Maine: Twenty More Elected Officials/Leaders Back Mitt Romney

Ahead of the GOP Maine caucuses this Saturday (Feb 11th), Mitt Romney today announced 20 more endorsements from elected officials and leaders in the magnificent Pine Tree State:

“I am proud to have such a strong backing by elected officials and leaders from across the state of Maine,” said Mitt Romney. “Their support proves that my pro-growth message is breaking through and that Maine voters want someone with real world economic experience in the White House.”

Announcing his endorsement of Mitt Romney, Maine Senate President Kevin Raye said, “In order for the economy to rebound, Washington needs to stop erecting roadblocks for job creators. Mitt Romney understands the importance of strengthening small business and American manufacturing. As President, he will lead the way to rein in the federal debt, reverse the explosive growth of government, and reduce the regulatory burden on America’s businesses to foster an environment that is favorable for job creation. That is why I support Mitt Romney, and why so many other Maine leaders are endorsing his campaign.”

Maine Elected Officials and Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney:

· Bruce Poliquin; State Treasurer
· Kevin Raye; Senate President
· Nichi Farnham State Senator
· David Hastings; State Senator
· Roger Katz; State Senator
· Brian Langley; State Senator
· Tom Martin; State Senator
· Garrett Mason; State Senator
· Earle McCormick; State Senator
· Christopher Rector; State Senator
· Tom Saviello; State Senator
· Cary Weston; Mayor of Bangor
· Peter Mills; Former State Senator
· Philip Harriman; Former State Senator
· Mark Gartley; Former Secretary of State
· Kathy Watson; Former Maine Republican Party Chairwoman
· Jim Fossel; Augusta City Republican Chairman
· Angela Courchesney; Jay Town Republican Chairwoman
· Dawn Gilbert; Lincoln Town Republican Chairman
· Dwayne Bickford; Former ED of Maine GOP

Maine elected officials and leaders endorsing Romney:

· William Schneider; Attorney General
· Peter Cianchette; Former U.S. Ambassador
· Dave Emery; Former U.S. Congressman
· Jon Courtney; Senate Majority Leader
· Ron Collins; State Senator
· Richard Rosen; State Senator
· Lois Snowe-Mello; State Senator
· Bruce Bickford; State Representative
· Richard Cebra; State Representative
· Dean Cray; State Representative
· Stacey Fitts; State Representative
· Leslie Fossel; State Representative
· Ken Fredette; State Representative
· Peter Johnson; State Representative
· Jim Donnelly; Former House Republican Leader
· Josh Tardy; Former House Republican Leader
· Rick Bennett; Former Senate President & RNC National Committeeman
· Jan Staples; RNC National Committeewoman
· Charlie Cragin; Former National Committeeman
· Maureen Cragin; Ret.Naval Captain, fmr Assist. Sec of Veterans Affairs for Public & Intergovernmental Affairs
· Doris Russell; Former National Committeewoman
· Hattie Bickmore; Former Maine Republican Party Chairman
· Mark Ellis; Former Maine Republican Party Chairman
· Steve Abbott; 2010 Republican Candidate for Governor
· Jason Levesque; Former 2010 Republican Candidate for Congress
· Tim Woodcock; Attorney and former Republican Candidate for Congress
· Chris Gardiner; Washington County Chair
· Howard Bickford: Wilton Town Republican Chair
· David Coleman; Limerick Town Republican Chair
· Gerald Morrison; Perry Town Republican Chair
· Pat Percy; Phippsburg Town Republican Chair
· Janet Plausse; Lincolnville Town Republican Chair
· Jonathan Reisman; Cooper Town Republican Chair
· George Sanborn; Poland Town Republican Chair
· Glyneta Thomson; Surry Town Republican Chair
· Ben Gilman; 2008 Maine State Victory Director
· Ann Robinson; Co-Chair, Transition Team for Governor-Elect Paul LePage
· Kathy Summers-Grice; General Consultant to the Maine Senate Republican Caucus
· Halsey Frank
· Merton Henry

Regarding Maine’s caucuses, The Portland Press Herald reports (Feb 1, 2012):

Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster said Romney and Paul are running hard in Maine, but he doesn’t see evidence of the campaigns of Republicans Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

Gingrich and Santorum may effectively be skipping Maine to marshal their forces elsewhere in an attempt to overtake Romney, analysts say.

Nonetheless, Webster said he hopes the state party’s event Feb. 11 at the Portland Regency to announce the winner – after more than a week of caucus events around the state – will draw a lot of attention.

To make them more noteworthy nationally, the Maine GOP decided to shorten the caucuses, which used to run from Jan. 1 until mid-March.

Webster, who has not endorsed anyone, called Romney the favorite in Maine. He noted that Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, easily won the Maine caucuses in 2008.
Ryan Williams, a Romney spokesman, said the campaign opened an office in Portland on Monday [Jan 30th] with a full-time staffer and several volunteers, and is lining up surrogates to visit caucus events. …

We appreciate the additional support from elected officials and leaders in Maine for Governor Romney. It’s a nice boost! We hope they will actively campaign for him in these last few days leading to their caucuses.

Spread the word; let’s help Mainers bring home a win for Mitt!

► Jayde Wyatt

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3 Responses to Maine: Twenty More Elected Officials/Leaders Back Mitt Romney

  1. Shane Ownbey says:

    Beautiful photo. I really feel like I’m standing on the beach. Super, super photo. Thanks!

  2. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Shane, I appreciate your comment!

    Governor Romney is receiving so many endorsements that I decided, whenever possible, to post images showcasing the states from whence the support is coming. It also evokes pride from residents of that state, so it’s a pleasant task.

    I also like the story Mitt tells of his parents driving him and his siblings across our nation in their Rambler to see the grandeur of the USA. I thought it would be a bit of eye-relief from political photos to, once in awhile, see reminders of America the Beautiful.

  3. Where’s all of Gingrich’s new endorsements? I think it would be HUGE news if Gingrich received even one new endorsement from an elected official!