Mitt Romney doesn’t care about poor people? WRONG!

In the 24 hour news cycle, the story of the day has been Mitt’s comments to CNN in the early morning after his Florida win. While I think even the most ardent Romney fan would admit that this could and should have (and will be) phrased more adeptly, the liberals have taken and run with the partial quote that he’s “not concerned with the very poor” … It looks worse in print that in the context of the interview:

Mitt cares deeply about the poor, and his actions speak louder than words. How many “journalists” have bothered to mention that Mitt has given over $7,000,000 (SEVEN FREAKING MILLION!) to charitable organizations in just the last two years? Records from before then show the Romney’s consistent giving millions upon millions to organizations that care for the poor. By contrast, Joe Biden gave only $3690 to charity in an entire decade … that’s PROOF of someone that doesn’t care about the poor. From 2001-4, the Obamas made nearly a million dollars, but donated LESS THAN 1% of that income to charity.

Or what about when Mitt gave cash out of his pocket to the lady in South Carolina who said God guided her to follow Romney’s campaign bus to find help to keep her lights on? The EXACT SAME CNN REPORTER (Soledad) even reported about that a couple of weeks ago … does she have no memory?

Mitt doesn’t care about poor people? Demonstrably false and easy to debunk (and this is without even delving into fact that Mitt, as a Mormon Bishop for several years, dedicated much of his time to caring for the poor in a very “hands on” fashion). If Obama and team push this theme it will come back to bite them. Mitt’s done more to care for the poor than any snarky reporter or any of his political rivals.

Recall Vic’s post from a couple days back that highlighted Romney’s life of service and included the following YouTube:

Additionally, Brit Hume on Fox News today adroitly argued that anyone who wants to “make hay” or be offended by this out-of-context quote wouldn’t be voting for a GOP candidate anyways. I’d have to agree.

Jeff has been blogging for Romney since living in Iowa in 2006, when, as a physician, he was drawn to study Romney’s MA healthcare reform plan. A native of California, Jeff now claims to be a proud southern transplant (he currently lives and practices as a vitreoretinal surgeon in Birmingham with his wife and six kids) having lived in Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana for nearly all of the last 15 years. His recent hobby is doing triathlons, having completed his first (and only) Ironman Triathlon this past May.

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Jeff has been blogging for Romney since living in Iowa in 2006, when, as a physician, he was drawn to study Romney's MA healthcare reform plan. A native of California, Jeff now claims to be a proud southern transplant (he currently lives and practices as a vitreoretinal surgeon in Birmingham with his wife and six kids) having lived in Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana for nearly all of the last 15 years. His recent hobby is doing triathlons, having completed his first (and only) Ironman Triathlon this past May.
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13 Responses to Mitt Romney doesn’t care about poor people? WRONG!

  1. President of United States
    Sends Rejection letter instead of support to help those in need in America

    My name is Bob Graham and I want to share my story. I have made helping the hungry and homeless in America my focus in life. I lost someone very close to me who lost his job, became homeless and eventually died all alone. This is America and I feel every man, woman and child should have something to eat, somewhere to sleep and a job to be able to provide the basic things in life to survive.
    I am not rich or famous just an everyday guy who drives a tractor trailer truck for a living. I wrote a song titled “Now or Never” the song to help those in need in America and I am donating proceeds from the download sales of this song to food banks and homeless shelters across America. I also organize events and hold raffles as well to raise funds for those in need.
    I took a shot and sent a letter to the Whitehouse asking for support from President Obama along with five t-shirts from one of our fundraisers. In this letter I requested one thing of the President, that he kindly sign one of the shirts and send it back to us to auction off at our next event to help those in need in America. The other four t-shirts were a gift to the first family. I knew it was a long shot that he would even answer me but those who go without enough food or shelter are worth it to try, as they are the very same people he asked to vote for him when he was running for the office of the President in which he is currently seeking reelection. The American people need the support of our President, instead to my surprise we got a letter of rejection for our request and his office sent back the t-shirt we asked to be signed and the remaining four t-shirts that were gifts for the first family.
    I know the President most likely did not even see my request, I also know he is responsible for the actions of the people that work on his staff. This is not a story to bash the President of the United States it is a story of how we, the American voter, tax payer and citizen need to accept we are alone in this fight.
    I am trying to get the message to the American people if you want change in anything may it be to end hunger and homelessness or who is going to occupy the office of President of the United States, we need to stand together as one to make it happen. We can help those in need by standing together and that is the only way. All Americans need to realize the leader of our country does not even have the time to sign a shirt to raise money to feed a hungry American. I know he is a very busy man but I feel if the President’s office felt the hunger and homeless issue in America was a priority in his administration they would have helped us with our request. The outcome would have supplied meals for hungry Americans.
    I strongly believe that change will come if the people of America stand hand in hand. I ask everyone, what makes you think the government is going to do anything to help us? They do not see the individual in need, they see statistics. I am a registered democrat and I will vote republican to help secure a change in America. We are in serious trouble and if we do not stand together now our future does not look so bright. I am hoping there is a news station or newspaper that will share this story.

  2. Nancy Carruth says:

    LMitt Romney is a man of INTEGRITY!!! This little video say a WHOLE LOT about his character. How many other presidental candidate would go out of their way….with NO CAMERAS around…to help out another human being in need. NOT GINGRICH!!! That’s for sure! Romney is the kind of man we need to lead our country and set an example for the rest of AMERICA that there are still some men out there who possess this quality…INTEGRITY!!!! That is what the American President should have!!

  3. Jim Tills says:

    I don’t worry about the poor because they have a safety net. That’s the gist of what Mitt Romney said. Perhaps he should have said, the poor have a safety net through food stamps, medicare, medicaid and other programs and because of those things, the relief needed must now go to the middle class in the form of lower taxes, no tax on capital gains, etc., etc.
    Why is it that the Evangelicals don’t believe what Isaiah prophesied would happen in the latter days when men would make others offenders for a word! Taking words out of context and in essence promoting falsehoods is a moral sin according to Biblical standards. Then why should this be a damaging item causing Evangelicals to turn away from Mitt, the most competent, electable, and truest “friend to the poor” running in this campaign.
    It’s exasperating to see the hypocrisy of the liberal mind and the derogatory applause that comes from psuedo-conservatives, many that pose as true conservative Christians.

  4. Marilyn says:

    When both the right and the left unload on you, you know you are going right down the middle. For the far right, it’s all about their own version of utopia where everybody has something called “opportunity” so that if they just work hard enough they too can be a billionaire (see

    The left’s version of utopia is where everybody gets along and gets treated equally, regardless of IQ or talent, and everybody is right and nobody is wrong.

    Neither version of utopia is ever going to happen. Anybody with any education at all, who is “tuned in” to what is going on in our economy today knew exactly what Mitt was talking about, including the media.

    Mitt, I admire you greatly for what you are doing, running for the nomination at this given point in time.

  5. kay says:

    good for you, you are a good man

  6. AfricansforRomeny says:

    I wish he didn’t say it. He sounds horriable, dismissive the poor especially, when you hear it from a phony jouranlist like Diane Sawyer (the 1/2 second sound bite feels like 2 hours).

    Thanks for Emperor Obama, he turned the majority middle class to the “very Poor” class.

    I think it is time for Gov Romney to talk about the “sensitive” issues in a very clever way without jeopardizing his nomination. Personally, i would like to hear more from Gov Romney about the poor, economic inequality, poverty around the globe especially U.S aides used as modern colonization in Africa and many other poor countries, race (no Beer submit, please), immigration, religion….

    Independents for Romney!!!!

  7. Phil Osborne says:

    The media will continue to hammer any republican candidate for every word they speak, and it is their mode operandi to present those words out of context. An idiot could understand the context in which Romney was speaking, however, the MSM and other leftist organizations, knowingly write, speak, and distort those on the right with venom. Unfortunately, the uninformed listen, and take those distortions as gospel, and spread it to others…exactly how the leftist media play-book intended…

  8. Annette says:

    Robert Graham…We need a lot more people like you.

  9. Victor says:

    In the 1990’s, when both my parents, in their senior years were living in Shawmut Ave. South End of Boston Massachusetts. Immigrants who arrived in America in the 80’s. Father fought during the Second World War in Bataan and was in the Death March. But having just migrated, and more than just a decade to work and not much of a Social Security check after being forced to retire. They just have enough to get by. Being members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Tag and his wife visits them regularly and makes sure that they are okey.

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Believe me, they care for the poor and the needy, the sick and the aged.
    Mitt is focused on bringing back America to it’s greatness, in creating jobs, and building the economy. And surely everybody will benefit from that, even the poor.

  10. Bob, thank you for what you wrote and for what you are doing.

    There are many stories yet unheard of Gov. Romney’s real generosity of time, money, and other resources. He is not the type to flaunt any of his talents or anything related to service. Anything done to be seen of man has its empty reward.

    A President Romney will bring more benefit and financial reward to the poor of this nation than the last five presidents combined.

  11. jozie says:

    GOP Guitar Czar Chris Holly jams Bob Marley for Gov Romney on the campaign trail.

  12. AfricansforRomney says:

    Thanks jozie. The guy did a good job. Bob Marley song for GOP, in SC? I found it very interesting. Romney is a cool dude!

    Independents for Romney!!!