MUST WATCH: Ann Coulter Hits the Nail on the Head

Great video of Ann Coulter discussing Newt Gingrich and the South Carolina primary. Check it out:

When I listen to Gingrich in his debate performances, and I do mean “performances,” his answers always seem reminiscent of the Shakespeare line, “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

I, for one, was very confused and dumbfounded about the whole “standing ovation” thing that Newt accomplished in South Carolina. I truly felt that Gingrich’s answers weren’t that amazing. In fact, the answers were really quite average if you take just a moment to think about what he said. Often Newt dodged the question rather than answered it. Or he resorted to giving snarky, glib retorts rather than having a grown-up conversation about the issues. Hopefully Republican voters in Florida will see that many of Newt’s “great debate performances” are really just dodging the question in order to distract from his genuine flaws.

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18 Responses to MUST WATCH: Ann Coulter Hits the Nail on the Head

  1. Elizabetty says:

    I am ashamed Newt Gingrich has an R behind his name. He cannot be the standard bearer of our party. He makes Clinton look like a moral man – after all, he only cheated on ONE WIFE!

  2. stuntman says:

    Coulter knocks it out of the park.

    Give em hell Mitt!

  3. Pat says:

    I am proud that Gingrich has an R behind his name. I am tired of the old Guard Reublicans saying that Romney is the one he looks presidential, he’s paid his dues it’s his turn etc… These people gave us McCain and McCain lost because he would rather bend than stand firm against the DEMS. Romney will bend as well. How will he fight Obama when he refuses to say that Obamas ideology is wrong for America all he says is he is a goodman. In over his head. Gingrich is not afraid to say that Obama is dangerous to this country. Gingrich will fight for this country. We can no longer afford to bend to the progressives.

  4. Annette says:

    Newt needs to release the house ethics investigation while he was speaker of the house. I think he needs to be fully vetted. He also needs to release his work at Freddie Mac. Was Newt paid 1.6 million to tell Freddie Mac that they shouldn’t be making high risk loans? I doubt it. Pitching the Freddie Mac business model to Republicans is more like it. If there is nothing there, then it shouldn’t be a problem releasing it. Mitt is releasing his taxes on Tuesday so it’s your turn Newt. What is it that makes the Republican establishment TERRIFIED of the prospect of Newt being nominated. Probably kiting checks, not properly checking out tax laws, and problematic ideas during his tenure as speaker of the house. His tenure was so disastrous that he forced to resign by his own party.

    We need a principled, pragmatic and disciplined leader, not someone who tells off moderators to dodge questions. Don’t get carried away with Newt’s dramatic intonations and rhetoric, listen to his words. There is nothing there.

    How can this party be so hypocritical to demonize Clinton and even John Edwards. But these voters are giving Gingrich a pass after leaving to ex wives while they had life threatening diseases and carried on an 6 year affair during his second marriage. Newt Gingrich is going to bring the Republican Party down if nominated.

  5. Dr K says:

    Perhaps of even greater impact would be for Mitt to challenge Newt on just what products he produced while acting as an “historian” for Freddie Mac/Fanny Mae. Also of interest would be the actual SOW, or statement of work, for which Newt received at least $1.6 million from the latter govt-underwritten institutions at the height of the mortgage scam.

    What’s more, how about a hard-hitting ad recounting how Newt was the first speaker ever booted from his position due to ethics violations–to which he was obliged to “confess” on the House floor? In addition, he was booted by a near-unaminous vote of his own caucus (!), plus the thumbs-down votes of three of the four Repubs on the ethics committee that eventually censored him (and fined him $300,000 as well). So much for Newt’s principled leadership!

  6. Dr K says:

    And for good measure, have Ann repeat her “sound and fury” assessment of Newt’s vaunted debate skills as part of another series of ads revealing Newt to be the opportunistic bloviator (vs. orator) he truly is. In fact, “Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing” ought to be its title!

  7. ccr says:

    Gingrich is the next one that is dangerous to our country. The man is all over…….the REAL flipflop man……..on his values. He is the man WITHOUT a CORE! He professes conservative ideas………and BASHES conservative ideas! Just this year: Paul Ryan’s medicare and then the free enterprise!

    Gingrich labels himself a “conservative”, boasts Reagan which is a LIE, and then finds gullible people to believe his all over the map……….and couch………..ideas are “conservative”. Lies. He’s lied numerous times for years………and is STILL doing the same!

    Romney was out campaigning and supporting CONSERVATIVES and was instrumental in the 2010 upset!!!!!! THAT’s one BIG thing he has done for the conservative movement!

    I hope Mitt goes after Newt and his prolific record! THIS is WHAT Americans need to see from Mitt!

    Mitt 2012!

  8. Paul says:

    Way to go Ann! Love listening to your views. One thing wrong with the conservative movement is we need a leader who can cross party lines who can get America and congress working again. The polls show Americans are fed up with congress. Congress for years now has had a very low acceptance rate. I believe in being conservative, but conservative is not what we need right now. We need someone who can get congress working again, not someone who is from congress! Gingrich too is just not going to be able to beat Obama so it makes sense that a vote for Gingrich is a vote for Obama!

  9. Roxanne says:

    Thank you for the clip. Most satisfying to finally see someone unafraid to sink her teeth into the truth and just put it out there. I read today that “democrats breathed a sigh of relief” when Gingrich won South Carolina. I wonder why that is? Perhaps it is because they know Newt is no threat to Obama if he is the GOP Nominee.

  10. Pat: You obviously have never looked into Gingrich’s past, his record, or his history in creating much of what Washington is today. Gingrich is the big government candidate all the way. It is obvious to everyone he is the ultimate insider. But the biggest thing you are fooled by is that you think he can execute. Gingrich does not know how to execute. His lack of integrity got him kicked out of the speakership! His lack of leadership caused his entire staff to leave him en masse at the beginning of a presidential campaign! His lack of leadership caused him to not get registered in his HOME state! You obviously did not watch the last debate. He admitted on national TV that he is not an executive! He said if he were to start over, he would get rid of his staff and run a campaign using the Web. I am convinced that is what he would try to do if he were POTUS. He knows better than any person alive that he cannot lead others. He is no leader. He certainly is not an executive (root word “execute”). Big ideas? Big deal! Means nothing!

    GMR would run circles around NG in a contest of getting things done with hard work. NG would collapse, gasping for air after about 90 minutes trying to keep up with GMR. Pat: Please do your homework before lining up as a lemming behind the least conservative candidate on stage. BTW, NG never intended to be a serious candidate. That is obvious by his complete and utter lack of discipline.

    He would actually want to usher in the first presidency with a first “lady” that served him as his mistress for six years — really? Nice precedent. The kind of example we need to set for our children and grandchildren for their elementary school history books! You sure see life through a different lens than do I. Just what we need: A person in Office who is an admitted serial adulterer, married to a First “Lady” that was “the other woman”, who was ejected from the most important leadership position in Congress by all the other congressmen, and a man that no person who knows him really well ever says anything nice about! In fact, I don’t think the guy has any true friends; just watch. People that have known NG well over many years only say terrible things about the guy. Why is that?

    You cannot be serious. Please tell me you are not serious that you think Gingrich is your man.

    Annette: Thank you for that great request. It is now time for NG to come clean to all Americans. Watch him this week. He is going to get all puffed up in his rhetoric and blame others. Watch. It is never his fault. Reminds me of Obama. The buck does not stop with Gingrich or Obama. Just what we need: another POTUS who has never been a leader of a significant business or state.

    Gingrich thought his head was spinning before Iowa? That was nothing. Gingrich is the only one who really knows how deep the garbage goes in his past. His past is so bad that nobody wants to talk about it, but if his dirty laundry needs to be aired out, it will be aired out. Nancy Pelosi has all the secret files from those days…Which means Obama has them. Are we all naive to believe that those will not be used? Batten down the hatches. We are about to see his past get exposed big time and it will remind all Americans of the low character of Clinton. Clinton and Gingrich are of the same stripes and from the same alley.

    Character matters more than anything else. Character is a person’s core. Gingrich thinks we are all idiots….How? He dismisses his past by saying he has “matured”, that he “is now a grandfather” — yada, yada, yada. I matured from age 15 to 22. Gingrich is maturing? GIVE ME A BREAK! That is double-speak for a two-timer that wants it both ways.

    Gingrich could no more lead a girl’s T-ball team than the The United States of America! And he had the gall in his 45-minute pontification (post debate) that his victory was due to his ability to “articulate the values” of America! And people cheered the guy! As Ann Coulter indicated in this clip, those people didn’t take more than three seconds study Gingrich.

    We are not fooled. Governor Romney is not fooled. America is not fooled by the silver tongue.

    Thanks Ben for these great clips.

  11. And Pat, how come Gingrich has so few endorsements of any significance? Answer: People of significance know Gingrich. Anybody who is anybody do not want to have their name associated with Gingrich. Pure and simple.

    What does Gingrich have? Oratory skills — the sliver tongue. Who else has this trait: Barak Obama. People fawn over Obama like the lemmings that fawn over Gingrich.

  12. Jsns says:

    way to go Vic….You Tell them!!! ALL TRUE…..records speak for themselves and stand the test of time under fire….. not the speaker speaking for himself acting only for the moment…..playing to the crowd and then living in denial……..a presidential leader takes the bullet….then the train……..then the bullet train………and leads forward without FAILure or resignation. Romney is back on that train and you watch there is no stopping him now!!!!! GO ROMNEY!!! YOU aRe on track and we’ve got yoUR BACK!!!!

  13. Jim Tills says:

    What a disgusting performance by South Carolina voters in the total. I truly wonder if Democratic voters came into the polls and turned the tide for the serial adulterer, Gingrich. Loyal Democrats would love to face Newt Gingrich in the Presidential run rather than the true conservative, Mitt Romney. Gingrich would be easy pickings for a President that only has one thing going for him, loyalty to his family. The spotlight would not be on the remarkable failure of Obama in every other aspect but instead on the baggage Gingrich carries.

    Ann Coulter does nail this on the head. The Mass Media is now giving Gingrich a free pass on his “baggage’ just as they have always done on Obama. It is obvious to see that a Gingrich/Obama match-up would be a tweedledee/tweedledum typical “no-real-choice” election once again. However, this time such a race would be tragic for America because we truly are on the precipice. Unfortunately, Obama would likely win and we would lose the freedoms cherished by all conservatives and most true Americans.

    The mantra for Romney is, I love America and its people, faithfulness to his faith, his Country and his family. The mantra for Gingrich is I love Newt and lets all get behind me together. The comparison is easy to see when we lift the blinders of the Mass Media programming.

    How conservatives can be so blind as to not see the liberalism lurking behind a conservative sounding Gingrich is beyond me. Look at his real record, not just in the far-away past, but also in the most recent past. “Right wing social engineering”, “Pelosi and me for global warming cap & tax”, “I will remain positive but Romney is a liberal flip-flopper”, etc., etc.

    We absolutely need to do all we can to turn the tide and put the Democrat party, its lemmings, and the MSM on its head while we still have a chance to do so. Go Mitt Romney!

  14. Roxanne says:

    Vic, I loved your comment. It hits upon the important things most people don’t know or realize about Gingrich. This is the information that needs to put into the light, over and over, until people become more familiar with who Newt really is, instead of the puffed-up, fluff of a showman they are seeing in the debates and other appearances. This comment needs to be posted on the front page of MRC so it can be in plain view. Even though it touches upon some of the same points as your most recent article, it is a longer, wider, deeper tiger swipe and exposes so much more.

  15. Ginny says:

    Ann tells it like it is.

  16. fab807 says:

    Let’s see? “…Bending to progressives….” With a Massachusetts state legislature at 85% democrat, and prior to taking office, Mitt faced a massive state budget deficit, and in his four years in office, balanced his states budget every year while he was governor — and left the state with either a surplus/rainy day fund of over $2 billion dollars….I’d say that the only “bending to progressives” were the progressives (i.e., democrat legislature) “bending” to his “conservative” approach to governing Massachusetts — thereby making your analogy ring hollow… I’ll take that record of Mitt Romney over Mr. Gingrich…and I would advise you to replay the recent FOX & Friends interview with Ann Coulter and see and hear how “conservative” Senor Newt’s political record really is.

  17. hunibuni2 says:

    @pat, Gngrich is a BIG GOVERNMENT PROGRESSIVE!!! Mitt Romney is the fiscal conservative and would NOT BEND to ANYONE!!! If you knew him outside these riduculous debates, you would see the very passionate, Mitt Romney. For OUR COUNTRY, it better be Mitt Romney!!!!2012

  18. mimi says:

    romney should discuss the check kitting scandal where newt wrote a check Ithink for about9000 grand to the IRS