willfully rejects this truth due to his overambition. This failure to reasonably see past his own stump speech fallacy and change his message dooms him to become a has-been political figure. If he saw his failed message, he could bow out of the race gracefully and perhaps gain a place in a Romney Cabinet and live to become a major candidate in a future elective capacity. However, if he remains blind and hurts the Party, he is done. As someone recently wrote, “Stick a fork in him. He’s done.” I would hope better for him because he is a good and valiant man; however, his blindness is an achilles heel that may have already matured to the point of complete self-destruction. For the good of the Party, let’s hope not. Either way, Mitt Romney will carry on and carry on very well.

    Mitt will need every bit of support we can give him. No man is an island and noone can do this job alone. He must now defeat Obama and the formidable Democrat machine. Articles by David Parker (excellent) and Vic Lundquist (also excellent) must be backed up by all of us little guys and gals, old and young—if we are to truly take our country back.

    Sacrifice will be necessary as the ship of state is put back on a conservative keel. Only with God’s help and a majority of right-thinking people will we be able to put the Democrat genie back in the bottle. He has been set free and the result is chaos everywhere Soros, Obama, Putin, Chavez, and so many others hold sway. The fight will be monumental; we all must man up and each do our part.

    Santorum needs to get out now and support Romney; so does Gingrich. Support for House and Senate conservative candidates who support freedom and liberty must be forthcoming all over the Nation. Again, no man can do it alone! God inspire and help us all.

  7. David Parker says:

    Thanks Jim – you are spot on!