SUPER TUESDAY — Updates and LIVE Chat — GO MITT!

CONGRATS to Governor Romney!

We're doin' the day-after-Super-Tuesday happy dance...

Big wins in Ohio! Idaho! Massachusetts! Vermont! Virginia!

And, we’ve learned that Mitt has won Alaska!

Thanks so much to all who voted for Mitt and to all the volunteers who made really made it a Super Tuesday.

What a night!

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UPDATE by Jayde – As we await election returns, take a look at Governor Romney’s superb speech today at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference (AIPAC):

Obama addressed AIPAC yesterday. Learn about the top six exaggerations in his speech here.

If you have not taken the time to watch the video clip (just below this post by Jayde) of the interview Ann Romney gave to Neil Cavuto, you gotta take a few minutes to see that; especially toward the end. One of the attributes about the man Mitt Romney that I believe stands out above them all is his modesty.

Yesterday’s Journal included this graphic from the front page article titled, “Romney Advances As Obama Gains.”

I say we win Ohio, Tennessee, and Oklahoma and give Georgia to Gingrich. Gingrich can have one state. But wouldn’t it be nice if Gov. Romney were to provide an upset in Oklahoma and Tennessee and win Ohio by a big margin? Let’s not take anything for granted and get as many of our friends, neighbors, associates, and family members out to vote as we can!

Want a quick reference guide for today? Check this out from the Journal:


What is at stake today? [3 pages] —–> CLICK

TONS of good political news about Romney + —–> CLICK

Huckabee shout out for Gov. Romney —–> CLICK

Limbaugh is in the tank for Obama and this is what happens —–> CLICK

Whooaa! Don’t get on Ann’s wrong side! —–> CLICK

GALLUP: Church-goers prefer Romney over Santorum across the board —–> CLICK

Romney upstaging Gingrich on energy —–> CLICK

Kudlow on why Romney’s got the upper hand —–> CLICK

Ohio likes Santorum, but LOVES Romney —–> CLICK

Romney’s Op-Ed on Foreign Policy — Reaganesque (The Post) —–> CLICK

What about Tennessee? And Evangelicals? —–> CLICK

BIG NIGHT tonight? Yes, but why? Tennessee trending UP! (Hugh) —–> CLICK

YORK: Romney is “ruthlessly on message” — Why discipline matters! —–> CLICK

GREAT PHOTOGRAPHS on the stump (is the baby happy or scared?) —–> CLICK

Super Tuesday Predictions —–> CLICK

If you want to help Mitt end this race as quickly as possible, donate to Mitt’s campaign today.

Victor Lundquist

Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007.
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About Victor Lundquist

Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007. View Posts | View Profile
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12 Responses to SUPER TUESDAY — Updates and LIVE Chat — GO MITT!

  1. AfricansforRomney says:

    I don’t trust Obama’s job approval/economy polls at all. Do they count his fundraising activities as a job approvals?? Don’t get it. The media cooks #s all the time.

    Gov Romney messages to the voters in the last 10 days were wonderful. Gov Romeny, keep doing what you do now. Stick with the issue– job, economy and Obama failed leadership. Don’t get heavy on religion stuff but, I love when he mentioned in his speech “WE are one nation under GOD” message.

    Vote Romney=for STRONG LEADERSHIP!!!!

  2. GitchiGummiPress says:

    It’s going to be a great day for Gov. Romney. We need Obama out and Santorum and the other Washington Insiders Out.Santorum supported, the Benedict Arnold of the Republican party, Arlen Specter for reelection. Specter once a Republican switched to be a democrat. Specter became the culminating and final vote for ObamaCare. For you conservatives out there, Specter then went on to call for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. ObamaCare depending on the source states that it will cost between $400 billion and $1.2 trillion. The Congressional Budget Office states that the cost will be $829 billion with job losses totaling around 1.6 million. All because Santorum willingly supported the Specter. In fact, read the PA articles he was on a crusade to get Specter reelected. Watch Santorum the Enemy Within

  3. ccr says:

    I hope people are more AMERICAN PATRIOTS in voting today.

    One cannot SERIOUSLY look at NG or RS and think they can beat Obama AND once in there have a CLUE as to REALLY “fix” the economic problems we face.

  4. Tim Shaw Sr says:

    No matter your faith, today is a good day for prayer. Let’s not forget our nation was created as our founding father’s put it “under the hand of Providence” or in other words under the influence of God. So it holds, if the majority of American’s are still people of faith, and we exercise the power of prayer to turn our Republic over to the influence to God Almighty, we can feel confident that the results of today’s Election and the Fall election will be under his influence. We need to be a good, righteous, fasting and prayerful people to open the doors of heaven. I challenge all readers to pray for our nation and ask for the protective care of our Creator and Providence so we may be a force for good in the world. God bless America.

  5. Dear Romney,
    You’re great and you’ll be our next President and I’m very anxious to see you walk in the
    White House. I have been putting your name in all the states you have run for in the
    LDS Temple. Hope you get President.

  6. AfricansforRomney says:

    This’s a f…ing MIRACLE!!! WOW!!! i’m speechless.

    Obama’s campaign and his media brigade were badly wounded in OH tonight.kekekekeke They’re all wetting thier pants. Wow!

    Thank You, Gov Romney! Stay on the message. It’s working baby!

    We all FIRED UP!!!

  7. GitchiGummiPress says:

    Great day for Mitt. Interesting take on Santorum and Obamacare.

    Santorum Implicitly Concedes Need For Obamacare: Says His Special Needs Child Took Up Much Of His In

  8. sherms says:

    The social media keep on saying, ” Mitt have a problem with hardline conservatives??” They keep calling him as “the more moderate candidate”. It’s actually the other way around. In fact, Mitt is the most and severly conservative of them all with a proven record. I believe the hardline conservatives are the real problem. The only reason why Mitt cannot connect to them is because they are that hard headed and it has a lot to do with religion. Mitt is like the Hen gathering her chickens under her wings but they (self prefessed conservatives) would not.

  9. ccr says:

    In these SOUTHERN states………Mitt’s team needs to assemble some outstanding surrogates and messages to help in those states! They need to overcome the media mantra of going to the convention………and REALIZE the delegate count issue/REALITY and UNITE to beat Obama! I wish some people would put pressure on Santorum’s 1-man PAC to look at REALITY and our country’s needs! Gingrich’s would stop the funding in Ricky out!

    How can people be so naive/unrealistic? (or stupid or ignorant or egomaniacal??)

  10. ccr says:

    ….oops……..Newt’s 1-man PAC would stop funding (HOPEFULLY!) once Ricky got out.

    The only two candidates who really care more about our country are Mitt and Ron! I don’t agree w/Paul on foreign policy at all……..but I do believe he cares more about our country than his wallet or future livelihood!

  11. jrterrier5 says:

    I think Romney supporters need to start boycotting the republican/conservative blogs and news outlets which are so anti-romney. to read the articles and bloggers, you would have thought that Santorum won the majority of delegates and states.

    Doesn’t a Republican need to win OH to win the presidency. Shouldn’t Gov Romney’s win in OH last night be the end of the conversation that anyone other than Romney can win the presidency?

  12. F. Ybarra says:

    Congratulations to Mitt Romney and all his supporters!

    Here is the media Spin
    Monday: “An Ohio win changes everything”. Today: “Ohio is no big deal… or Romney only wins by a small margin”

    Monday: “Super-Tuesday will clarify the campaign”. Today: “Murky-Tuesday”. “Nothing has changed”.

    I know the media are obviously biased, but this so blatant, so “in your face” people must be laughing at the so called “experts” trying desperately to spin Romney’s great victory into a defeat. The mantra continues: “He can’t connect”.

    WRONG!!! He connects just fine. The only people he can’t connect with are Santorum, Gingrich and their respective supporters. One too greedy to give up, and the other too full of himself to give up. Fine, let them continue to run. Let them continue embarrassing themselves and the Republican party by sticking their head out only to get whacked by Mitt’s campaign again and again. No matter what they do from this point on, it will only benefit Mitt: If one quits, less competition. If none quits, they split each others votes, either way Romney has it in the bag.

    GO MITT!!!!