Ann Romney — A Tribute by Neil Cavuto


Christmas with Grandchildren

As a contributor to MittRomneyCentral, one of my goals is to provide glimpses, where possible, into the lives of the Romney family in the hopes of revealing more of the human side of the man we know as “Mitt” and the woman we see introducing him at events whom we know as “Ann.” Many Americans have not followed the Republican race at all, and what they may have seen of the Romneys is likely to have been through the news media as they channel surfed TV channels. The image portrayed by the mainstream media of Governor Romney is that he is out of touch with average Americans and that he is rich. He is compassionate, a loyal family man, and he has many friends. Another look at Ann’s life:

To this end, please take a minute and watch this short video by Neil Cavuto about Ann Romney. Until I saw this clip, I was unaware that Cavuto has known Governor Romney since before the Olympics and that he has MS. This video clip is just one more “glimpse” into the life of the “better half” of Gov. Romney:

If you would like to get a little better understanding of Ann Romney (and Mitt), be sure to also watch this short video under the post titled, “Ann Romney, The Window to Mitt’s Soul

Video H/T: Greg Stapley

Addendum from Ross: Watch Ann on Fox & Friends below the fold.

Victor Lundquist

Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007.
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About Victor Lundquist

Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007. View Posts | View Profile
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14 Responses to Ann Romney — A Tribute by Neil Cavuto

  1. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Vic, I LOVED watching Neil Cavuto speak about Ann Romney. They are both inspiring examples of ongoing courage through their chronic health issues.

    I’ve admired Ann for a long time – her character, her work ethic, her compassion, and her tenacity and spunk. Ann as First Lady… she said she’ll bring horses to the White House (an important part of her wellness). Love that!

    Governor Romney wouldn’t be who he is today without years of Ann’s love. And, she wouldn’t be who she is today without the years of his love. Their devotion to one another is a wonderful dynamic.

    I’m so looking forward to seeing the moving van pull up to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue next year with the Romney’s belongings! While President Romney gets to work restoring America, First Lady Ann will lead on issues dear to her heart. And, their family – including 16 grandchildren – will fill the White House with lots of love and laughter.

  2. Erin Apelu says:

    I loved this video. I love Ann Romney. I also love Neil Cavouto. I too have Multiple Sclerosis. I often think the same thing when I see how much Ann is doing. She is an example. Very inspiring. The Lord has truly blessed her. They are a wonderful couple. I hope to meet them both someday, especially her.

  3. GitchiGummiPress says:

    Thanks for sharing. This is the very humanistic side that the media needs to potray of Mr. Romney. I’ve read articles and seen youtube videos of his kindness and generousity. This is the kind of example we need in the White House.

  4. Jayde, I too can’t wait until we see the Romney family enter the White House.

    I believe however that we will all need to strap ourselves in for the next eight months. I don’t want to sound dramatic, but I honestly believe we are going to experience a presidential contest like none we have seen in our lifetimes and possibly the dirtiest in American history.

    I do not think that there will any tactic that will be too low for Obama.

    If so, I think the contrast will appear to many as that of good versus evil. Again, I don’t intend to be melodramatic at all — but I think we are in for a very unique eight months like never before.

  5. Tim Shaw Sr says:

    Wonderful video, I have always loved Ann. I have noticed after she introduces Mitt she reaches up and puts her hand on his cheek with such tenderness. Then she either kisses him or looks into his eyes with a look of the deepest love and admiration. There is no fakness or coldness here, these two have a real love affair. What I would give to have a wife that I could share that kind of love with.

  6. Lilli says:

    Thank you Mr Cavuto. I wish videos and articles of this nature were published more often.

  7. AfricansforRomney says:

    Ann is great! A while ago I read in the New Yoker magzine a wonderful piece Romeny’s family, her works with inner city kids and community involvments. No doubt, Ann is a good asset in this race.

    Ann for FIRST LADY! The choice is simple, folks. Ann don’t get in your children lunch box!

  8. Dayle says:

    As women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we often hear the misconception that we are submissive, suppressed women who contribute nothing but children. Ann Romney is the counter-punch to that argument. Our lives our filled with opportunities to lead and administer in many arenas. Ann Romney is a wonderful representative of women of all faiths! Clearly his face demonstrates his adoration of her. Go Ann and Mitt!

  9. Robert and Helen Wells says:

    @Jayde Wyatt
    Jayde, I concur with all you said about Ann. My daughter, while living in Boston, knew Ann well, and with the few times I have been in her presence and heard her speak, I know that she will be an incredible First Lady! Let’s all get behind Mitt and Ann and make the dream come true!

  10. Elisabeth Smith says:

    I think it is good to see pictures of the familie of Mitt ..there should be more out there because it really brings them down to earth, in peoples eyes.

  11. Elisabeth Smith says:

    if one can donate with paypal I am sure more people would donate. It would make it so much easier to just klick and pay instead people having to get the credit card out and type in the numbers…. at leat I would think so .

  12. rita capowski says:

    neil thank you for showing this video ann is a lovely lady and shell make a great presidents wife they both love their faith family and the love they show for each other and most of all the love for their country. they both great humble people 2012 romneys in the white house

  13. Stephanie G says:

    Ann and Neil are both pretty darn strong in my eye. It’s one thing to admire them for their success despite the disease, but as a young MS patient, it’s different for me. Sometimes I wonder how much longer I’ll be able to push myself with work, etc – it’s good to see people like this staying strong despite their circumstances.

  14. Stephanie G says:

    Ditto that! @Dayle