CARTOON: Mitt's Birthday Wish Comes True – His Opponents Finally Tell the Truth!

UPDATE: Great news! Mitt Romney has won the Hot Air survey for the first time! We are about the wrap up this primary so we can focus on exposing the failed leadership of President Obama!

On the momentous occasion of Mitt’s 65th birthday comes another great cartoon from Sal Velluto at Be sure to pass this cartoon around on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter for Mitt’s big day. Also sign Mitt’s birthday card here.

Click here and donate $65 (or whatever you can afford) to the campaign in honor of Mitt’s 65th birthday.

Also, listen to Mitt on the radio from earlier today here.

Finally, watch Mitt’s interview with Neil Cavuto below the fold:

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8 Responses to CARTOON: Mitt's Birthday Wish Comes True – His Opponents Finally Tell the Truth!

  1. Vic Lundquist says:


    My favorite: Santorum’s truth.

  2. AfricansforRomney says:

    I love Gringrich Mr “Historian” prediction. Historically speaking, you win when you’ve enough votes. hehehehehehe

  3. ignoramus_us says:

    My gift for Mitt is a message from the Kabalah Rabbi’s from the Tora Code from God saying he is pleased to see Mitt become the next President. This is deep, so listen carefully. For those who don’t know, Tora Code from the Bible is like check sums in Giant computer arrays as is used by Google.

  4. Gary Alan Chidester says:

    …And may the next 8 Birthdays be televised from the White House !!! Happy Birthday, Mitt !!! ( I.M.4.U.4.8 )

  5. GitchiGummiPress says:

    Big day for Gov. Romney tomorrow. AL, MS, HI and AM. Somoa let’s give a nice birthday present with some wins. Let’s remind the south that when it came to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts Sen. Santorum voted against this. Santorum’ vote against Hurricane Katrina help.

  6. Happy Birthday Mitt, It has been a long time since I saw 65, but, every year since then has been better, and when you hit my age you will be all done with the wonderful presidency you will have completed. I have one of your T-shirts that says




    They sure are a good looking bunch. I think all the women are voting for them!!!!
    Have a great election————-Glenna

  7. Havinfun2 says:

    I wish they also said,” I was lying Romneycare isnt the same at ALL as obamacare” Santorum.
    and Newt,” I really cheated on my wives multiple other times, Im guilty of so much more than I was accused of in the Ethics charges, and Romney really is the truest conservative. Im just a big fat liar and so is Santorum who is really my son but I cant remember who is mother is”