Praising Romney: FOX News’ Neil Cavuto & Ann Romney, The FIVE & Barbara Bush (VIDEOS)

While traveling on his campaign bus in Ohio, Mitt Romney watched a television interview of his wife, Ann, and Neil Cavuto (FOX News). March 5, 2012
(Photo / Zac Moffat)

On this eve before Super Tuesday, it was refreshing to see a couple of positive pieces for Mitt Romney on FOX News.

Today, Ann Romney was interviewed by Neil Cavuto. They both deal with the challenges of Multiple Sclerosis; Cavuto asked her about the rigors of campaigning. It was a wonderful exchange; Ann focused on Governor Romney’s ability to turn things around:

Featured in a phone interview today on the opening segment of FOX News’ The Five, charming and outspoken former First Lady Barbara Bush spoke on why she supports Mitt Romney. She also offered a second ‘unofficial’ endorsement for Romney on behalf of her husband, President, George H.W. Bush. In an interview with the Houston Chronicle on December 22, 2011, President Bush 41 said he was drawn to Romney’s “stability, experience, principles,” adding, “He’s a fine person. I just think he’s mature and reasonable – not a bomb-thrower.”

Last Friday, Mrs. Romney visited Romney campaign headquarters in Ohio to thank volunteers and cheer on supporters. While speaking, she highlighted the impact women are having in the election:

“The message that has been resonating for me, as I’ve been speaking all across this country, has been an economic message, and I love it that women are concerned and are voting for economic reasons. This is so important,” said Mrs. Romney. “What I hear from all women – I heard it in Florida, I heard it in Michigan, I heard it in Nevada, I heard it New Hampshire, I heard it everywhere, everywhere I go – is that moms are very angry about the deficit spending in Washington, D.C. They are very upset about the burdens their children are going to inherit, and they think it’s irresponsible of us to pass along that kind of burden to our children and grandchildren.”

“I think women in the general election are going to make a huge difference in this nation and … for the first time, may be voting their pocketbooks, which is great,” continued Mrs. Romney.

Mrs. Romney also referred to the introduction given to her by Barbara Bush (which the former first lady mentioned while speaking to The Five today):

“She said this is the most important election in my lifetime, and for a woman who was the wife of a president and the mother of a president, that’s quite astonishing,” said Mrs. Romney of Mrs. Bush. “She is as concerned as all of us are that America’s on the wrong course, that we’re going in the wrong direction, that so many families are hurting because of the economy and the insecurity of their jobs. Even if they have a job, they’re worried.”

Ann also shared why she was motivated to push Governor Romney to run for president again:

“What changed my mind is recognizing that Mitt had the skill set and the experience to actually do something … because I did say to him – if by chance you can get the nomination, which isn’t easy – if by chance you can beat Barack Obama, which isn’t easy – but by the way he’s going to do both of those things,” said Mrs. Romney. “I need to know in my heart can you fix it once you get there, and you want to know. Let me let you in on the little secret – he’s the only one that can, the only one that can.”

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THREE CHEERS for Ann Romney! Let’s work hard to give her and The Gov an unforgettable day of victories tomorrow!

► Jayde Wyatt

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4 Responses to Praising Romney: FOX News’ Neil Cavuto & Ann Romney, The FIVE & Barbara Bush (VIDEOS)

  1. AWESOME post Jayde! Thank you.

    What a great combination in one post! In so many way, Barbara Bush and Ann Romney seem so much alike. Both are very gracious and both so naturally kind.

    The comments Mrs. Bush made about Bill Clinton were so sincere and generous. Ann seems to be of the same character as Barbara. Both women are known to be tough defenders of their respective husbands but naturally kind in the way they see other around them.

    For me, the most important “view” of Governor Romney that we are seeing from his wife is his humility. Anybody that has studied the man for more than a few days discovers that he is multi-faceted and that he is most generous with his time and energies when relating to others that cross his path. I seriously doubt we will ever see him talk about those experiences and I think he is correct not to. But others can and those who write for MRC have brought to light some of those experiences. No average voter can truly know the heart and mind of a leader seeking the vote. But if I am going to err on one side or the other, I choose to err on the side of humility that is supported by strength, intelligence, experience, capacity, and executive skill (think of Gingrich by contrast).

    Romney does not need the job of POTUS for his resume or for his future. Clearly, of the four candidates, Gov. Romney seems the best person for the job. If we elect him President, he will probably accept no more than $1.00 per year as he did as governor for four years; as he did running the Olympics project for three years; as he did when he went back to rescue Bain; and has he has done for decades in his church leadership when he was paid nothing. I don’t think any other Presidents of the United States, who were wealthy men prior to the office, who received no pay during their service.

    And you know what? We will never hear Gov. Romney or his family speak of it.

    It is called “service.” And some refer to it as “servant leadership.” Look it up online. Romney is the epitome of “servant leadership.”

  2. Ooooops: Mistake:

    “I don’t think any other Presidents of the United States, who were wealthy men prior to the office, who received no pay during their service.”

    should have written:

    “I don’t think any other Presidents of the United States, who were wealthy men prior to the office, served in that office without compensation.”

  3. sherms says:

    Serving people with nothing in return is an example of fruit by the LDS church.
    Hence, “By their fruits ye shall know them” -JC.

  4. AfricansforRomney says:

    Interestingly, both Barabara and Ann shares the same. They both have loving husband. The media used to portray Barbar’a's husband G H Bush very cold, disconnected, unemotional guy which was totally UNTRUE. Once he was out of the office, the whole world saw his hidden emotion, his kindness, his tears. The media repeate the same craps with Gov Romney now. They both decent family. I love the Bush’s.

    Ann ROCKS!!

    Well, i missed W a lot!