Romney to Gingrich: “Erratic as a Pinball Machine… Show Me The Records!”

“Show me the records!”

Governor Mitt Romney has turned the tables on Newt Gingrich:

TAMPA – A combative Mitt Romney on Monday broadened his call for Newt Gingrich to release records from his work as a consultant, speculating that those documents and records from the ethics investigation that led Gingrich to resign from the House of Representatives could show “potentially wrongful activity of some kind.”

“We could see an October surprise a day from Newt Gingrich,” Romney told reporters at a media availability here. “And so let’s see the records from the ethics investigation, let’s see what they show. Let’s see who his clients were at the time he was lobbying Republican congressmen for Medicare Part D.

“Was he working or were his entities working with any health-care companies that could’ve benefited from that? That could represent not just evidence of lobbying but potentially wrongful activity of some kind.”
“He said in a debate, actually, that people who profited from the failed model of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae ought to give back their money,” Romney said. “Well, the speaker made $1.7 million in his enterprises from providing services to Freddie Mac. He ought to give it back.”

Here’s what Gingrich claims:

Gingrich repeatedly has said that he never lobbied lawmakers on behalf of Freddie Mac and health-care companies, saying he was paid for his services as a consultant and historian.

“I was not a lobbyist, I was never a lobbyist, I never did any lobbying. Don’t try to mix these things up. That fact is I was an adviser strategically,” he said Sunday on “Meet the Press.”

Earlier today Governor Tim Pawlenty and Florida House of Reps Speaker Designate Will Weatherford held a press conference call on Gingrich’s work as a “historian” for Freddie Mac. Pawlenty sums it up: “The notion that he was paid $1.7 million as a historian for Freddie Mac is just B.S. Newt Gingrich has represented hundreds of clients and interest groups in Washington, D.C., since he left the speakership. To say that he wasn’t a lobbyist is incredible hair-splitting.”

Romney hit Gingrich on his “highly eratic” style of leading:

He noted that Gingrich voted in favor of establishing the Department of Education, yet now says the department should be eliminated and its authority sent to the states. And Romney said Gingrich is “opposed vehemently” to the Massachusetts health-care system “and yet just a couple of years ago wrote about what a superb system it was.”

He’s gone from pillar to post almost like a pinball machine, from item to item in a way which is highly erratic and does not suggest a stable, thoughtful course which is normally associated with leadership,” Romney said.

(emphasis added)

Pinball Policy Newt…

Romney speaking to the press in FL:

“By the way, saying that Newt Gingrich is a lobbyist is just a matter of fact. He indicates that he doesn’t fall within the narrow definition of lobbyists that he might have in mind. But if you’re working for a company, getting paid for a company through one of your many entities and then you’re speaking with Congressmen in a way that would help that company, that’s lobbying. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.” ~ Mitt Romney

Romney’s new Florida radio ad features FL Atty Gen Pam Bondi:

Bagley cartoon – Newtrimony on the rocks

H/t Utah Students for Mitt for cartoon

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17 Responses to Romney to Gingrich: “Erratic as a Pinball Machine… Show Me The Records!”

  1. Marilyn says:

    Mitt, please don’t let him wiggle out of this by using “semantics”, or “technicaliities”. I have faith that you are and have always been an honest actor. I do not think that Newt has ever been an honest actor in anything. Call him out. You’ve got nothing to hide, but Newt does, I know it!

  2. Marilyn says:

    Actor as in “party” of the first part, or what have you, not actor as in Ronald Reagan was an actor.

  3. Robin says:

    Dear MRC,
    I can’t watch a lot of the videos. They are just black windows on my screen. Is it a problem with my computer. Do you know what I can do to access the videos, like Ann Colters?

    Thanks. Go Mitt and Go MRC!

  4. StevenInBrooklyn says:

    Yes, Newt needs to be exposed, but my concern is getting through to the Romney campaign that they are not connecting sufficiently with voters, and people in the grassroots Internet world. This deficiency needs to be dealt with before it’s too late.

    If you agree, and want to discuss further: askparisparamus at gmail

  5. Annette says:

    Robin…I had that problem and just switched my browser.

    Mitt needs to go after Newt hard. He needs to make people think before they vote in someone with so much baggage. How can they trust a man who will leave a wife in her hour of need or deceive her by carrying on a 6 year affair. Can we trust a man who was forced to resign by his own party as speaker over issues of ethics. Can we trust that he is telling us the truth, that he will do what he is telling us. Can we trust that he is disciplined and principled as a leader?

    There would be nothing wrong with Mitt bringing up his deceit including his marriages. Perry did and it worked fine for him. I think Mitt is fighting for the life of his campaign. He will not want to let down his endorsements, supporter or country.

  6. Shauna says:

    I see no reason at all to be a Republican if a corrupt man like Newt Gingrich is who they think best represents them.

    Newt Gingrich is a liar and corrupt. If Character is no longer important to the GOP. The GOP is not my Party.

    I will not be a Republican under him.

  7. Stargold says:

    Gingrich, ex-wife Marianne, and $10 Million Arms Dealer
    A Buried FBI Investigation. Where’s Romney’s SuperPac? Please DIG IT!

  8. Jim Tills says:

    Unfortunately I feel much the same way as Shauna. If the Republican Party can nominate a corrupt liar like Gingrich in place of a disciplined honorable man of character, skill, and turn-around proven accomplishment like Mitt Romney, then the cause is totally lost. Obama and the socialistic left will have won the battle.

    Although I love Mitt Romney and what he stands for, if he overthrown by a misguided majority of Republican voters who back a corrupt politician like Newt Gingrich, then I will be immeasurably hurt by the blindness of fellow conservatives. By far, Mitt Romney is the best man running and I support him with my commentary, my dollars—even though they be few, and my distribution of e-mails to hundreds of people. If he goes down due to the ignorance and wishy-washy nature of so-called conservatives, we will be left with almost nothing to cheer about.

  9. ccr says:

    Mitt fans…………..FLOOD Mitt’s Facebook page!!!! Get your friends, too! SOMEONE from Mitt’s team will see it! @Steven……….I hope you see this and can post on the chatbox. I’m at work…..can’t do chatbox or FB. Spread the word……flood Mitt’s FB page with support, courage, a suggestion or two……….

    It’s gotta happen TONIGHT. Mitt has got to demonstrate courage, strength, fortitude for the SOUL of the GOP!

    Prayers/good thoughts for Mitt……….!!! Now is the THE time!

  10. Linna says:

    Fact-O-Meter on newt:

  11. RENEE says:

    I like ‘THE NEW MITT’!!! =)…Mitt needs to talk in detail about the 2002 Winter Olympics, how he turned a $375 million deficit into a $100 million profit, using 23,000 volunteers. Also, Mitt eliminated a $3 billion deficit as Gov. of Mass. What did Gingrich do, balance the federal budget??? WRONG…the tech boom did that!!!!!!

  12. sherms says:

    There is a big problem with Newt…. and so do with the people that are voting for him… They claim that they are “very conservative”?? Despite the fact that Newt had three wives and he did ask one of them for a open marriage??? Is that what they consider conservatism???? If that’s the case then “very conservative” has a new defifnition and meaning for these people. i.e. pure hypocrisy…

  13. sherms says:

    Got that Nootonians?????

  14. Jenny says:

    Mitt you are my guy. I have been behind you since the last election. Everything that you’re saying here about Newt is dead on but in this video clip you don’t sound like you believe any of it. You’ve got to be more forceful and convincing when you’re speaking of these things and don’t let him slither out of it with his dodging and double speak. You can do it Mitt! Praying for you tonight!

  15. pbj in CA says:

    Newt’s response was that Mitt’s desperate to make these attacks. Frankly he is; we all are. I’m desperately worried Newt could possibly be the GOP’s nominee. He’s a disaster.

    I agree as well that Newt claims he’s full of ideas. I think it may be time for Mitt to take on Newt’s “ideas” and show how ridiculous they are and how Mitt’s are superior. Coming up with an idea is much easier than coming up with a good idea or putting it in place.

  16. AfricansforRomeny says:

    Gingrich is not the solution for the 13% congress job apporval.

    The GOP leaders should think twice the conservative values. If they continue shoveling Gingrich’s baloney values in our throat, GOP may be need to be dismantle.

    Gingrich=phoney baloney values

  17. helen walker says:

    Mitt Romney will get the economy moving again. He was very successful in growing his business and now wants to do the same for his country. He understand the economy Obama doesn’t have a clue.