Drudge Exit Polling Tease: Romney Ahead in Alabama and Mississippi – UPDATED: False Alarm

BREAK OUT THE DRUDGE SIRENS! Put the sirens away…

Posted about one hour ago at Drudge:



ROMNEY 32.07%

ROMNEY 33.55%

Could it possibly be true? I don’t know. To be honest I think it is indeed possible, but I’m still a bit doubtful. It will be a coup if he takes either state. The news that will go completely unheralded today is that Romney will dominate in Hawaii.

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I can’t wait to update our Primary Results and Delegate Count tomorrow!

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16 Responses to Drudge Exit Polling Tease: Romney Ahead in Alabama and Mississippi – UPDATED: False Alarm

  1. Voters in Alabama and Mississippi who want Governor Romney to win:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep asking your friends to get out and vote all the way to close of the polls. We cannot take anything for granted in the South.

  2. Lori says:

    Word of caution to the reader–Drudge polling data are not exit polls but rather results of his online poll from those whose IP is in AL and MS.

    Actual exit polls are favorable but not as favorable as Drudge’s online poll.

    Still should be good night for Mitt. Good enough.

    Go Mitt!

  3. AfricansforRomney says:

    Good News from Drudge!! Long live Drudge :-) No tax for Drudge :=)))

    Romney Rocks!!

  4. AfricansforRomney says:

    Do they give out delegates proportional to all?

  5. Carmen says:

    Has anybody seen or heard “The Rove”?

  6. Hungarian Crusader says:


    Yes, so Romney grabs more delegates and maintains a big lead.

  7. AfricansforRomney says:

    @Hungarian Crusader Thank You! for your response.

    This’s very troubling for GOP party. I’m kinda surprised Gingrich lost both states. It’s easy to see that the conservative base is brainwashed by Santourm. Clearly, his messages on war on women and war on religion is reaching the conservative base.

    Gov Romney, i’m glad you’re still a FRONT-RUNNER but, please make calls for each state and Washington GOP leaders and let them know that you’re fighting to save the GOP party. GOP party leaders should be VERY, VERY concerned what’s happening. They all should stand behind you. It’s not anymore a south or a north issue. It’s about saving the GOP party. You’re the only one can save the GOP party!

    We cannot afford Santourm/Obama.

  8. jrterrier5 says:

    It’s two states in the South, each with more than 80% evangelicals voting in the primary. Romney still has twice as many delegates and 1.2 million more votes than Santorum. I’m hopeful he will beat Newt out for 2d in at least one of the two states.

  9. Deb says:

    You better tell your boy Mitt to retract his closing of Family Planning. I was so going to vote for him..He has LOST my vote. I will not vote for anyone against healthcare for females. He will lose this election due to this. VERY dumb of him. This will make Obama a VERY easy win…..Just let him know

  10. F. Ybarra says:

    Same old story, by tomorrow, Mitt will end up with more delegates gained overall (with Hawaii and Samoa) than either Gingrich or Santorum, widening the gap between him and the rest, but all the media will talk about is how Mitt suffered a terrible loss, he can’t seal the deal, he can’t appeal to real conservatives, blah blah.

    Mitt will win the nomination, that is obvious, but these two clowns, Gingrich and Santorum can appeal to enough stupid people to drag this on and insure that Obama has the upper hand. Very sad.

  11. F. Ybarra says:

    Al the exit polls in both Alabama and Mississippi show that the large majority believes that Romney is most likely to beat Obama.

    So clearly, the majority of Republicans in those states want Barrack Hussein Obama to win.

  12. AfricansforRomney says:

    Gov Romney, Idea wins!
    Your spokesperson should tell the media, the voters, you’ve the right vision, great idea,the right messages, the best qulified for the job, the best leadership skills, the best policies for the future of America. Yes, having strong organization and resources are also important however, it is a weak argument just to say “Romeny has the money and organization”.

    We’re 100% behind you! Stay strong!

    America cannot afford Santourm or Obama

  13. Barbara says:

    The MSM will not remind people that Santorum “won” AL and MS because of the 20-25% Democrat crossover voting. It’s not that Governor Romney is getting “weaker” with each primary (as Dickerson of CBS would have people belive), but that Dems are doing payback for the Republicans’ Operation Chaos.

    We know that the Democrats will do whatever it takes to defeat Governor Romney. Santorum is so smug and arrogant he thinks his wins down South where by force of himself alone. Nope – but that’s the problem for Governor Romney going forward. Democrats. He was able to overcome in Michigan and Ohio, but we can only hope that he can do the same in states yet to come.

  14. Graham says:

    At least Drudge had the guts to show that Romney still won overall.

  15. Professor Nell says:

    It’s easy to see that the conservative base is brainwashed by Santourm. Clearly, his messages on war on women and war on religion is reaching the conservative base.

    What you wrote above, was my initial reaction. However, observing and working hard to keep my Irish Temper tamped down, I have notice these “Evangelicals” as they define themselves, seems to be most comfortable when told WHAT to think.

    Having had 4 years of some education with Jesuits in HS and then 2 more years at a Catholic Woman’s College, it made me understand that those of us taught HOW to think, as opposed to those who are taught WHAT to think, have critical thinking skills, and almost unconsciously used inductive and deductive reasoning.

    The WHAT to think people, seem to almost fear being asked to use critical thinking skills. In my opinion a “good” education prepares people HOW to think as opposed to WHAT to think.

    When Gov Romney becomes president, I sincerely hope he will look closely at the Dept. of Ed. and return to sound basics, and have schools from 6th grade on teach children HOW to think. Our country and the future of our children and grandchildren will be more assured if “critical” thinking again becomes the norm.

  16. kiwis4mitt says:

    So much for polls! Hope pollsters are run out of business. They are a waste of space!